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I had my top surgery in 2012 with Dr Garramone & am paying the loan back in monthly instalments. This surgery has massively improved my daily life, my self-confidence and general w... more


Updated posted by Raphael Francis Fox 17 months ago

This is from a few months ago, but I'm healing well from my surgery and am so much happier. I'm selling screen prints at


Updated posted by Raphael Francis Fox 17 months ago

Thanks so much! Please consider purchasing a lovely screen print!! Please share around ;)


Updated posted by Raphael Francis Fox 22 months ago

Thanks so much everyone - this really has helped me more that you could imagine, for the support and for being able to make such a dramatic difference in my daily life. ;)

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Created by Raphael Francis Fox on November 21, 2011

I had my top surgery in 2012 with Dr Garramone & am paying the loan back in monthly instalments.  

This surgery has massively improved my daily life, my self-confidence and general well-being. 

I am so grateful for any support (I have never asked for handouts before). I have already raised £1500 selling screen-prints, and you'd like to purchase a screenprint go to -  

If you watched My Transsexual Summer and related to us, please consider donating to my top surgery fund. 

None of us were paid for taking part in the show, as it was an observational documentary, and I publicly outed myself because I wanted to address the mis-understandings people have about being transgendered. Thankfully the results were overall very positive, with thousands of well-wishers, and the chance to continue to help others in similar situations and instigate change. 

Thanks so much everyone. ;)


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well i'm very puzzel how you get the money is it by selling ur staff but for us we had to sell our body to get money for surgery that the most carzy and unfair for us

posted by Lois En Panama 13 months ago

Hey Fox, just aired in Australia(about two weeks ago) so hoping you get some more donations. Wishing lots of luck :)

posted by Rob Nelms 17 months ago

I wish you good luck :) Please visit my page and help me please :(

posted by Christine Molnar 19 months ago

Hey fox :) looking fab such a diff in yu from wen yu was on mts. I loved yu on it such a cutie. So happy for yu in gettin surgery i hope yur loving yu self Wish yu well yur an abso star much respect to yu hun and of course all th other mts stars cause thats wot yu are stars Much love louii xxxx

posted by Louii Obrien 23 months ago

So relieved that it went well for you... end result looks brilliant... you must be so pleased! love you lots xxx

posted by Charlotte Burn 26 months ago

Wow, thanks folks for the messages of luck ;) My surgery is tomorrow morning at 7.30am with Dr Garramone and my pre-surgery appointment went well today. I'm so grateful for all the support so far and am glad to hear Lewis is doing well after his surgery on Monday. ;) Really can't wait to get it over and done with now!! I'll upload a video once it's all completed and I've come back from la-la land (with the pain meds) Seriously thanks so much, it helps with the monthly payments. I'm going to do more fundraising in the Spring once I'm somewhat healed. THANKS xxxxx ;)

posted by Ralph Fox 27 months ago

Good luck *huggs* bet you cant wait... 2012 is your year :o)xxxxx

posted by Stacie Sim 27 months ago

Greetings & Salutations Friends: YES!! Thanks so very much for all the love and support. I'm incredibly grateful and I tip my hat to you and you and you and you and... Well, you get the idea-- the support is overwhelmingly awesome. ;) Happy 2012, and...THANKS ;) My top surgery is in 13 days. Special thanks to my bro Lew for the plugs - (Don't be nervous fella, you'll be fine)

posted by Ralph Francis Fox 27 months ago

www. ... GOD BLESS FOX AND LEWIS. gave me strength and passion and drive to change my life now... Please help

posted by Peter Cooper 27 months ago

Livvy James sends her love and good luck xx

posted by Sacha Brown 27 months ago

God bless honey xxx

posted by Sacha Brown 27 months ago amen!!

posted by Peter Cooper 27 months ago amen!!

posted by Peter Cooper 27 months ago

Please follow my funds peter cooper :) In this day and age us trans are really starting to come together and be proud <3 Im proud to be part of it!!

posted by Peter Cooper 27 months ago

Many thanks lovely ones ;) For anyone in Brighton: I've had a clear out of some experimental prints and artists proofs and am selling them ON DONATION tonight (for one night only) at the Artist Residence Hotel Xmas party at 8:30pm. Sarah Savage (from My Transsexual Summer) will be coming too. Come and say hi and get something unique for Xmas. Mulled wine ;) Mince Pies ;)

posted by Ralph Francis Fox 28 months ago

Crumbs, Ralphie Roo! Now you have 2/5s of what you need. Hope you have some fundraising ideas up your sleeve for the rest!

posted by Charlotte Fisher Burn 28 months ago

Thanks so much for all your support so far! Over £1500 is amazing! I'm shocked by so much support, particularly because I had very little airtime and my top surgery story wasn't featured on MTS. Thanks to Lewis who's been helping raise awareness of my page. Yr a proper bro. I'm making a new video soon to upload here but in the meantime thank you so much, I'm sooooo grateful ;)

posted by Ralph Francis Fox 28 months ago

Hey Fox, Whats Your Twitter Name?? <3

posted by Jade Carlie Fitz 28 months ago

So impressed with all the spirit of giving! It seems that there are a lot of kind people in the world, Ralph. Perhaps you will make your target? Beautiful changes are afoot. Love you lots and lots. xxxxx

posted by Charlotte Fisher Burn 28 months ago

i think ur amazeing fox i really do and wish you had of been showed alot more on tv hopefully there will be another showw. i think that they should pay out for all of your surgeory the amount they made from the showw! i tryed adding you to facebook as i thought ur screen prints were amazeing i do screen printing my self did a foundation degree in fine art and know doing applied arts but would really be intrested in finding out more about your art work :))) can you add me to fb please xxx

posted by Emma Jane Green 28 months ago

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Emma Strickland

16 months ago


I SO wish I could give you the entire amount honey. I know this wont help much, but I send it forth lovingly & with prosperous intent. May it continue to double/triple/quadruple for you! Ever flowing love & light to you my friend <3<3 <3




17 months ago


so glad to see ur gettin on so well fox :0) much luv, pat x




17 months ago



Leng Montgomery

17 months ago


Showing your funding a little love x




22 months ago


Enjoy your future! :-)



Fox Mcgee Underwear

25 months ago


Keep up the good work Superfox. Hope this helps out.




25 months ago


I wish I could give more, this is my last fiver but so worth it :) You give me hope for the future I'm so happy for you bro <3



Sarah Bentley

26 months ago


Just watched your video so glad it all went well x




26 months ago




27 months ago


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