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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...needs your help. I am currently battling a brain and spinal fluid diagnosis..stages 3 and 4. In June 2012, I started to lose vi... more


Updated posted by Abra Hall 1 month ago

Hi guys. Thanks for your support. Please spread the word any help is appreciated as things are starting to roll in. Thank you for any help you can provide.



Updated posted by Abra Hall 3 months ago

I don't even know where to begin. Last Friday we got the worst news possible. It seems that Abra is experiencing a very rare complication of her cancer. She has been diagnosed with leoptmenegial carcinomatosis. The tumor activity has spread to the lining of her brain and her spinal cord. Her doctors are trying to treat the condition with a combination of Temodar and intravenous Avastin, but the prognosis is quite scary.

What led up to this was yet another hospitalization. On Friday, December 13th, Abra had another seizure. This was the worst one yet. After she was stabilized, she was transferred to Swedish Hospital in Seattle. At first, the physicians continued to insist that the seizures were Abra's psychological response to overwhelming stress by claiming that she was experiencing what they call a "conversion disorder." Basically, this is their professional (and I use the term loosely) way of saying these intense seizures, headache pain and vomiting were all psychosomatic. I knew this was not the case. Her neurologist in Seattle even had the nerve to tell us that Abra needed to see a psychiatrist when we got home if we wanted to see a resolution to the problems. Mind you, her memory has been so severely affected that at times, she didn't even recognize ME when I went into her room. Or you could sit and visit with her for an hour, leave the room for five minutes, and when you came back she didn't even remember you had been there. She has been told about her condition, but can't remember what she has been told. Maybe this is a blessing. It's pretty laughable that these doctor's would have suggested that our only option would be talking to a mental health professional!

A spinal MRI and a spinal tap were finally ordered last week and the results confirmed this horrendous diagnosis. It explains all of the symptoms Abra has been going through for the last six weeks - intractable headaches, back pain, seizures, vomiting, dizziness, etc.

According to the information I can find, there is not a lot that can be done. Her oncologist refuses to give a prognosis (life expectancy) at this point. He says he might feel more comfortable doing so after treating her with the chemo drugs and reassessing her in about 4 weeks when they do another brain scan.

I am asking that you pray for my daughter. Pray for a miracle to heal her. Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Stacey Huntington
(Abra's mother)


Updated posted by Abra Hall 4 months ago

Abra has been hospitalized twice since my last update. She is having the same medical issues. She spent last week, including Thanksgiving at Swedish Hospital undergoing testing for possible seizure activity. She is home now and doing pretty well, but she can not be left alone. I am back to work again, overwhelmingly behind, and afraid of losing my job. I am currently trying to get help form the state for someone who can come in and stay with Abra to make sure she is safe so I can continue to work. If not, we lose our only source of income and our health benefits, making a situation that one wouldn't think could get worse, just about as bad as it can get. I'm hanging by a thread, but at least I'm still hanging. Sorry for not posting more details about Abra. I will try to do this when I have more time. Thanks for everyone's support.

(Abra's Mom)

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Created by Abra Hall on September 23, 2012

...needs your help. I am currently battling a brain and spinal fluid diagnosis..stages 3 and 4. In June 2012, I started to lose vision in my right eye. I saw an eye doctor locally who said it was a swelling in my optic nerve which could be caused by many things. The doctor recommended I see someone who knows a little more about the issue that I was having, so they sent me to Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute in Centralia. The doctor said pretty much the same thing - optic nerve swelling, could be Multiple Sclerosis, could be a tumor, could be nothing...and then referred me to a neurophthalmologist in Seattle for further testing.

I saw the specialist in early July, did an MRI, and found a mass on my optic nerve. The doctor aid it was a tumor, but that it was definitely, *DEFINITELY* benign (meaning non-cancerous). The doctor was so sure that it was not cancer that he decided to just treat me himself with at-home steroid injections (which had no effect), and after seeing him again 3 weeks later, I did another MRI which showed that the tumor had grown, my vision had worsened, and this delayed my treatments by about 3 weeks. I was then referred to a neurosurgeon at the Ben and Catherine Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment. The neurosurgeon I saw ordered another MRI, and although he also agreed the tumor was benign, because of my worsening vision, he suggested we do an open craniotomy to biopsy the tumor. At this point I was also informed that the tumor is inoperable so they can't remove it, but they would need to take a piece to test to just MAKE SURE it wasn't cancer. I go and see the neurosurgeon, set up my surgery date, and wait. By this point, my right eye had gone completely blind and I was told there was no way that the damage could be reversed.

On August 3, 2012 I underwent the surgery and biopsy...and that benign tumor they were SO sure was benign ended up being malignant (cancerous).

I was diagnosed with a stage III (stage IV is the absolute worst, most aggressive form) astrocytoma. Primary brain cancer. Specifically, a glioma which is a nerve tumor. Because of the location, my left eye will likely also go completely blind if we can't stop the growth of the tumor. I just had an MRI about a week ago and it has grown by 40% within a month.

We are putting chemotherapy and radiation on hold right now. I am in Texas currently until September 26th doing this alternative, non-toxic treatment before I do anything else that will make me sick and make my hair fall out and possibly not solve the problem at all. The worst case scenario right now is nothing happens at all, and I will continue with another form of treatment. A lot of people who die from cancer die from the effects of radiation, not the cancer itself. Also, if I do radiation, the doctor said because of where the tumor is located, it will destroy my pituitary gland, I will not be able to have children, I will go into menopause and I will definitely lose my other eye. I want to try and prevent these problems if at all possible, hence why I am taking this route in the first place.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for any help you can provide.

Here is another story provided from my grandfather:

"My 26 year old grand daughter was recently (within the past few months) diagnosed with an inoperable stage III (possibly IV) malignant astrocytoma located on her optic nerve and it growing into the optic chasm. Within approximately a month, MRI's showed that the tumor had grown by 40%. It is extremely aggressive; The first sign that Abra experienced was loss of sight in her right eye....she went blind. The tumor's growing very quickly and my daughter, thru her employer, borrowed money to begin treatment with Dr Burzynski in Houston. She's there now and is scheduled to leave on the 26th to return home to Washington State. Abra's sight in her good eye is now getting worse. A major problem with Burzynski is the cost and unless you're wealthy you're prevented from completing, much less starting, his treatments so we're interested in trying to get as much assistance from any outside source we can possibly accumulate. She will need to be on treatments continuously for at least a year, and these treatments will cost on average about $7,600 per month. Any and all help is greatly appreciated"

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Abra reading this brought tears to my eyes. The world would be sad here without you so I pray for you daily and I pray for you to have the strength u need to be a survivor and get through this. Your a beautiful young woman and I am blessed to know you. I will continue to pray that you can make it past this all and that we can continue to see the beauty from you daily. I enjoy seeing your posts and pics all the time. I would love to make a date to bring baby to see you. We love you!! xoxoxo

posted by Kimberly Haubrick 1 month ago

I so far sent 79.50 to your paypal the next show I have is September 6th.......luvz

posted by Tosha Crispin 8 months ago

well small start but I made 38 dallors so far. I want to help more and I will

posted by Tosha Crispin 8 months ago

Abra, we are praying for you! I have shared this site with many people. I sell jewelry for premier designs. I plan to help so I have let both my churches here in vancouver know that my jewelry shows will help fund you. My first show is july 20th at round table pizza in salmon creek vancouver. We love you and hope to help!

posted by Tosha Crispin 9 months ago

hey abra...just wanted to leave a comment wishing you the best =) better late then never right?

posted by Jason Appleby 12 months ago

Abra, I had no idea....I just saw all of this and read once I was invited to it. We don't know each other that well but we went to the same highschool. I am praying for you strength during this time and do know that God will heal you! I am keeping you in my prayers darlin and will be posting this on my facebook page right now. xoxo Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Fight it girlfriend!!! Many blessings, Alicia Gonzales

posted by Alicia Gonzales 18 months ago

Abra, I don't know you directly, but Terry and Bre are my dear friends. I donated last night to help with your treatment. It wasn't much, but it was something and I am going to post the crap out of Facebook with this page.

posted by Molly Hill 18 months ago

You got this Abra, kick it in the ass and stay strong we are all praying for you!

posted by Megan Dupree 18 months ago

The benefit concert that I am personally putting on is on November 3rd so anyone that can come please do, all the door money (and any extra donated) goes to Abra's cause and 20% of all food sales. The event is has a page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/event s/480294875344371/ any bands that want to play please contact me (Leon House) on Facebook or Abra.

posted by Leon House 18 months ago

Take care Abra my prayers are with you.

posted by Patrick Zandecki 18 months ago

I'm sorry that I spilled beer on your school book that one time. Hoping any little thing will cheer you up! You can beat this thing! Just stay positive and know that we're all here for you.

posted by Brittany Potts 18 months ago

Be strong!You are loved,and you will get through this as a winner!

posted by Tomislav Borg Dobrijevic 18 months ago

Hey Abra, I wish you the best of luck. Stay strong and keep ur head up. I will do what I can to help

posted by Samantha Snell 18 months ago


posted by Danielle DeMaris 19 months ago


posted by Charissa Shamley 19 months ago

posted by Charissa Shamley 19 months ago

Stay strong girl, I am talking with my boss to see if we can host the bands and put donation jars up for you, if we host a fundraiser we will be able to make money for you, I love you Abra

posted by Heather Stroud 19 months ago

Abra, my dear friend Billy, aka Ditch, shared this with me. He lived with me and cared for me when I first learned about my own brain tumor which also affected my optic nerve, although mine is in the pituitary gland. Although "benign" he knows and I do that this word did not mean it wasn't benign to fear and reduction in your quality of life, ability to work and live your life on your own terms. Now, you are faced with malignancy. I cannot imagine the fear you must be feeling. It sounds like you have the best healing tool there is...love and support. On payday, and on every payday after that, I'm sending you what I can. You have hope, something can be done and you will get through this. Never ever give up hope, girl. If you need someone to lean on...I'm good ears. Find me through here, or through Ditch.

posted by Lisa Bonner 19 months ago

Love you abra!!!!!!! You can beat this in its face!

posted by Amanda Martin 19 months ago

Praying for you sweetie! Stay Strong! Gods got you:)

posted by Elizabeth Scott 19 months ago

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All our loves are belong to Abra



Danielle McCurley

1 month ago


Your story is so moving. You are an incredibly strong woman. I have a 6 year old daughter who had emergency brain surgery 2 days before her first birthday to remove a brain tumor the size of an egg. She also suffers from seizures and vision problems. Every six months when she gets her MRI to see if it's growing back I am overcome with fear that the news will be bad. My heart goes out to you and your family, especially your mother. I know the helpless feeling of watching your child suffer from the horrible disease of cancer. I wish nothing but the best for you and hopefully I can donate more when I get paid!



devon mccormick

1 month ago


Hey abra im so sorry to hear the news I had no idea. My prayers go out to you and your family. Hang in there girl! :)




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C Deane Campbell

1 month ago


God, I hate that you have to go through this - not as much as YOU hate it. Still, sending postive thoughts... they can't hurt, might help. Hang in there, Abra.



Binks Stofsky

1 month ago


Anything I can do to help, Abra. I know we don't talk much, and that's completely my fault, but I DO think about you. It's not much, but here's my donation and I hope it helps.



Kayla Knudson

1 month ago


Prayers for you Abra, you are so loved! XO



Liz Rangel

1 month ago


Be strong, Santel


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