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Created by Dee Lake on November 9, 2012

My name is Dee, I am a holistic health coach and founder of Xy'Maya Org (in loving memory of my mom). I am donating and dedicating my time, love and energy to helping people get well and stay well and keep families together through vibrant health. By supporting our cause we can reach more people and even save lives.

Please help us raise money to educate and support people in achieving and maintaining optimal health and well being. Please help by donating and sharing this message on Facebook and in email to the people you know.

Mission Statement:

Our mission with Xy'Maya Nonprofit Organization is to help as many people as we can reach with the "Maya Girl Wellness Project" by providing education about holistic detox and healthier lifestyles and providing superior holistic wellness products to those less privileged and in need

Our primary focus is to promote and support wellness through education and holistic wellness products to prevent illness rather than treat it. We strive to reach the general public, orphanages, families, foster care, camps and international villages, etc... 

We are dedicated to educate the general public with a direct focus on mothers and children for learning and practicing healthier lifestyles. The knowledge and products can be used to strengthen the well being of family units keeping them together through vibrant health rather than disjointed through disease.

The wellness information learned can be passed down for healthier generations to come.

Striving to help families and people all over the world to become healthier, happier and keep them united. It’s important for parents to teach their children the values and practice of healthier living. To be caring stewards of their own well being so they can have the best quality lives, keep their families together through wellness and have something valuable to pass on to their own children.

About Xy’Maya:

  Xy’Maya was established by Dee Lake (Xy'Maya's daughter), in loving memory of her mom Suzanne, who's artistic name was Xy’Maya, (pronounced Sum-Eye-Ya). Xy’Maya passed on from cancer at a young 41 years of age in 1985.  At the time her daughter Dee was just 17 and was tragically disjointed from her family unit through disease.

Xy’Maya’s cancer was a type of Leukemia directly linked to radiation fallout, due to exposure she had (without her knowledge) from the above ground government bomb testing performed by the government at the Nevada test site during the 1950’s.

After this tragic loss and life changing experience Dee began an ardent 20 research journey turning over every stone on non-toxic, healthier living which sparked a passion in her for living a non toxic, organic, holistic and natural wellness lifestyle and a passion for helping others seeking the same.

Dee has a passion for wellness and strives towards educating and helping others in becoming and staying well, embracing healthier living for vibrant health, quality of life and longevity and keeping families together.

Suzanne and her 3 children lived in poverty. She did not have the resources that she needed to detox and support her health. Dee feels she could have survived her radiation exposure through maintaining her health with a holistic approach and lifestyle if she had the support available to her that she needed. 

Dee has also dedicated this project to her lost child who she never had an opportunity to nurture, love, teach, raise and enjoy.

With a loving heart and pure dedication Dee's passion, mission and hope is to find further healing and fulfillment through nurturing as many people as she can reach with her wellness education, programs and products, in helping people get well, stay well and by keeping families together. 


Natural wellness nonprofit respectfully seeks donations to secure grants!!
All gracious donations are a tax write off, electronic receipt provided upon request.

Please help us secure funding so we can move forward with our worldwide mission for wellness.

Xy'Maya (pronounced Sum-Eye-Ya) Nonprofit Organization is dedicated to providing FREE education for natural wellness and superior holistic wellness products to those in need.

Our mission is to help as many people as we can reach with “The Maya Girl Project”.  Our wellness program strives to…

  • Provide free education on natural holistic detox, wellness and healthier living
  • Leave no mouth in need un-nourished with free superior holistic wellness products
  • Keep families united through vibrant health rather than disjointed through disease


We are a start up nonprofit organization and we respectfully request your support. We are working for funding to launch our wellness program “The Maya Girl Project” on our mission for worldwide wellness.

Your kind donation will allow us to provide natural wellness education and products to those in need,


  • The general public
  • Orphanages
  • Schools
  • Camps
  • Shelters
  • International villages

Please show your support by graciously donating at our website or by sharing this article with others. Please “share” on Facebook and ask others to pay it forward with a “ share”.  

Upon receiving your donation we will send you a thank you email with an electronic tax deductable receipt

 We truly appreciate it!  

With Love and Gratitude,

 Dee Lake Founder and President of Xy’Maya Nonprofit Org.


Xy’Maya Nonprofit Organization

Founder and President Dee Lake

Oregon City, Oregon


IRS Approved 501c3 Public Charity - Tax ID# 45-4712207


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