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Please help Wyatt and his family with his medical expenses. Wyatt was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer less than one week after graduating high school. Currently Wyatt and his family are pu... more


Updated posted by Richard Sien 27 days ago

We want to thank everyone that has been so generous and helped with Wyatt’s medical expenses.

Due to your generosity we were able to have the PET Scan (Positron Emission Tomography) done in January and then followed up with an new biopsy of his liver. We then had the tissue samples sent to 3 different genetic testing labs for analysis. This was extremely important since Wyatt’s has an unknown primary and the Doctors have been going off a diagnosis of Adenocarcinoma. (Currently we are attempting to get the PET Scan and genetic tests paid for by insurance, but don’t believe we will be successful in that endeavor. Without everyone’s support we would have never been able to have these tests done, since they are extremely expensive.)

It looks like thanks to the genetic tests his Doctors have been able to refine the diagnosis to Pancreaticobiliary (main cancer type) / Cholangiocarcinoma (sub cancer type) with a fairly high probability (over 90%). This information has been very helpful with not only Insurance Companies, but with also identifying possible treatments and other options that will help Wyatt fully recover. It also helps explain why his liver has been so infected with cancer. One of the types of chemo that Wyatt is has been receiving was just dis-approved by insurance in January, with this new diagnosis we are hoping that we will be able to get the insurance company to pay for his chemo treatments again. This chemo is very expensive and Wyatt receives treatments roughly 3 times a month so the costs have been adding up fast.

Since just a few days after the PET Scan and Biopsy (in January) Wyatt has been back on Chemo, which he is not a fan of, but fully appreciates the importance and is grateful that it has stabilized his cancer. Now we are hoping and praying for it to reduce the tumors and lead to a full recovery. Being on Chemo puts Wyatt on a sort of roller coaster, from feeling pretty good, and able to have visitors, to feeling awful and being so neutropenic that we have to not only limit visitors, but to be very cautious that we don’t introduce any germs into his life. It also affects his energy levels, He goes from feeling pretty good one day and up to moving around, to just basically staying in bed, feeling nauseous and sleeping trying to not move around too much and recover.

Once again, THANK YOU all for your prayers, well wishes and generosity it has made dealing with this horrible situation more bearable.

The Sien Family


Updated posted by Richard Sien 2 months ago

Wyatt update: Well Wyatt has had a break from Chemo for about the last month, which was a nice break for him and a nice Christmas present. He was able build back up some strength (it took about 3 weeks to do) so last week he was strong enough to go snowboarding for a couple of days, which was very important to him. Last Friday he had his PET scan and it brought good news, things are looking better (slightly smaller which is good, but mainly nothing bigger). He will have a new biopsy on this Friday so genetic tests can be run. Hopefully this will give a more precise diagnosis which will help with his treatment plan and help make sure everything is covered by insurance or at least as much as we can hope for. Currently the Insurance Company has decided that they not only will not cover the PET Scan, but they will not cover the Chemo that he has been on, the one that has been working. They have decided that according to his current diagnosis, the Chemo treatment he has been on is not approved for. This is very frustrating and confusing as to why they would not cover a treatment that has been working. Next week Wyatt will be back on Chemo. Thank you All for your prayers and donations it has been very helpful. Please keep Wyatt in your prayers and any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
The Sien Family


Updated posted by Richard Sien 4 months ago

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and say thanks for all your generosity.

I hope and pray that we ALL have an incredible New Year!!

Thank you,
The Sien Family


The Sien Family

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Created by Richard Sien on September 5, 2013

Please help Wyatt and his family with his medical expenses. Wyatt was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer less than one week after graduating high school. Currently Wyatt and his family are pursuing alternate treatment options, since the customary Chemotherapy does not seem to be working. These treatment options are very expensive and are not covered by insurance, any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated by Wyatt and his Family. Thank You!

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Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your entire family.

posted by Kristen McFarlin Thissell 6 months ago

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L. Worth

2 months ago


Best wishes.



Eric Wrightson

4 months ago


I apologize for it being such a small amount, but right now it is all we can spare. Please know you are in our thoughts and we are here for you and your family whenever you need it. You are our family. Love, The Wrightsons



Linda Purpura

4 months ago


With love from distant cousins, stay strong. Linda & Orlando Purpura




4 months ago



Adam Fink

5 months ago


I know I don't know you, Wyatt, but from what I have heard around school, you are an amazing person. I want to let you know that you are a very strong person and I know for sure that you can fight through this. My grandpa passed away due to cancer, my uncle has cancer, my grandma died of cancer, and my aunt is currently battling cancer. I am definitely here to support your fight to battle off this cancer. Keep your head heald high, bud!



Jacob K.

5 months ago



James Timblin

5 months ago


Mr. Sien, God will give you and your family the strength to win this fight. Our hearts and prayers go out to you. The Timblin family; James, Nora, Scarlett, and Sawyer.



Desmond Adams

5 months ago


My prayers are with The Sien Family, may God to continue bless you'll through this trying time and journey! Continue to look up and he'll see you'll through this circumstance!!!


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