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Wendy's Story:After experiencing twenty years of horrific violence from her husband, threats of killing her family, seeing him abuse their four sons and the family pets, hiding all the k... more


Updated posted by Monique Savits 17 months ago

Thanks to those of you that have already donated to Wendy Maldonado's Nest Egg! Please help us spread the word! We want to have a little something for Wendy, upon her release, to make life a little easier. The holiday season is a great time of year to GIVE! Have friends and family make a donation in your name!


Updated posted by Monique Savits 19 months ago

Thanks Erica! You rock!!!


Updated posted by Monique Savits 19 months ago

Thanks to my wonderful mother (Sheila Savits) for donating! I love you Mom!

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Created by Monique Savits on June 26, 2012

Wendy's Story:
After experiencing twenty years of horrific violence from her husband, threats of killing her family, seeing him abuse their four sons and the family pets, hiding all the kitchen knives from her husband and covering dozens of holes he put in the walls of their home, after he knocked out more than half of her teeth and spent countless nights describing his fantasies of killing her and the people she loved, Wendy’s love for her children and her family compelled her to take the one and only action that would keep her family safe.

On May 1, 2005, Wendy called 911 asking for help because she had killed her husband. Wendy was arrested and removed from the lives of her four children. Except for the ten months she was out on bail, Wendy and her sons have been separated ever since. Although she acted to protect and to stop the victimization they endured, she and her children continue to be re-victimized by the State of Oregon.

My Story:
After viewing the HBO documentary, "Every F***ing Day of My Life" by director, Tommy Davis, I was moved to tears and felt that I had to do something! I started the Facebook page titled "Stop Domestic Violence: Wendy and Randy Do Not Belong In Jail" to create awareness and support. People from all over the world have joined to lend their support, love and concern for the Maldonado family. Supporters have been flooding the office of the Governor of Oregon with letters, emails and phone calls asking for her release ( http://governor.oregon.gov/Gov/contact.shtml). In the meantime, I decided to start a "savings fund" or "nest egg" for Wendy so upon her release she will have a little bit of a head start.

If you have been touched by Wendy's story, feel free to contribute any amount to her nest egg. Thank you!

NOTE: Monique Savits is collecting donations on behalf of Wendy Maldonado and all monies will be given directly to Wendy Maldonado upon her release.


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Thanks Ashleigh! I know she doesn't get released until March 2016 but I figured why not start this account for her now - maybe with a little luck she will get out early and if so - she will have this nest egg waiting for her!

posted by Monique Savits 21 months ago

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Jim Roberts

1 month ago



Aphrodite Keil

3 months ago


Do not lose heart, Wendy! Many people are rooting for you.



Jeff Fisher

4 months ago


Wendy, You are a very brave person. You have certainly handled yourself with exceptional class during what would make any lesser person insane. Godspeed.



Cyndy Chase

4 months ago


Just saw the movie about Wendy and Randy and hope that they and all their family and friends can be together for the holidays. This is a small donation but I will make more over the next few years until Wendy is freed. I hope the airing of the movie will bring about many more supporters.



Sallie Des Biens

4 months ago


Wishing you all the best, Wendy!! We love you!!




4 months ago



Doug Sprei

8 months ago


After seeing the HBO documentary, I just want her to have the good and happy life she deserves when she finishes her completely undeserved prison sentence.



Shelly Jones

17 months ago


Love you cousin......




17 months ago



Erica Eldridge

19 months ago


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