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Updated posted by Gordon Soderberg 9 days ago

Large Marge is heading to Cummins of Dearborn thanks to Detroit Towing Group for their donation to her there and Cummins for their 4 hours of time to find what she needs to be ready for anything.

Idle problem and safety check is all we can afford right now. But, if you and the rest of our friends contribute we can attack any problem.

We have been invited to participate in the Memorial Day Parade to carry disabled veterans. Lets get her looking and running her best.



Detroit Towing Group Cummins of Dearbore

Donations are needed to get her ready


Updated posted by Gordon Soderberg 2 months ago

Just got the utility bill for the veterans green house in Detroit. OUCH!

$300 increase per month since we started to heat the house.

With a month of subzero temperatures in Detroit it is surprising how much it costs just to heat two rooms with electric oil heaters.

By next winter we will have a sustainable and cost effective heating system using passive solar rocket stove technologies and gas back up.

Until then, we need to pay the heating bill to keep our veterans working on the house and keep them warm. We have two full time green veterans and another on his way from Colorado to help work on the house and teach sustainable urban planing.

Next month we start the electrical service upgrades to the veterans green house with the help of local 58 and The Home Depot Foundation.

Once the electrical is fixed we will be able to produce our pallet furniture and hold classes on sustainability.

We just got to keep the lights on until we can start to generate an income.

PLease help the Veterans Green House in Detroit keep the heat on and the veterans working for a sustainable future in Detroit.


Updated posted by Gordon Soderberg 4 months ago

Recent tornadoes in Illinois has generated several request for the Veterans Green Bus to respond.

Our capability has been complicated by maintenance issues. It is never a good time to breakdown. But we can't afford to risk promising capabilities we can't deliver.

At the moment the bus needs variable timing advance problems repaired. This prevents us responding to demand at the present time.

We were taking the winter to raise the money for a complete over haul = $25,000

If we could get the variable timing advance fixed we could suspend our work on the bus to respond in Washington, Illinois but, we would need to raise at least $1500 for the repairs.

If you would like to help with this repair you can donate here and add a note that it is to be used for the "variable timing advance" issue ASAP.


Gordon Soderberg

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Created by Gordon Soderberg on June 6, 2013

The Veterans Green Bus provides transportation tools supplies and volunteers for disaster response.

The Veterans Green Bus Project, a non profit organization that teaches veterans how to convert vehicles and other diesel powered equipment to run of used cooking oil. They in tern demonstrate these technologies while encouraging communities to join their local Community Emergency Response Team.

We use the vehicles and our military experience to help other organizations respond after natural disasters as well.

We were just moving the bus and crew to Detroit last October when we got the call from Team Rubicon USA to help them respond to Hurricane Sandy in Rockaway, NY.

We have spent the next 5 months helping residence rebuild. Many were firefighters policemen and the widows the those who responded to the terrorist attacks on 911. You may have seen us in action during the 121212 concert.

We are a small non profit that spends all our donations we get on our veteran disaster response and training efforts. Please visit our website for more details.

Our Mission: Reduce the cost of fuel for organization's transporting tools, supplies and volunteers by up to 90%.


Veterans continuing their service by helping communities recover from natural disasters with sustainable energy solutions.


The Veterans Green Bus will provide power, communications, and cooking capabilities for first responders In the event a national disaster occurs.

Demonstrate how to produce emergency fuel for transportation, emergency generators and off road equipment from used cooking oil.


Train veterans in operating the bus, maintaining it's alternative power and communications systems and cooking facilities.

Train veterans to document the project using the latest digital media technologies

Serve the community at large by providing emergency aid while demonstrating sustainable energy solutions.

The processes of collecting, cleaning and filtering the oil and converting engines will be demonstrated for local schools, businesses and community volunteer organizations and governments.

Secondary Mission:
In the event a disaster occurs, The Veterans Green Bus will provide sustainable fuel solutions for transportation, communications capabilities for partnering disaster response organizations.

#1 Demonstrate how we convert school buses trucks and equipment to use Waste Vegetable Oil and Biodiesel.

#2 Employ veterans to assist disaster relief organizations with their vehicle conversions.

#3 Create a network of green disaster relief organizations and fueling sites.

We are a group of veterans that believe in our continued service the this country by demonstrating sustainable energy use for disaster relief.

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Good Luck! Donation for the variable timing advance



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Good Luck with your bus repair,Gordon! Elaine and Mike Meade (the feel good tour)



Elaine Meade

10 months ago


Good Luck with your bus repair,Gordon! Elaine and Mike Meade (the feel good tour)



stephen b Huddleston

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