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Renee has always been a role model for others with her active lifestyle.  We are all so surprised by this diagnosis.  When you tell someone about whats happening the first thing you alwa... more


Updated posted by Renee Friend 22 days ago

UPDATE Day +428
After a week at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) we met with Dr. Holmberg today to get the results of Padgett's Re-staging. The week was full of extensive blood work, a PET Scan and a Bone Marrow Biopsy.
I am completely overjoyed to announce that over 1 yr post-transplant Padgett is still in remission. Under a microscope her marrow looks good, there may still be low levels of disease but nothing to treat nor worry about at this time. Padgett will not have to have any further testing (other than blood work) for another year!
Her PET Scan shows that her bones are getting stronger and other than losing a few more inches in height she has no complaints. She will meet with her Spine Specialist in the next couple of weeks, and will still be getting monthly Immunoglobulin infusions to boost her immune system.
We are looking forward to a great summer with the kids and moving forward with this new gift of life.
The prayers, support, kindness and encouragement from you all have been instrumental in her recovery.
God Bless
XOXO Team Padgett



Updated posted by Renee Friend 2 months ago

ay + 365
One year ago today Padgett received the gift of life.

It was only 365 days ago that she was infused with her own stem cells for her Autologous Stem Cell Transplant - which put her Multiple Myeloma in remission!

It has been a long road with a many hills and valleys - but she did it. She faced the unimaginable head on, she never gave up, she never let death be an option. She was always positive, always smiling and always praying - The power of prayer is amazing.

Today - one year later she is getting stronger everyday. She walks everyday, rides her stationary bike, does physical therapy, works part time and enjoys every minute with her family.

The support of Team Padgett is amazing!!!

XOXO Team Padgett


Day +365


Updated posted by Renee Friend 5 months ago

Day +297:
This week will be a busy week at SCCA. Not only is Padgett going to see the Pulmonary Specialist there, we will meet with her transplant doctor and they want to go ahead and do a double bone marrow biopsy. Normally they wait until one year post transplant, but they are going to go ahead and do it a few months early.
As always anxiety is high with this procedure. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, and we should have the results by Friday.
XOXO Team Padgett

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Created by Renee Friend on September 21, 2012

Renee has always been a role model for others with her active lifestyle.  We are all so surprised by this diagnosis.  When you tell someone about whats happening the first thing you always hear is, "How can this be happening?  She works out and has always been so healthy."

Although Renee has a love for working out her first love is by far her two young children.  As the mother of Gedeon, 10 years old, and Olivia, 7 years old, Renee has prioritized quality time with family bike rides and hikes to Honey Creek.  With her current treatment, life at home is not what it used to be.  Gedeon said the thing he misses most are the family bike rides that for now are just not possible.  Raising money for treatment will not only help the family get by but bring back the life they love and the activities they miss.

Renee remembers wanting to be a police officer from a very young age.  She fulfilled her life long dream in March of 1991 when she became a Trooper for the Washington State Patrol.  For the past 15 years she has served as the King County State Patrols wrecking yard inspector.  Renee is loved and respected by her State Patrol family and we are asking that you join us in our support of her treatment.

In May of 2012 Renee was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Multiple Myeloma.

Multiple myeloma is a cancer of your plasma cells, a type of white blood cell present in your bone marrow.

She was hospitalized from May 17th - June 1st. During that time she had a procedure on her spine called vertebroplasty where they injected cement into 4 of her vertebrae that had collapsed. This was life changing as it virtually took away all of her pain. While in the hospital she began radiation treatment that focused on her spine and an illiac mass behind her right hip.
Her treatment will included 4 cycles of chemo, 8 radiation treatments, and finally two (2) stem cell transplants.

Renee has reduced kidney function as a result of her condition making her high risk for the upcoming, but life saving treatment.  To monitor her progress she will spend up to 3 months in the UW hospital for her first stem cell transplant this fall. 

Although we have learned a lot about what will be involved with Renee's treatment, many things are still unknown.  We do know that, aside from the changes to her family life, she will have extended time off of work.  The total cost for treatment that will not be covered by insurance will be compounded by the loss of income. 

We set our fund raising goal with the hope that this money will relive some of the burden.  If we are lucky enough to reach this goal we realize there will still be still be many uncovered costs. 

Know that we love you Renee and will be with you through all of this.  We look forward to your recovery and having you back at work making us smile. 

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Aunt Renee, You are a strong person and have helped many families. I pray for you and send blessings your way to fight this battle of cancer. love you and miss you

posted by Kelsey Kaltenecker 16 months ago

To my dear Renee, my heart goes out to you and your family. Over the years I have seen the good that you have done and have looked up to you. I am so sorry this disease has chosen you. It just does not make sense. One thing this disease doesnt know is what a fighter you are. Hang in there and keep swinging. You know you can beat this. I know you can beat this. There are a lot of people in this world who love you and care about you and are pulling for you. Tap into that energy. I am praying like crazy you get the upper hand on this illness. Please know you are in my thoughts and will continue to be in my prayers.

posted by Raymond Smith 17 months ago

Thank you to so many wonderful people that came out to The Pickled Onion in Renton for my sister's fundraiser Say It Fight It Cure It , Save Renee Padgett. Thank you to Danette Flores for planning and organizing this successful event and all of your wonderful friends and family that contributed their time to help with this event. You are truly amazing! Thank you to Marcella Egan and Steve Babb for your help and support through these last several months for my sister. Jim's Alibi, Boise Idaho, 44 North Vodka, our Mother Susan Bates, Danette Flores, Michelle Bennett, Budget Towing, Budget Auto Wrecking, Seattle Police Guild, Cops for Cancer, WSP Memorial Fund, Brandi Carlile, The Seattle Mariners, Brenda Jenkins, MK Barac, Andrea Dolan, Shaun and Jen Erskine, Shannon Cline, Courtney Maccario, Julie Judson, Jim Correll, Kelly Arnett, Diana Traverso, Gold's Gym, Massage 911 and so many additional other's for your contribution's of the raffle and silent auction. So greatly appreciated! It was wonderful to see so many local Renton resident's, neighbors, WSP family, Renton Police officers, firefighters, parent's of St. Mad's, friend's and family for attending and supporting this event. You are all incredible!

posted by Jaclyn Padgett 18 months ago

To my sister are strong, brave with a big have always made a difference in other peoples life. I hope we all can make a difference in yours. Love you sissy.

posted by Jaclyn Padgett 18 months ago

Had a bit of trouble using my iphone to make a donation but smooth sailing from the computer :) Praying love ya

posted by Danette Carey-Flores 19 months ago

My heart goes out to you and your family Renee. Prayers to you for a quick, successful treatment and full recovery!

posted by Kelly Brebberman 19 months ago

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Tony Antoun

12 months ago


Renee, you will beat this! Our family is praying for you. Tony, Rasa, Aniela, Amadeo



Michael Cassaday

13 months ago


God Bless!



John Young

13 months ago


We Troopers need to stick together.



Richard Houser

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Pattey Hoff

13 months ago


WSP Spouses Association



John Mills

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Gayle Frink-Schulz

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Johnna Batiste

13 months ago



Felix & Kimberly Sweetman

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Billie Saunders

13 months ago


Our family is praying for you Renee! Billie, Megan and Jim Saunders


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