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Trey was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma on December 12. This is a soft tissue cancer which accounts for 4% of all childhood cancers. 350 cases are diagnosed each year in the United St... more


Updated posted by Ty Tatham 1 month ago

Trey had scans on Wednesday and they came back clean again. The doctors feel like he is doing very well and his recovery is coming along nicely. He is doing very well in school and stayed busy this winter with wrestling and just finished basketball. He took a trip to Florida with his brother, sister, grandma D, cousin Morgan and mom to watch mom run a marathon. The race was a fundraiser for Give kids the World, and included a trip to Disney World. Not a bad trip in January. Trey is also going to be a cancer ambassador for Children's Hospital. We don't know many details but he has a kick off luncheon at the Denver zoo Saturday and a fashion show with the Colorado Avalanche at the end of March. One sad thing that we experienced is that two of the people who gave a lot of care to Trey are sadly moving on our main nurse Kerri move to a new Children's location and Dr. Lindsey is going to Cincinnati to do some other research, they were both awesome throughout Trey's treatment. We will miss them. Prayers for strength to everyone affected by cancer.



Updated posted by Ty Tatham 6 months ago

Well Trey had scans on Monday and thank God they came back clean. This marked 1 year after the end of treatment, so it was certainly special. Where has the time gone?? He will now have scans every 4 months with his next in January. As you can see he is doing very well, as are his brother and sister. His hair is getting very dark black as it used to be more dark brown. He has finished speech therapy, which went well. He is getting stronger and is force to be contended with in sibling wrestling matches. He started Kindergarten and is very aloof when asked if he likes it. He loves it but cool guys gotta keep it on the down low ya know. He has been told that recess and lunch do not count as subjects when asked for favorites. He is busy this fall playing both soccer and flag football and likes to practice both in the living room with complete disregard for anything fragile. If mom shuts down practice he likes to record college or pro football games and make dad sit with him and break the film down to pick up tips or tell dad how Peyton Manning could be better. Jen is training for a marathon in January in Florida. The marathon is a fundraiser for Give kids the World village, which is where we stayed during Trey's make a wish trip and hosts families from all over the world. She is trying to raise $3000, which will help benefit more families staying there. It is an amazing place, with many amazing people. In addition Tommy, Taylor, Trey and Jen will volunteer to work at GKTW for one day while there. Here is a link with information and if you wish to donate.
Thank you for your continued support and God Bless.


1st day of School 2013


Talkin' me some baseball with Bryson


Updated posted by Ty Tatham 10 months ago

Summer is here. We had a great time on the Make a Wish trip to Orlando as you can see in the picture. Trey and family were treated like kings and we were spoiled more than being at Grandma's house. The place we stayed is called Give kids the world and the title fits. Ice cream all day, 2 pools, dining room, disney character visits, train, minature golf and parade's almost everyday. As you can see the house's are made to look like a fairy-tale village which the kids love. It hosts families from all over the world who are on trips like ours. We managed not to run ourselves down while doing as much as possible. 2 of the Disneyworld park, Sea World and Universal. Lot's of walking, which helped to work off all the food. Trey started his trip to Disney and decided he could ride Space Mtn. Well, he had fun for half the ride and then he wanted it to stop. After that if he couldn't see what it did he didn't want on it. As you can see we had front row seats for the Shamu show as you can see. Great seats for most of the show and then at the end 3 of them pulled up and showered us with 3 waves of water. Drenched would be an understatement, but it was worth it. Trey got to take on Darth Vader and use all those sword skills he and his brother have been honing for years. Afterwards he got to meet Darth and get a picture taken with him, not to close thou since he is a bad guy. It was really nice to see everyone have a good time and a great experience for our family. We would never be able to say thank you enough to those who made it possible. We are very grateful for the trip and humbled at the same time as we met many other family's who went through as much or more than us. Trey is having a great summer playing baseball (just ask him he'll tell you how good he is), going to summer rec and hanging out with his big brother. He has scan's this next week and we pray they come back as clean as his plate on Mac & Cheese night. God Bless!


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Created by Ty Tatham on December 20, 2011

Trey was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma on December 12. This is a soft tissue cancer which accounts for 4% of all childhood cancers. 350 cases are diagnosed each year in the United States and the majority of these are in children younger than the age of 9. Forunately for Trey the Cancer is only located in his ear canal and nowhere else in his body. He has a long road of treatments and tests ahead of him but with your words of encouragement he will make it.

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So excited that you will be joining us for Frank's Ride this year! I hope Trey has fun riding around in a side car for the parade!

posted by Rheannon Weaver 12 months ago

Sending hope and prayers for you Trey! I am unable to donate at this time but I did share this page on our franks ride for children page and website and my creative focus photography page hoping to get you some more donations and support by spreading the word to people who may be able to help. You are one tough little man and have such a loving supportive family which makes all the difference in the world!

posted by Rheannon Weaver 18 months ago

One great quote was this: "He's showing Mom (Jen) and Dad how to be tough. He's a lot tougher than his dad, almost as tough as his mom." s/ci_19974784

posted by Matt Tatham 26 months ago

Wonderful article out today in the Denver Post talking about Trey and Ty: s/ci_19974784

posted by Matt Tatham 26 months ago

Great article out toady about Trey and the support from Ty's wrestling team, school and the local community: Thank you for all your support!

posted by Matt Tatham 26 months ago

Tatham Family- Check out Zac's Legacy Foundation. They assist families in Colorado with kiddos battling cancer.. Great organization! http://www.zacslegacyfoundatio The social workers at the hospital can expedite the application for you. Many prayers to you! - Rory and Sami O'Farrell

posted by Samantha O'Farrell 27 months ago

Do you know that Dani's Foundation provides patient assistance financial grants for pediatric sarcoma patients. For information on these grants, please email to We would love to assist!

posted by Martha Simmons 27 months ago

Just a stranger stopping by to wish you guys the best of luck. My son has Wilm's Tumor which is a kidney cancer. Saying this to say I know things can be a bit over whelming but by the grace of God all things are possible. Stay positive and encouraged.

posted by Felicia Hicks 27 months ago

Sending you support and prayers from Wisconsin. Zoe Nix is our granddaughter so we know the amazing care Trey is receiving right now. You are surrounded by lots of love. We really enjoy reading the updates on Trey. What an awesome little guy he is. Hang in there and know we are thinking of you all and keeping you in our prayers. Jan and Dan Wee

posted by Janice Wee 27 months ago

Wishing you the best, our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Tatham Family. God Bless!

posted by Dave Vondy 27 months ago

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Tatham family! Call us anytime you need a babysitter!

posted by Shelley Sanchez 27 months ago

I just heard about your little guy. My prayers are with him!! Although I am not able to donate at this time I will say a very special prayer for him each and every day. I am just finishing off my chemo treatment after surgery and will start radiation on the 30th. One special prayer to another :)

posted by Stephanie Jess 27 months ago

what strength...i know love and prayers can help praying for Trey!!!!...this angel needs saved!!!

posted by Heather Lambert 27 months ago

It is good to recieve the postings, I am with Ty on the Doctors credintials. Sounds like the team is the best there is, our prayers are with you.

posted by Bret Burroughs 27 months ago

Thank you for including me in your email updates. I had no idea until this email arrived and be ashured that many prayers are being said for that courageous young boy. And also for you, mom and dad. God Bless You all

posted by Michael McArthur 27 months ago

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you!!!

posted by Carol Torres Schultz 28 months ago


posted by Marci Ross 28 months ago


posted by Marci Ross 28 months ago

Prayers for you Trey and for your family. May God's healing hand touch you and make you feel better and help your Mommy and Daddy be strong. You are such a handsome little man!

posted by Jenese Midcap Hankins 28 months ago

Hi Trey its Jason I'm praying that you get better really soon so we can play some football. I really miss you

posted by Elaine Olvera 28 months ago

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Steve Knight

11 months ago


Ty, hope Trey has a great time at Disney!



Brian Berst

18 months ago


Hello Jennifer and family. I just heard of your situation this last weekend and want to wish you the best. I'm sorry you have to go through this and hope that everything turns out ok.




18 months ago



Phillip Zerr family

18 months ago


Thinking of your family.



Pat and Russ Manning

19 months ago


Good luck on the scans Trey will have after his last treatment. We will pray for you and hope that he will be 'C' free for the rest of his life. Best Wishes



Liesa Brown

22 months ago


Trey, your Grandma Michal is a great friend of mine and she keeps me updated on your progress. I so admire your spirit and pray for your time in chemo to pass quickly. Stay strong!!




22 months ago



Michael McArthur

22 months ago


Can't make the golf as much as I'd like to. Off to Hotlanta for an FCA Wrestling Camp but will be thinking and praying for you all!



Aaron Paterson

23 months ago


Hey Ty, I really wish I could be at the tournament, but my mom is visiting us in California that weekend. Enjoy the day. All the best to your son and your family. Aaron



The Gerken family. Andy, Dawn, Jacob, Drew, and Cody

23 months ago


God is always with you. You are in our prayers.


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