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WELCOME family and friends of Leigh Fortson! During the first week of August 2012, Leigh was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma mass on her sciatic nerve. As many of you already... more


Updated posted by Moira Magneson 3 months ago

Happy New Year, wonderful friends! Ed here...
It's hard to believe that it will be 10 weeks tomorrow since Leigh moved on to her next great spiritual adventures. And nearly eight years since the start of her complex, mysterious dance with cancer. I just want to thank you all so very much, again and again, for your stunning generosity and support. You not only helped extend Leigh's life, but you also vastly improved the quality of her life - and therefore Tucker's, Lyric's and mine - by helping Leigh afford alternative treatments insurance would not cover. And your continued generosity has been a wonderful soothing balm to ease our family's transition to life as three not four. I am moved, humbled and grateful to a depth I don't know how to express. Just promise to let me know when and how I can return your kindness. Ed


Updated posted by Moira Magneson 4 months ago

Leigh's sister Lynnie, here:
On behalf of the Fortson family, I'd like to express my deepest thanks to all of you who have continued to visit Torchlight with your donations and notes of support. You are making a huge difference, and we appreciate you so much!
With love and gratitude from us all.


Updated posted by Moira Magneson 5 months ago

Leigh's sister, Lynnie here...

Leigh's memorial service will be held on Monday, December 16, at 7 pm in The Great Room at the Two Rivers Winery and Chateau. The address is 2087 Broadway, Grand Junction, Colorado 81507.

We all thank you for your continued support.

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Created by Moira Magneson on August 18, 2012

WELCOME family and friends of Leigh Fortson!

During the first week of August 2012, Leigh was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma mass on her sciatic nerve. As many of you already know—through either your friendship with Leigh or Embrace, Release, Heal, her book about treating cancer—this is Leigh's fourth cancer diagnosis. While this latest news has left her stunned and somewhat dispirited, she is nonetheless gathering her energy, assessing options, and fully committing herself to healing.

On Sunday, August 19, Leigh flew to Chicago for five days of evaluative testing at the Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA). While she received some good news there (the tumor has not spread to her blood or bones—yeah!), she also learned that the mass is interfering with kidney function, and has compromised her kidney. The CTCA team recommended a series of procedures: stent insertion, removal of the tumor, blasting the tumor bed with radiation, and then afterwards chemo. But...the hitch is that CTCA's particular recommended program could possibly jeopardize the use of Leigh's left leg. And she just didn't feel good about that course of action.

So Leigh returned home, determined to investigate other options. On Tuesday, August 28, she flew to the EuroMed cancer clinic in Phoenix. The staff and doctors were warm, personable, and positive. They outlined for her a more specific, targeted type of chemotherapy. Pleased with EuroMed's thorough, compassionate, non-alarmist approach, Leigh has decided to pursue treatment there.

On Friday, August 31, Leigh will fly home to prepare herself for an extended stay in Phoenix. She will return to Phoenix on Tuesday morning, September 4, where she will undergo a minimum of four weeks of cancer treatment. By the month's end, her doctors will be able to inform her of the progress she's made during her stay.

For the time being, though, Leigh recognizes that she needs to be at peace with the inherent uncertainty of her situation. To this end, she's summoning both inner and outer resources to allow her to *be* in this uncertainty, fully present with wisdom and grace.

What is certain, however, is that treatment is costly. Leigh's insurance covers some, but not all expenses—think gas, airline travel, work leave, and innovative medical therapies, to name just a few. Her EuroMed treatment alone will cost $4,000 a week minimum. On top of that, Leigh and Eddie are still saddled with enormous debt incurred from her cancer treatment of four years ago.

The good news is that we can help to not only offset the monumental medical costs that are coming down the pike but also enable Leigh to arrive at the best possible cancer treatment. Her goal—our goal—is to eradicate the cancer and ensure that her left leg retains full mobility, using protocols that are both compassionate and humane.

This is no small feat, but together, as a community, we can do it.

I invite you—family, new friends and old, acquaintances, and first time visitors to this site—to help this wondrous, lion-hearted woman on her healing path.


* On a spiritual level: Send Leigh your positive thoughts and wishes—whether it be through letters, email, this site, prayers, meditation, or the spiritual practice of your choice—it's all good.

* On a practical level: Donate on this site. It's simple. All you need to do is click the donate button on this page and follow the directions. Aside from a small processing fee that goes to GoFundMe, all of the money goes directly to Leigh. (Ignore the GoFundMe wording that says that the donations go to Moira Magneson. Leigh herself has set up the banking end of this site, and she is the only person who will see your contributions.) The minimum donation is $5.00. You are welcome to donate as often as you wish. Since time is of the essence, our goal is to raise $32,000 as quickly as possible.

* Pay it forward through the power of social media! Cut and paste this link and email it to folks in your address book, Tweet it, or Share on Facebook and Google-Plus—whatever your inclination.


First off, you should know that Torchlight is eponymous, homage to Leigh's nickname from birth—Torch—she was born with fiery red hair!

Second, the de facto ringmaster of this site will be me, Moira Magneson, Leigh's friend and college roommate from back in the day. As best I can, I will keep you posted as to Leigh's health, decisions, and developments. When I get updates, I'll let you know. Hopping in now and again will be my lovely, on-call assistant (and Leigh's sister), Lynn Skinner Elliot.

From time to time, you may hear from Leigh directly, but most of the website posts will be done by me, Lynn, or all of you. Our thinking is that Leigh needs to devote every ounce of her energy towards healing. And by the by, we can't wait to see your posts. We hope to be regaled with many notorious stories! C'mon, we know they're out there; this is Leigh we're talking about after all, the high-priestess of goof and hijinks.

Leigh's huge, wild heart; her mother wit; her unblinking honesty; and her quicksilver mind have infused and buoyed our lives in big and small ways. As well, her book Embrace, Release, Heal ( has been a real force for change in the medical and cancer communities, initiating dialogue on the need for more compassionate and integrated care for cancer patients. Please join us in expressing our gratitude for her generosity by donating to this site. Our dollars will enable Leigh to address her cancer with intention and clarity, allowing her to tap into a multitude of resources—doctors, clinics, family, friends, and her own wellspring of energy.

Last, cancer can be pesky, brutal, confounding, and unruly. Often we find ourselves cursing it—dumb cancer, bloody cancer, god*#$% cancer, and on and on. (Leigh would definitely second that emotion.) That said, she would also be the first to acknowledge that cancer has been one of her greatest teachers. As she notes in Embrace, Release, Heal, cancer has opened her up to be "inspired and driven by the ongoing discovery of ways to trust in this magnificent, painful, rich, mysterious, challenging, brilliant and benevolent ride we call life."

Let's ride with Leigh as she navigates this terrain. Send her your love. Give what you can.



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Hey guys, I just heard from my dear friend Leigh Fortson. If you know Leigh,you know she and her beautiful family have been on a long and difficult journey. The good news is that her treatments are beginning to work, but she has to travel to Phoenix from Grand Junction every week. That takes money, which is running short in spite of the very generous people from near and far who have pitched in on Torchlight. If you can spare something to help this amazing family, I urge you to do it. Every litle bit helps. Leigh is an amazing woman with a incredible spirit who has given so much to others. We are all in this together, so if you can afford to share with someone really special, I hope you will do it. Right now, if you can. This is how we can help a very deserving and special family, who would totally help you, if the situation were reversed. Thanks!

posted by John Anglim 15 months ago

i hope you every thing goes well for you get well soon and god will heal you i know how you feel i have brain and spinal cancer and i have also set up go fund me becouse i cant affort my meducal bills are treatments so i hope you.get all the treatments you need to get the cancer gone i will countine to

posted by Brandy Ogden 18 months ago

Great news. Continued love and positive thought everyday.

posted by Amy McRoberts 18 months ago

A very good friend sent me en email about this remarkable woman. Please, read her story and donate, if you can.

posted by Stephanie Larman 18 months ago

I'm beyond blown away by the outpouring of love and donations--including from people I don't even know. This is both humbling and inspiring hope in me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

posted by Leigh Fortson 19 months ago

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Joan & Steve Kilpatrick

2 months ago


Thinking of you on Leigh's birthday.



Aiyana Stern

3 months ago


Honoring Leigh's life with love.




3 months ago



Irene Shonle

3 months ago


I so wish I could have been able to go to the memorial. Thinking of all you Fortsons, and wishing you well on this Christmas day.



Jim and Luci Bedford

4 months ago


Thank you for a wonderful Memorial the other night. Our hearts go out to you and wish you the best.



TA Giallanza

4 months ago


We are very blessed to have the Forstons as neighbors. She was an amazing person. Our thoughts are with Ed, Lyric, and Tucker.



Kathy Ziola

4 months ago


My sincerest blessings for peace and wellbeing to Ed, Tucker, Lyric, and all of Leigh's family and beloved friends. Blessings of Light and love go out to Leigh. With Love, Kathy



Demi Garner

4 months ago


My heart is with you, Ed, Tucker and Lyric.



Nathan & Kali Rhodes

4 months ago


Leigh was always a great person, she always made me smile and I will miss a great deal.



Denise McKenney

4 months ago


Leigh was a wonderful woman, always so caring.


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