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Tom Easter Jr. was diagnosed October 2011 with ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.  Doctors believe he has had ALS for approximately 2-3 years.  Tom is a kind, family loving man... more


Updated posted by Charles D Hedrick III 24 months ago

Good evening everyone.
Monday the 16th Tom went into surgery for the feeding tube. Everything went well, and he is recovering nicely. Tom is using a breathing machine in the evening as well, to give him lungs some time to rest.

We have a benefit dinner scheduled this weekend, and there will be a great deal of photos and information posted afterwards.

Thanks again everyone for the help!


Updated posted by Charles D Hedrick III 24 months ago

This past week we have had some good news, and some bad as well.
First the bad:
Tom is getting scheduled to get a permanent feeding tube, as eating and swallowing is getting more and more difficult. This is being completed while Tom is still pretty healthy, and will not prohibit him eating like normal.

But now the good!
We were able to have the van's lift adjusted, and it is now able to lift Tom and his chair (assuming he doesn't gain too much weight anytime soon!!). Also Debby is receiving some injections for her knees, which is helping with the pain from that.

I would like to let everyone know we are having a benefit dinner April 21, with a raffle. I do not have all the details of the prizes, but they include a Mattress warehouse Box Spring and Mattress, Ruger LC9 Special Edition Pistol, a high quality ceiling fan, and several other nice prizes that have been donated by willing family members and friends (THANK YOU!!!).

We ask that everyone keep praying, and if you could please continue to share this page and help the Easter Family out.


Updated posted by Charles D Hedrick III 25 months ago

Good Afternoon Everyone,
Yesterday we were successfully able to get the handicapped accessible van. So if you see a black Dodge van rolling around town, look out cause Tom Easter is on the move!

This weekend was good, Tom spent a lot of time with family and several friends. Several visitors from all over the state and even some from out of state stopped by Saturday, and local family helped us out with getting the van on Sunday.

Unfortunately we have ran into one issue with the van. Due to the age of it, and with the lift, it is currently unable to life Tom and his chair combined.


We are looking into getting a new lift, hopefully with a higher weight rating as well, so we have plenty of capacity for Tom and his chair.

I would also like to put my well wishes to Sharon from Morgantown. Sharon is who we purchased the van from, and she lost her husband to ALS December 2011, around the same time the Easter family lost Hattie King (Mawmaw Hat).

Again I would like to thank all those who have updated, and please continue to share this page with anyone you know that may be able to help out in anyway.

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Created by Charles D Hedrick III on March 16, 2012

Tom Easter Jr. was diagnosed October 2011 with ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.  Doctors believe he has had ALS for approximately 2-3 years.  Tom is a kind, family loving man, married to Debra Easter(Meadows) for 15 years.  

Any donations collected will be used for medical bills and expenses due to the illness, including:

ALS-Compatible Wheelchair
Fuel and Hotel Costs for trips to MDA clinic in Morgantown, WV.
Making the home wheelchair accessible.
Purchasing and maintaining a handicapped accessible van.
New lift for the handicapped van.
Support so Debby can work from home some days.
Co-pays for necessary surgery (feeding tube, etc)

Any support is deeply appreciated.  Thank you, and God bless.


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BTW everyone... We are raffling off a brand new Ruger LC9 silver deluxe, one of 1500 made and all the money will be donated to Tom and the Easter Family... If you are interested contact me Debby or Charles for tickets/info the drawing will be on April 21 at the Spaghetti dinner in Eleanor

posted by Joshua Cobb 24 months ago

I know times are hard but we all need to donate as much as they can... Tom is a wonderful guy that needs our help... Please help...

posted by Joshua Cobb 25 months ago

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ZTA Sorority, Wright State Univ.

24 months ago


Stay Strong Tom!!!! The ZTA's are pulling for you!




24 months ago




25 months ago


Good luck, we are all family and this type of thing is why we are here. Love ya brother!




25 months ago


Here for you BROTHER!!!!




25 months ago


I love you!




25 months ago




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