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 We have had the privilege of doing what we want, being who we want, making music and getting paid for it - though at times it may have been only a few dollars, how blessed we are...  ... more


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Coming to you from the windy city...joining this cause is Percell Blackhart...


Please join with Percell in supporting this cause...


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Who Are We... Please take a look and Listen !!!

Hope you will help us to help our brothers and sisters across America...

"Music is Lubrication for the soul".........

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Created by Keli Raven on July 31, 2012

 We have had the privilege of doing what we want, being who we want, making music and getting paid for it - though at times it may have been only a few dollars, how blessed we are...  

Musicians, performers, rockers who like many have said..."I'll help when I get some extra money", "when I’ve paid off my credit cards", etc. etc.   Well, as the saying goes “Put up or shut up”….Less talk…more action….that is exactly what we have decided to do…. 

We want to take our performances to cities on the west coast, the southwest region and through to the mid- west… time to help those who have lost homes, property, jobs….those who have no heat for a cold house, no warm blankets to sleep under at night, not enough food to fill their stomachs.  The children and the elderly are especially hit hardest....they need help now, not when congress passes a bill, or the politicians decide to take on a project that will help them get elected....Now...is the time to help.... 

We are seeking to travel from city to city by way of bus, enabling us to make extra unplanned stops if called upon by organizations needing extra on 'hands help', or just stopping to visit with those who won't be able to attend a performance......

We are asking YOU to help us acquire the BUS we need to transport our first two bands....KELI RAVEN AND ELCTRIKCHAIR to the towns and cities..... 

We will be collecting donations...OF ANY SIZE, clothes, shoes, can goods, school materials,  blankets, diapers, whatever can be given will be forwarded to those recipients who are desperately in need.


What's in it for you.....


A fun, enjoyable evening of music....gift CD's,  Photo Opps with Artist...and best of all............the opportunity to help someone who can not help themselves.....


Waiting produces, sadness, sorrow and DEATH.........."Help us to Help.....

                                               "Time 2 Save America" 

 Some agencies we will partner with:                                                                                                                                                  Ameri Cares:  www.americares.org

                         Feeding America  www.feedingamerica.org         

                         Wakanyeja Tiospaye Otipi:  www.otakuye.org

                         Wounded Knee Tiospaye Project, Firewood Distribution Program: 


                         Project Lighthouse, Clothing program: 



"So let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves, but each other."

                                                               Barack Obama




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