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The Ted Takacs Fund On August 22nd 2013, Nashua man and longtime motorcycle enthusiast Ted Takacs was involved in a hit and run accident which left Ted with numerous, severe injuries. T... more


Updated posted by Julie Takacs 2 months ago

It's been two months since my dad passed, and it still feels like yesterday. We're reliving the nightmare over and over, since justice has yet to be served. My mom is still burdened with medical bills (about 75,000 still owed), lawyer fees, and now she is being denied my fathers life insurance because of a mistake made by the company. One of the criminals is free, one is luckily back in jail (for now), but still we wait and wait. We just want this all behind us, but it haunts us everyday with these men "free". We thank everyone for all their support, it has helped a lot. And it has meant a lot to our family.


Updated posted by Julie Takacs 4 months ago

Just want to say thank you to my coworkers at work for all chipping in and collecting for the fund. I did not expect it at all and I can't even tell you how much it means to me and my family. And thank you to everyone else who has done the same. I have some really wonderful friends! And I know my father is smiling down at all the wonderful people who have cared so much throughout these last 3+ months. You all are amazing!


Updated posted by Julie Takacs 4 months ago

Can't believe it's been two weeks. Still does not feel real. Keep waiting for his voice to come out of nowhere, or to see him out shoveling the snow. And unfortunately we have not been able to make arrangements for him yet because of the ongoing investigation. But my mother is left with growing costs. We are still trying to get approval for an autopsy, so far it has been denied by the state once. If we are left to order it ourselves that comes out of our pockets, and then the cremation, and still mountains of medical bills on top of that. This has been along road for us all, and we just want him at peace. If anyone can contribute just a little here and there it could help my mother out a lot during this difficult time. I know it's the holiday season but a little goes a long way or at the very least share this around please. I hope and pray that we can get justice for him, because this is not the way he should have gone. Miss you everyday Papa!

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Created by Julie Takacs on October 14, 2013

The Ted Takacs Fund
On August 22nd 2013, Nashua man and longtime motorcycle enthusiast Ted Takacs was involved in a hit and run accident which left Ted with numerous, severe injuries. Though a Native of Hungary where Ted fought against the Russian Occupation as a Freedom Fighter, he is every bit a New Hampshire man. The 2 men responsible for the accident Benjamin Tucker 23 and Michael Fawcett 47 have been arrested and charged with numerous crimes. While the case makes its way through the court system and as Ted slowly works his way back to health, the Takacs family is facing mounting medical bills. The Takacs family is turning to Gofundme.com for help.

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Susan and Mike Neidenthal

2 months ago


Nicholas, Once again we are so sorry. We hope this helps your mom. Love, Susan and Mike



Anne-Marie Bergeron

2 months ago


Julie, Liz so sorry for your loss. Ted was such a wonderful, caring person. We all feel your loss.



Amy Mortimer

3 months ago


Very happy to help Liz out. So sorry for your loss. I am always here for you Liz, love you :)



K&G Leslie

3 months ago



Jessica & Steve

4 months ago (Offline Donation)



Roland & Joan

4 months ago (Offline Donation)



Jerry & Barb

4 months ago (Offline Donation)




4 months ago


My prayers are with you and your family!



Dinah Carnes

4 months ago


Prayers from Phoenix. We ride and know life is so fragile.



Melissa Mahoney

4 months ago


Love you Angela and family, so sorry for your loss.


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