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Ladies and Gentlemen, VO-Media Photography and Vlad Darevskiy cordially invites you to join our effort in helping to get off the ground a wonderful project called "Wedding Photography Gi... more


Updated posted by Vlad Darevskiy 15 months ago

Hi Everyone!
Yesterday was a great and successful day!
The Project: Wedding Photography Gifts has been accepted into directory listing, which should potentially increase exposure. Which is great!

Also 3 financial contributions have been received yesterday, and I did a preliminary booking of the first Portrait photo session with one of the contributors. This is exiting!
To be honest I have not expected to see much outcome so quickly! Once again Thank you everyone for your help!

Now that the ball is rolling from this end, we need to kick off the second part of the project. That which is the entire initiative is all about: We need brides and grooms!
In order to attract the future newlyweds we need everyone's help in spreading the word to people out there and letting them know that this is is available.

Lets make this thing go crazy! Lets Make this thing go VIRAL! :)


Updated posted by Vlad Darevskiy 15 months ago

I would Like to Thank Kim and Valentina Cairns for their contribution to the project! You guys are the example of True Generosity and great friends! Words can't express how much I appreciate your help! Thank you!


Updated posted by Vlad Darevskiy 15 months ago

Special Thanks to Perry Francis for his generous donation to project "Wedding Photography Gift"

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Created by Vlad Darevskiy on January 10, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, VO-Media Photography and Vlad Darevskiy cordially invites you to join our effort in helping to get off the ground a wonderful project called "Wedding Photography Gifts". This project is going to allow 10 lucky couples to become recipients of all *expense paid Wedding Photography Packages. Yes! That's right! Expense Paid! As in FREE, as in a Gift!!!
This project is designed to raise enough funds to cover the costs of 10 Full Service Wedding Photography Sessions. And to make this Awesome Idea even better, we have created multiple rewards for donors and contributors to ensure that no one is left without the satisfying feeling of doing something special and being fully appreciated for it.

If at a party you can get away with pictures taken via a smartphone, or a pocket camera. Photos of a wedding must be perfect! It just has to be! But perfection comes with a great price tag attached to it. Not to mention the stress and headache.
To those who are in the process of planning a wedding, especially if you are planning a wedding on a budget, booking a photography service can get quite tricky. You don't want to want to go over your budget, yet you don't want to end up with a poor quality cheap coverage either. It is memories for the rest of your life we are talking about!

Being myself a photographer, and having recently gone with my fiance through the difficulties of finding and booking a good photographer for our own wedding photo shoot, I got to thinking: What if there was a way to make life easier for couples? How can it be done, and how can I possibly help? How can I possibly offer a virtually mind blowing photo coverage without hurting myself and my business, and yet without putting a huge dent in the financial future of my customers?
This is how this idea of publicly funding wedding photo sessions came to live. A Shared Gift of Wedding Photography.

But in order to make it happen for those 10 lucky couples I will need a lot of your help. Your Generosity in contributing, your participation in spreading the word and sharing this project with your friends. Only your kindness will help in covering the costs of sessions, post production work, as well as equipment and hiring personnel necessary to provide top notch wedding photo coverage.

But wait that is not all! If you are thinking to become one of the project contributors, please keep in mind that no contribution will be unattended, or forgotten.
This is why a contribution level program was put in place to not only show how grateful I am but also to give back. In our Reward Levels, for every contribution no matter the size of it, we are offering something that will serve of an equivalent value. So it’s a WIN-WIN deal for everyone.

How will it come to fulfillment?
As the funding goals of the project are getting closer to being met, and VO-Media Photography is cleared from fulfilling it’s obligations to contributors, from the list of applicants whose photos will be posted in an album on our facebook page ( based on their popularity we will begin to select our 10 contenders and proceed with scheduling their wedding sessions.

The lucky 10 couples will receive the following wedding photography coverage services:
• 3 hour Engagement photo session
• Up to 6 hours of wedding day coverage with two photographers
• 3 hour post wedding "Trash-The-Dress" session
• DVD with full release of all high resolution images
• Custom designed up to 50 page flush mount album (choose your images  & 3 revisions included)
• Custom hard case for your album
• Three additional albums for the family
• Possible Publication Coverage  (images may be highlighted on a bridal website or coverage)

I wish to thank everyone for their support and participation!

Requirements for contest participation:

  1. All participants must be 18 or older
  2. Your wedding date must be scheduled no sooner than October 2013
  3. No nude photos
  4. No photos depicting violence in any form
  5. Your photo must be of acceptable quality and definition (preferably 1024x768 or greater). The better your photo the higher are your chances of winning.
  6. Please write and attach a quick story of your love, how you met, how long have you been together and how your love brought you to a decision to get married. The better the story the better are your chances.
  7. Visit and “Like” out page
  8. Message me on Facebook or email me your photo and your story. I will upload your photo and share with you so you can start promoting your listing and build it’s popularity.
  9. Share page with all your friends. Without contributors not of it can be possible.

Good Luck!

*VO-Media Photography services are available in and around Palm Beach, Broward counties, as well as Miami area.
Jobs that may require traveling outside of this areas are left to be accepted or rejected at the discretion of VO-Media Photography management, and are subject to travel and lodging related costs and expenses fully billable to the client.


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Good Luck on your new venture.

How Awesome


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