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04/03/2014 Please Help if you can. Thank you! more


Updated posted by David Potter 12 days ago

Results of MRI are good. Two of the tumors significant shinkage, One of the larger areas showed shrinkage (so it is responding to treatment) and no new masses! Spinal fluid clear of any cancer cells!! Starting " Consolidation" stage Tuesday 04/08/2014
- with 5 days in hospital. The doctors will monitor the metabolism of the new chemo drug and adjust accordingly.


Updated posted by David Potter 18 days ago

Fundraising Friday!
Jantzen is a tuff toddler please help if you can!


Updated posted by David Potter 1 month ago

From Jennifer
In clinic just saw Jantzens main doctor and he showed us the mri results. His tumors are 80% GONE!!!! To see the tumors from the first day we came in to when he has the surgery, and then from now its crazy. Realistically he's only been through the chemo cycles twice and we are on the third now. To have this much progress is such a blessing. All the hard days and frustration with everything seems like nothing. Thank you everyone for the prayers!

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Created by David Potter on November 27, 2013

04/03/2014 Please Help if you can. Thank you!

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Thank you Josh

posted by David Potter 4 months ago

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David, Martha, Mark, My heart is with you guys and I wish the little feller all the best!!!! He always has such a great big smile on his face, even with all that he is going thru!!! That amazes me, kinda makes all our so called problems seem pretty petty and small I would say..... Rock on Jantzen!!!!! Love Charlene & Bret❤️❤️



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Prayers and best wishes to this family. The Yates



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Beautiful angel




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