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David Kuria is the very first out black gay man to run for political office in Kenya and throughout all of Africa. He is an aspiring political figure and is passionate about a number of... more


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David was featured this afternoon on CNN articulating his perspective on regional bills that would add further penalties for homosexuality in the countries of Uganda and Nigeria. His poise and confidence are clear indicators of his leadership abilities.


Created by Ryan Ubuntu Olson on November 14, 2012

David Kuria is the very first out black gay man to run for political office in Kenya and throughout all of Africa. He is an aspiring political figure and is passionate about a number of social, economic and political issues that he hopes to address while serving as a Senator for his country. He could be considered the "Harvey Milk" of our time...please consider donating. 

  To hear his brilliance and why we are supporting him, please listen to his recent interview with the BBC on why he is running: 

  David is a man of faith and deeply committed to the causes he puts his heart and soul into such as addressing HIV/AIDS issues, poverty issues and specifically gender issues that adversely impact women. 

  As the very first openly gay black African running for office in Kenya and throughout all of Africa, you can imagine the number of hurdles that he has to face. However, he is a dedicated person to what he believes in and wants to serve his community with openness and honesty.  Through his actions David is inspiring millions throughout Africa and around the world by his bid for office. His act of running as an out person is unheard of and potentially dangerous, yet his desire to see change in the lives of his fellow citizens in unwavering.

  While David's passion and desire to see change is insurmountable, his campaign finances are not. And to run in this highly competitive environment requires resources that he does not have at this time. With your help, in whatever shape or form, you can help him to get the word out about his campaign and to support his bid for Kenyan office. Every single leaflet, flier, or ad supports the advancement of LGBT equality throughout Kenya, but also helps to enhance a leader like David to hold office and influence in the ways he has been doing for years. 

  Please consider donating to David's campaign. His international supporters will truly help him to impact the lives of so many not only in Kenya but throughout the continent of Africa and around the world. His mere visibility matters to ALL of us and with your support, his campaign can do just that. 

Your donation, no matter how small, makes a big difference towards David Kuria's Candidature.Pamoja Tunaweza!

A recent popular television program, "Capital Talk" spoke with David describing him as a man "with a lot of guts".... 

Please Watch: 

For more information on David Please visit his campaign website here: 

Mr. David Kuria Holds an MBA in International Business from the University of Nairobi.

He has worked as an Associate Lecturer at the Tangaza College of Catholic University of Eastern Africa, and was also the Business Development Officer at the Social Ministry Research Network Centre – somirenec, a leading anti-poverty Research and Development program in East Africa.

He has co-authored several books on Poverty alleviation and is very passionate about complete eradication of Extreme forms of poverty in the region.

Indeed it is because of his passion and care for the poor, that the Senator is opposed to the current criminalization of people suffering from Tuberculosis – TB. He believes that TB is by and large a poverty disease since its transmission is most effective in conditions associated with the poor – such as overcrowding and congestion in public transport systems - matatus, poor and congested housing such as informal settlements and slums among other factors.

The Aspiring Senator is holding very fruitful discussion with a Kiambu based Religious Congregation of Catholic Nuns, to explore ways in which people with recently antagonised TB, can be housed in a respectable domicile during the first two weeks of their infection (since this is the period when they are most infectious). Further he is working with the donor community to facilitate help for these families when their loved ones are in these residences for recovery – notably through community based groups.

He hopes to give some money to the women groups in the grass-root to support these families with domestic work e.g,  feeding the livestock, taking care of the school going kids and basically fill in the gap to enable the patient/family member recover with as little stress as possible. For the women groups, these will be an added opportunity for income generation even as they support one of their own, and destigmatize TB.

Kiambu also has its own share of Multi-drug Resistant TB patients, who are infectious during the entire duration of their treatment. The drug therapy is extremely tiresome, and horrifying. Further their treatment per person is Kshs. 1.6 million – way above the means of even the thin middle class in Kiambu. These too will be supported during their entire duration of their therapy.

Instead of jailing them, and further stressing their already weak bodies, Senator Kuria is urging the government to provide alternative and humane recovery centres, and to incentivise the treatment with financial and moral support to their families during their recovery time. We must realize that these are human persons, and many of them are also the bread winners for their families. The senator will continue to support these families, and calls upon the people of Kiambu to support them as well.

The Senator is also aware that HIV infection is on the rise in Central Kenya, – the infection rates rose from 3.7% to 4.7% this year. HIV discussion in Kenya are always characterised by unhelpful moralistic stances. But we must understand that this is a medical condition, like any other the only difference being that at the moment it has no cure, and that it is transmitted sexually. We do  not condemn people with malaria even when they exposed to the mosquito carrying malaria while staying late in night club. We should and must de-stigmatize HIV.

The people of Kiambu especially have capacity to deal with the social factors that create vulnerabilities to HIV. We cannot support the continued criminalization of sex-workers and the MSM. Not because we do not have religious positions regarding these people but because criminalizing people in conditions of weakness leads to additional marginalization furthering the spread of HIV both in their own communities and the general population.

The people of Kiambu have been leaders in many other areas – I believe we can show the world how well-reasoned HIV eradication strategies can work, including removing structural barriers to Universal Access of HIV prevention, treatment and care services.

But all this requires original and couregious leadership. It requires that someone who is 100% committed to the cause, Senator David Kuria Mbote provides this type of leadership. Give him your support, and urge your friends to join us in this noble cause.

*All donations will be deposited into a US bank account and then transfered to David's campaign via Western Union by a third party who is intimately linked to the campaign back in Kenya. Not a penny of your donation will be spent on anything other than supporting David Kuria's campaign for Senate in Kenya. For questions, comments concerns related to this matter you can contact Ryan Ubuntu Olson  


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Wishing you much success in your campaign!



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David, I endorse your candidature with my prayers, my energy, my money and my total support for your courage as a gay man.




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A small token of support for an incredibly courageous man!


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