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Friends and Fans my name is Chris and I ask that you donate what you can to help out my very good friend WWE HOF Sunny as she battles cancer. She needs help paying for bills during surge... more


Updated posted by Tamara Lynn Sytch 5 months ago

Thanks to everyone who is pitching in! I cant believe the love Im getting from all of you! One day, Ill be able to pay it forward!!


Updated posted by Tamara Lynn Sytch 5 months ago

thank you all sooooo much! you have been more then generous!!! love you all!


Updated posted by Tamara Lynn Sytch 6 months ago

Thank you to everyone who has donated thus far... I greatly appreciate it!

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Created by Tamara Lynn Sytch on October 22, 2013

Friends and Fans my name is Chris and I ask that you donate what you can to help out my very good friend WWE HOF Sunny as she battles cancer. She needs help paying for bills during surgery and treatment so please do what you can to help her in her time of need ..Thank You,Chris

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im sorry you had to have the microwave sessions, just saw the youtube video. get well soon my "original reason for liking women in wrestling" friend ;-)

posted by Dez Ainsworth 5 months ago

Tammy if you believe in Angels then you believe in yourself. God will take care of your health and the Angels will lift your spirits to become stronger. Believe in Faith Tammy. Faith is believing what you cant see Tammy. If you cant see it you will survive this battle Tammy. Candles are lit for you and you will come out a survivour. Stay strong Tammy. All my love to a special Angel. Xo

posted by Matt Mendoza 5 months ago

We're here for you Tammy! Whenever you feel weak, we'll help you stay strong! GOD BLESS YOU TAMMY!

posted by Vicki Lynch 5 months ago

Stay strong Tammy. You can beat this I wish you all the best A life long fan....

posted by Joseph Utter 6 months ago

You are always beautiful no matter what you are going through in your life. Don't waste your time with those who criticize you. They do not understand. I have aspirations of becoming involved with the WWE somehow, and you were the one who inspired me to do it. I know you will overcome the obstacles in your life. Even the darkest clouds always have the sun shining behind them.

posted by Ricky Prosolow 6 months ago

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4 months ago



Alex ottaviano

4 months ago


You will always have my spiritual and emotional support. You deserve it 100%. Feel. Better you will prevail. Love always




5 months ago



shane burke

5 months ago



Byron Wozgen

5 months ago (Monthly Donation)

Platinum level


Gregg Gruber

5 months ago


Keep up the fight Tammy, your not a quitter by any means. Alot of people love you and are pulling for you to kick ass just like you always have. Your in my thoughts and prayers



Alex Ottaviano

5 months ago


My second donation. Maybe not much but every little bit helps. Always in my prayers for good health. I saw your photo after surgery. You look marvelous. Beautiful. Always will be. Amen



Jim Richard

5 months ago

Silver Level


Alex ottaviano

5 months ago


On behalf of myself its my pleasure to give this donation to you. It shows how much I care during this time of need. You will always have my prayers and support. You will win just like you won wwwe championships. Im a fan of wwe since 1978. This goes to show how much heart I have. Question do you neet donors in person to say thank you? If not no worries. Anyway be healthy eat good keep positive attitude and you will feel better. Amen



Lewis Llewellyn

5 months ago


It might not be much but if it makes a difference it's worth it. Wishing you the strength to fight this and a quick recovery, but I don't doubt you'll overcome.


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