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To our Dear family and friends: Many of you know that our daughter Simone was born with the acting/ singing bug. From the time she could use words, she was singing. We nicknamed her "Ci... more


Updated posted by Jennifer Blatto-Vallee 19 months ago

We are getting very close! to our goal!! The next rehearsal is this Sunday, September 16th! Simone's music is being recorded and monologue and commercials are coming along. Practice, practice, practice!!


Updated posted by Jennifer Blatto-Vallee 21 months ago

Next rehearsal is July 15th!! Monologues are prepared and song is being put to music. God just keeps fitting the pieces together..:)


Updated posted by Jennifer Blatto-Vallee 22 months ago

Just received the 24 page Contestant's Manual..Thrilled at the insistence on modesty and children looking like children! :)

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Created by Jennifer Blatto-Vallee on May 25, 2012

To our Dear family and friends:

Many of you know that our daughter Simone was born with the acting/ singing bug. From the time she could use words, she was singing. We nicknamed her "Cinderella" because she woke with the birds, happy, hopeful, singing as she started her day. Many were songs she made up herself. Little did we know that this would become the desire of her heart.  This desire has never wavered.  We now believe it is part of God's perfect plan for her life.  Since the age of three, Simone has done eight stage productions and two short films. She has now been offered a fabulous educational experience.

Simone auditioned for talent scout Kim Myers with ARTS
 ( Applause Rising Talent Showcase). She did a monologue and sang an original song she had written a month prior. As a result, she was invited to attend the December ARTS EXPO showcase in Orlando, Florida.  While there she will take master classes, attend seminars and workshops and have one-on-one interviews with industry professionals. The event ends with a showcase performance/audition and time for call backs. ( Hopefully)!  We have been very hesitant about how much she should pursue this secular, image driven field.  We have also auditioned for companies that turned out to be impostors looking to scam children and families.  However, when we met Kim Myers we knew this organization was totally unique.  ARTS is the only organization we've encountered at this level whose goal is to be a safe, family friendly, G rated company in the entertainment industry.  She and her staff are the real deal as we've experienced the phonies first hand.  As Kim said in her introduction to the children chosen and their parents,  "We are trying to raise G rated children in an R rated world. I wanted to offer these kids another option." We are so thrilled that she wants to create new role models for this industry. We are so grateful that Simone can be part of this without compromising in any way.  This opportunity will give her a much closer look as to what it takes to be in this business.

This opportunity, while fabulous, will require some sponsorship. Since the event is in December, for those who would normally give Christmas gifts, would you consider supporting her classes and trip as a gift?  For others, Simone would like to be a mother's helper to raise funds. Please let us know if you're interested in that. Any contribution would be a blessing. Nothing is too small. If you know someone who simply loves the arts and would like to contribute, we humbly ask you to pass this on to them.  Lastly and most importantly, we covet your prayers for guidance and wisdom in this adventure.  Thank you, in advance, for helping Simone pursue her true passion.

Jennifer & Gary


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Whoooooo!! First rehearsal/orientation was tonight! Very fun and educational.

posted by Jennifer Blatto-Vallee 22 months ago

Thank you to Interpretek for their amazingly generous support!!!!!!!

posted by Jennifer Blatto-Vallee 22 months ago

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G0 Simone!!!



The Marques Family

19 months ago


We know you will do great!



Rob Cattalani

21 months ago


Way to go Simone! Rooting for you.



Julie Lindsay

21 months ago


This is ABSOLUTELY terrific!! What talent. Good luck!



Aunt Louise

22 months ago


May you have a wonderful time achieving this exciting goal!!!




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22 months ago


I wish I could give more, but I still hope my small contribution will help.



Carolyn Kropp

22 months ago


Follow your heart and have fun!


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