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Scott Boliver was an incredibly effective charity marathon running coach. He was a wonderful father to three children, husband to his beautiful wife Dolly, and a psychologist who never s... more


Updated posted by Larry Jacobson 11 months ago

Many people ask me if Dolly and the family are okay. I suppose that depends on your definition of the word, "okay." They are still struggling to come to grips with Scott being gone. And yes, they are still struggling with the money situation. Dolly works full time and is trying to support three teenagers....
If you find that you can donate again, as my mother Julia used to say: "Like chicken soup, it couldn't hurt!"


Updated posted by Larry Jacobson 15 months ago

"Keep going. Go as slow as you need to go, but keep going." Scott Boliver


Updated posted by Larry Jacobson 15 months ago

You have reached the goal and surpassed it. Can you hear Scott now? "Obviously, I didn't ask you to run enough miles! Go run a few more!" Can we make it to $30,000?


Created by Larry Jacobson on January 4, 2013

Scott Boliver was an incredibly effective charity marathon running coach. He was a wonderful father to three children, husband to his beautiful wife Dolly, and a psychologist who never stopped giving to his patients, family, and runners.

Please try to remember how much Scott has affected your life, your performance, your dreams, your goals, and your achievements. 
It meant much more than money to you. However, at this time it's money that is needed. Would you be able to give $10? $50? $100? 
Scott always put up such a strong front that everything was fine. In fact, the family does not have the money to pay for the funeral services, let alone the next few months of rent or food for the kids. I know Scott is cringing at me telling you this, but now Dolly and the kids need you. 
We have raised over $50,000 in one week, and that shows how much Scott was loved and appreciated.  Can we do more? Of course we can! What mile did Scott push you to in your running? The tenth? The fifteenth? The twentieth? The TWENTY-SIXTH? Did you cross the finish line in a marathon because of Scott?  Multiply those miles by 10 or 20 or 100 and we'll help ease the pain for Dolly and the kids.  
Do it for Scott. 
Do it for Dolly and the family. 
Most of all, do it for what Scott has done for YOU and YOUR LIFE.

With much love and appreciation,
Larry Jacobson, Dolly's brother

Thank you to everyone who attended Scott's funeral services. Over 400 people attended the beautiful services at Temple Beth Tikvah in Fullerton where there was standing room only! Scott would have been so pleased.


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I know Scott is looking down with amazement at all the love that is being shown right now. I am not amazed at all. We are following in his footsteps. He gave and gave....and now it is out turn to give back. Xoxoxo

posted by Kirsten Shura 15 months ago

This is amazing. I wish you all the best guys :)

posted by Miroslav Mirek Bujna 15 months ago

Scotty was the best, the most inspirational and most humble man I knew. He was an angel on earth and is now an angel to watch over all of us. I will always look to him for inspiration. Love you, Scott. As soon as I am able to ride, you will be with me (and my chain won't snap like yours did! Ha ha!). Love, Dana

posted by Dana Tate 15 months ago

I am forever grateful for the privilege of knowing you, Scott, and there is a special place in my heart where you will always be. So long -- for now -- my friend. :)

posted by Ed Shioyazono 15 months ago

What a beautiful service - loved his brother's words, "Scott didn't die; he was promoted" God bless you and your family, Scott.

posted by Shelley Velez 15 months ago

Wow.. Everytime I see the donations climb it affirms just how much Scott was loved and respected and how much everyone cares about his family.

posted by Lynnda Shepherd 15 months ago


posted by Teri Shea 15 months ago

Thank you Coach Scott - You are the Best!!

posted by Tory Mueller 15 months ago

Thanks for helping me do what I never thought possible. That hug at Mile 19 will never be forgotten.

posted by Wilfredo Hernandez 15 months ago

Jerry and I are so saddened by Scott's untimely passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire family. Be assured that Scott is happily with his beloved Grandmother Muriel & Grandfather Jack and they are having a party rehashing all of the great camping adventures and stories they shared together. They were the apples of each others eyes and I'm sure they all would want us to celebrate their lives and be happy for them. We love you all, Jerry & Val Boliver

posted by Valerie Boliver 15 months ago

Thankful for this site and the ability to give something to this wonderful family. Emily is part of our choir at Brea Olinda High School and the Boliver family is in my prayers and on my mind and heart. What a great way to show them how much we care.

posted by Andrea Strom 15 months ago

I really just want to say thank you to all who have donated or helped my family in any way at all. I can tell that the donating isn't over, but I can't wait any longer. Thank you all so much for your continuous support! It means the world to my family! It is truly amazing seeing so many donations, no matter what the amount may be. It's mind-blowing, and it makes me cry to see how much my dad means to people and how many lives he has touched. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

posted by Emily Boliver 15 months ago

Set if for $60,000... we can do it!

posted by Tom Keene 15 months ago

SO happy to see that this goal was met so quickly. Keep IT going!!! They need it all. xoxox

posted by Edwin Camacho 15 months ago

Such an amazing amount of love!!

posted by Teri Shea 15 months ago

May God Bless You all!

posted by Gonzo Starbuck 15 months ago

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luci bird

4 months ago


I'm a friend of Marla yeoman, who is a friend of dolly, I wanted to help even just a little bit, my heart goes out to dolly and her family, may you find strength during these difficult times



Eydie Dolan

4 months ago


Happy Hanukkah to you and your family!!!!




4 months ago



Keith Crasnick

4 months ago


Everything has been said so eloquently before. Scott helped me achieve what I thought was impossible, and multiple times. Truly inspirational and gave so much to so many, always with a smile. What a mensch.



Rachel Quigley

4 months ago


The Boliver's are always in my prayers. Wishing you peace this holiday season!




4 months ago



Jennifer Baughman

4 months ago




5 months ago



Maria Tsiros

5 months ago


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Dolly and the Boliver family. Love you guys!



Adam Sires

10 months ago


Thinking of the Boliver family and sending my love.


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