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To learn more about Luke's story and Type 1 Diabetes please visit you can also follow our Journey at On September 20th, 2... more


Created by Dorrie Nuttall on October 18, 2012

To learn more about Luke's story and Type 1 Diabetes please visit

you can also follow our Journey at

On September 20th, 2011 our son's pancreas suddenly stopped producing insulin and he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes - He was only 2 years old. Since then he has endured over 3000 blood glucose tests and over 1500 shots and pump canula insertions. Luke is hypoglycemic unaware - which means he cannot tell us when he feels his blood sugars rise or fall to dangerous levels. Low blood sugars are very dangerous they can cause seizures, coma and can be fatal. The very real reality is that we could loose our son to low blood sugars or complications from this disease as it takes a daily toll on his little body.  A Diabetic Alert Dog can keep him safe and save his life - they are trained to alert us before his levels become dangerous.


Diabetic Alert Dogs can tell when blood sugars rise and drop. These dogs alert to highs as well as lows before our meters can even detect the fluctuation. Better control over Blood Glucose levels keep Type 1's healthier and safe.  The dog will watch over him 24 hours a day and even alert at night during sleep. They are certified service dogs that have public access and will go with Luke wherever he goes to keep him safe. The training of these dogs is very complex and expensive,starting with bio-censoring, low blood sugar imprinting and temperament and health tests and screenings.  As parents we will do everything we can to keep our son safe until a cure is found for this disease and we know this dog will be another way we can do that.

Please consider making a donation, all proceeds will go directly to Luke's dog and the costs associated with having a service dog such as additional training and medical evaluations. 


We have been placed with our Dog, his name is Jedi, he is three months old and he is doing wonderfully.  He is just about to start his intensive 24/7 training, which he needs a lot of to be a fully trained Alert Dog. The training and help we will receive from Canine Hope for Diabetics will get Jedi to where he needs to be to keep Luke safe and healthy.  All donations will ensure that Jedi's gets the training and care he needs to be a successful Diabetic Alert Dog and keep Luke safe.

Thank you for taking the time out to be here and for helping us help our son.   

For more information on the Organization that trains and provides this service please visit


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A friend directed me to this site! I was diagnosed 13 years ago.



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Many people. Thank you for your previous donations towards Luke's D.A.D..

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