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About two years ago I took over the role of father when one of my best friends passed away (the kid seen in the picture who played too hard and fell asleep on the floor, ironically enoug... more


Updated posted by Derrick Maechler 7 months ago

As of 5pm friday the 24th, I was informed that my position will be terminated company wide on september 2nd, leaving me without a job. While we have reached our previous goal, I have updated the amount to reflect the next mortgage payment, as it will probably be a few weeks before my unemployment benefits are given the green light.


Updated posted by Derrick Maechler 8 months ago

Just a few updates.

The fiance went into premature labor at 33 weeks, dilating her cervix to 3cm/70%, which has landed her on bed-rest until the baby is born. That was 4 weeks ago, so we are presently stuck with just my paycheck to cover all living expenses and little Cecilia's supplies and clothes for her first year of school.

I've managed to keep the wolves at bay this long, but they aren't going to sit idle much longer. If the full payment isn't made this month, the streets will definitely be our new home.


Created by Derrick Maechler on June 6, 2013

About two years ago I took over the role of father when one of my best friends passed away (the kid seen in the picture who played too hard and fell asleep on the floor, ironically enough when she was suppose to be cleaning her room). She is now 5 years old.It added quite the financial burden, but I've been able to handle it by taking on a job with Dish Network, doing side-jobs, and doing computer building for hire. My fiance is also now 6 months pregnant with my child and had her hours cut in half.

The grand-parents on the father's side of Cecilia bought a property and we've been paying the mortgage (as well as making payments on the initial down payment). For a little while, we took in a friend of our's who had just gotten royally screwed by his woman (she kept their rent money rather than paying the rent...yeah...we know how that ended), in which he made an arrangement to pay his portion to the property owner. Well, turns out he never did, and long story short we now owe what he didn't pay on top of late fees to the bank. Total fees incurred? $1200, plus another month and a half paid up front so as to not default the agreement.

So fast forward to now, I have until my next payment date to come up with the money, or we have to vacate the premises by August 30th. I requested extra hours at my dish network job, but they just cut me down to 15 hours a week as it is.

So, with but 2 months left I find my self with no option but to post this on here. If we lose the condo, we have no where to go. If, by some miracle, we pull this off and the money goes over, anything extra will go towards the upcoming baby...

Thanks to anyone who even took the time to read this, and should you find it in your heart to contribute you have our eternal gratitude!

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Agreed Stephen. I've known D for about 18 years, and he's always been the kind of guy who would give you his lunch money if he thought it would even make your life a fraction of a percentage easier than it was before. This is a guy who use to give his brother half of his paycheck each week while he was out of work just to make sure he could pay his bills. This isn't just another schmuck on the planet trying to make a quick buck, this is a guy who is legitimately stuck in a hopeless situation due to no fault of his own who can see the light at the end of the tunnel but the darkness in his current position makes the tracks to reach that light impossible to locate.

posted by Michael Ramey 7 months ago

I just wanted to say this; Derrick is probably one of the best guys on the planet. He has literally sacrificed everything; his social life, his finances, his time, and more than a few friendships to give Cecilia the life that her father is no longer here to give her. That's a feat that almost no one else on earth could say that they would have been willing to do. I know there's a lot of people on this earth that like to just ask for money, but if there has ever been a case that actually deserves the help, it's this one. This guy has done everything in his power to try and fix the situation, but every time it looks as though he has finally put everything back on track life decides to knock him right back down. I implore you, if you can help at all, please do so. You will never find a family more deserving of any assistance than his, of this I promise you.

posted by Stephen Myers 7 months ago

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Good luck man.




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"I have mad respect for what you have done. I don't want anyone to know who I am, I just want you to post this to acknowledge that you did receive it. Keep up the good work being a hero to that little girl!"


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