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On September 22, 2013, Elizabeth and Kathleen Hamrick will embark on a 6 stage, 7 day, 169 mile self-supported stage race through the Grand Canyon. They will be joined by participants fr... more


Updated posted by Kathleen Hamrick 7 months ago

Wow! Thank you to all! We are making really fantastic progress towards the goal--because of you, we are already 54% of the way there. We have 23 days remaining.


Updated posted by Kathleen Hamrick 7 months ago

You all are amazing! Thank you for all of your awesome support! We are making headway towards the goal of funding a scholarship for an individual who cannot afford treatment for their eating disorder.


Updated posted by Kathleen Hamrick 7 months ago

Huge thank you to everyone who has shown such fantastic support for this cause thus far! 27 days remain to reach the goal!


Created by Kathleen Hamrick on August 23, 2013

On September 22, 2013, Elizabeth and Kathleen Hamrick will embark on a 6 stage, 7 day, 169 mile self-supported stage race through the Grand Canyon. They will be joined by participants from across the world as the race is capped at 50 U.S. participants and 10 participants per international country.

The sisters are running to raise money for the Alabama-based eating disorders treatment organization, A Center for Eating Disorders (ACED).
ACED provides full-day programming six days a week, as well as evening and weekend programming, nutritional services, individual therapy, and group therapy to individuals suffering from eating disorders.

This is a cause that the Hamrick girls are particularly passionate about.

Elizabeth's story: Elizabeth secretly struggled with bulimia for 10 years. The process to reclaim a healthy lifestyle was tumultuous, and included a series of therapists over time and significant financial burden. The turning point in her recovery was when she attempted to quit therapy, stating financial strain as the reason. Her therapist waived all payments. This unexpected support was the catalyst she needed to commit to the work necessary to heal. Today, Elizabeth's life looks much different. She is immensely grateful for a healthy body and self-image and would like to extend to others the same support that she received. Elizabeth, with your help, hopes to remove the financial obstacle for someone striving to recover.

Kathleen's story: In 2006, Kathleen entered treatment for life threatening anorexia. Physical consequences of malnutrition had left her with stress fractures, depleted protein & vitamin stores, irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, low heart rate, kidney damage, liver damage, and lanugo. Today she is nearly 7 years recovered, and is still astounded at the incredible capabilities of a healthy body. Kathleen has not only run, but also achieved top placement in multiple ultramarathons. She hopes that her journey from anorexia to ultramarathon will inspire and aid others to recover from eating disorders.

Treatment for eating disorders can be extremely expensive. Many patients must be seen on a weekly basis by a team of specialists, including a psychiatrist, a physician and a nutritionist. On average, a residential program costs $30,000 a month. Many patients require months of treatment and follow-up care. Lynn S. Grefe, Chief Executive of the National Eating Disorders Association notes that most insureres will not cover long term treatment, and some routinely deny adequate coverage.

ACED offers a free support group for teens and adults called "The Living Room" and hosts community awareness programs. ACED also offers scholarships for individuals who are unable to afford treatment. Your support will allow ACED to continue offering free support group, community awareness programs, and treatment scholarships for those in need.

For more information on ACED: A Center for Eating Disorders

For more information on G2G race: Grand to Grand Ultra

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Lake Trechsel

6 months ago


Glad to donate to a worthwhile cause! Good luck!



Joshua Tesoriero

6 months ago


Absolutely amazing!!! Congrats on another incredible undertaking, for a good cause



Melissa Shelby

6 months ago


Have a great run! Congratulations on organizing and being able to embark on such a great adventure in order to help others.



Jason Lee

7 months ago



Randy Lyle

7 months ago


Good luck to you both! I can't wait to hear about it when you get back home.



Sarah Barnard

7 months ago


Run Girl Run!



Chelsey Bussey

7 months ago



Anne Schaeffer

7 months ago


Proud of our Eufaula girls!



Karen Winters

7 months ago



Melanie Glass Uzzle

7 months ago


Wishing you all the best & LOVE every "step" of the way!


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