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My sorority sister Auriel was born with Cystic Fibrosis. This genetic disease took over her lungs. Everyday she struggled to breathe. In June it got so bad she was put on 24/7 oxygen and... more


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We've had 391 donations and now we're less than $2,500 away from $20,000!! This is truly amazing! My sisters and I are so thankful for everyone's generosity!


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We're $3,519 away from $20,000!!! If you think we can make it share this link on fb, tweet it, or e-mail everyone you know!


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In less than 48hrs we have exceeded our goal (pending NSU's donation). We can't stop now!! Let's double it in the next 48hrs! Who's with me? Keep posting the link, keep sharing her story, keep praying for her family and friends!

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Created by Lindsay Erin on October 13, 2012

My sorority sister Auriel was born with Cystic Fibrosis. This genetic disease took over her lungs. Everyday she struggled to breathe. In June it got so bad she was put on 24/7 oxygen and had to use portable oxygen tanks to go to class.

Last month she caught a cold, something that puts a person with CF in the hospital. What was supposed to be 2 weeks turned into 4. Doctors said her heart was really weak, and she had polyps in her nasal cavity from the oxygen, that were causing really bad nose bleeds.

She was finally released but a week later was having a fever and chest pains. She went back to the hospital and they decided to transport her by ambulance to the Mayo Clinic 6hrs away in Jacksonville.

She was put in an induced coma and had severe blood clots in her lungs. They did an evaluation for a lung transplant but by the time she got on the list, it was too late.

In the early morning hours of October 14th, Auriel was called to heaven.

Please help Auriel's family to cover the costs of her medical expenses and funeral. Any little bit helps.

Thank you and God bless <3


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I'm never knew Rojeana Auriel Hal, but this leaves me deeply sadden and I just want to keep her and her family in my prayers! From the storys I have read on here she was a amazing person that was full of life no matter the circumstances that life my have issued her. Well tonight Rojeana Auriel Hall you will be truely missed but never forgotten! Tonight you are home with are father and I hope to meet this great person everyone so dearly loved!

posted by Tommy Lee 18 months ago

Im so sorry to hear about Rojeana's passing,I myself have CF so I know the daily struggle,she was a beautiful young woman and only a year younger than me,may she breathe easy and her family find peace and the strength to make it through this tough time

posted by Daveion Cole 18 months ago

Auriel will always be a beautiful little girl to me. She was my daughters friend but an inspiration to me. Her spirit and faith was something I wished for and loved in her. She touched me in such a way that I will never forget her and I will try to live my life the way she did. A life lived to the fulliest, happy, and never complaining. She touched more lives in 19 years than most people ever do in a whole lifetime. I will miss you too!

posted by Argelia Alvarez 18 months ago

So sad for the loss of Auriel. She worked at Student Media as a photographer, and she will be dearly missed. The Current, NSU's newspaper, will publish a front page cover story in honor of Auriel. If anyone wants to contribute a quote or any information, please contact Thank you.

posted by Debbiee Mjeia 18 months ago

You were and will always be the best prom date, I ever had. The best friend anyone could ask for.

posted by Isaac Chavez 18 months ago

Thank you for all the donations

posted by Yeny Garcia 18 months ago

Rest in Peace Auriel .. you are in my prayers

posted by Isaidy Pinto-Cribeiro 18 months ago

Love you Ariel and miss you heaven has an angel now

posted by Vinnie Versaci 18 months ago

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Ribbons for Rojeana

16 months ago


We all love you so much! Merry Christmas, Sunshine :)




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liz samson

17 months ago


Brit Hanscom let me know a great person and friend lost her battle . I hope this helps the cause.




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Justin Proffitt

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Emily Payne

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Mimi Ribotsky

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May she rest in peace and a cure be found for others who suffer with this terrible disease.




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