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Created by Gary Yap on October 14, 2013

Hi. My name is Gary Yap - Creator/Writer/Artist for the comic, UltraViole(n)t - and I'm raising money for the Cancer Aid & Research Fund on behalf of those around me who have lost their Loved Ones to cancer, specifically my friends Anthony Maris and Sean Brotherton, whose stories can be read by clicking their respective names.

The goal is very simple: To use my artistic ability to raise money for the Cancer Aid & Research Fund (CARF) - a non-profit international organization that directs it’s efforts and resources towards supporting research programs, clinics, and hospitals that teach the public about and that place a high degree of emphasis on therapies for the treatment of cancer and other degenerative diseases. In addition, CARF provides support, medical equipment, and supplies to other organizations, hospitals and clinics, as well as general assistance for cancer patients and their families through local support groups. Where there are people in need, we'll be there lending a hand, a smile, and an encouraging word.

About Me: My past artistic endeavors have included work in television, film, and comic books, with my most recent work being - as I stated above - the creation of my own comic, UltraViole(n)t. My older comic book work (not available on ComiXology) such as Monsters From Outer Space (written by Gerard Jones & Will Jacobs) and Loco Vs. Pulverine (written by Steve Donnelly & Fred Schiller) can be read by clicking their respective titles. In whatever spare time I'm able to find, I also have my own somewhat sporadic, always self-indulgent podcast - The Last Podcast. Please join me on this journey by following along at @GaryYapDotCom.

Simpsons/King Of The Hill Fans: A popular service that I've offered for years has been to draw folks within the universe(s) of either the Simpsons or King Of The Hill (sometimes both). I've included past (and will continue to post all future) commissions within my Twitter photos/videos section that can be viewed HERE. Bottom line is that if anyone wants to hire me for any further Simpsons/King of the Hill commissions, please know that from this point forth, half of each commission will go directly to the Cancer Aid & Research Fund, with an acknowledgment to the person who purchased the commission on this very page. For more information on purchasing a commission, please email me at Gary@ArtOverLifeStudios.com.

Ring Of Hope: On 12.13.13, The Last Podcast founded Ring Of Hope, a professional wrestling promotion dedicated to raising money for the Cancer Aid & Research Fund. Its first event, which emanated from Oceanside, California, can be seen in its entirety below. If you're a pro wrestling fan, please give it a look and - should you enjoy it - donate what you can. Remember: EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS :) Thank you!


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Andrew Vo

5 days ago


Simpsons commission :)



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9 days ago


Simpsons commission :)



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Samantha Pritchard

16 days ago


Simpsons commission :)



Shane Kuskowski

27 days ago


'Everything's Coming Up Milhouse!'



Elizabeth Espinoza

1 month ago


Futurama commission :)




1 month ago


Thank you, Marko, for purchasing a Ring Of Hope t-shirt :)



Matt Stein

1 month ago


Thank you Gary!




1 month ago


Thumbs up Ring of hope!



Antonio Principato

2 months ago


Thank you. Sorry it took so long.


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