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Who We Are and What We Do: Hi there! My name is Amanda Valentine! I own and run a successful and creative photography business better known as Redrum Collaboration! I spent 4 years trav... more


Updated posted by Amanda Valentine 8 months ago

Hello everyone! We are getting closer and closer to our Phase 1 goal!

Since this gofundme has gone live there has been a lot of developments: As many of you already know, our ceiling partially caved into our old studio room! We have since moved to another location that is actually quite a bit cheaper and the layout is so much better than what we were working with before! This is allowing us to save money and work more productively, also allowing us to earn more money!

Our new place is month to month, no lease! This will allow us the freedom to relocate into our dream studio once we have accumulated the proper funds!

We have begun using a small portion of this fund money to slowly collect things we will absolutely need in the new studio space when we find items for good sale prices! We would like to be able to re-locate and then be in business almost right away and these things will allow us to do so!

We are excited and still actively looking at warehouse loft spaces... with hopes to be in a new space and making this dream come true when the time is right!

Thanks again to everyone who has helped us out thus far! Hoping to make this dream a reality very soon!

Kindest regards,
Amanda Valentine


Updated posted by Amanda Valentine 10 months ago

So we spent the day on Friday looking at artist lofts and fell in love with a couple of them but sadly a lot of these places are wanting 1st, last and then a security deposit that is 2 times the amount of rent! So basically, 4 months rent just to move in! Holy cow! That being said I just had to go and bump the Phase 1 goal up and we are still actively looking at places and hoping something more reasonable pops up. We are very optimistic and excited about our future but we now see that we may have to live with buckets in our studio whenever it rains for just awhile longer. We would rather keep it slow and steady and find the absolute perfect space despite our desire to get the ball rolling faster. We want this to be the absolute best it can be! Stay tuned and keep on sharing the link if you can! :)


Updated posted by Amanda Valentine 10 months ago

Super excited to announce that Caged Hearts is offering a discount on the Summer line of "crop tops" and all profits made are going directly to this fund!

Contact me for more details at

Or visit the Fan Page below!

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Created by Amanda Valentine on May 27, 2013

Who We Are and What We Do:

Hi there! My name is Amanda Valentine! I own and run a successful and creative photography business better known as Redrum Collaboration! I spent 4 years traveling non-stop as a touring photographer but recently retired my touring life to base myself solidly in the heart of Philadelphia, PA.

It has always been my dream to run and operate a stunningly unique photography studio. I currently live with my partner in crime, Hayden Prouty, an industrial designer who recently graduated from Philadelphia University. He has similar dreams of a welcoming, spacious studio to work and create in, day to day. Hayden and I have been building sets together and running a studio out of our two bedroom apartment for the past 8 months. Our sets have been visually stimulating, elaborate and fun to build! We have received enthusiastically positive feedback from models, artists and photographers visiting Philadelphia from all over the United States! Places like New York City, Boston, Chicago, Albuquerque, Baltimore and even Los Angeles!

Though we are doing well in our two bedroom apartment we are getting to a point where, as much as the sets are widely adored, our 10 to 20 square feet of space per set just no longer cuts it. We sit and talk and daydream about what we could do in 1500-2000 square feet of space... and Philadelphia is just the place for such a warehouse and loft-type space! Basically, our lack of true “space” is beginning to put us at a stand still and even hold us back quite a bit.

Below is a 3 minute slide show of the images I have accomplished while shooting in mostly small and challenging spaces.

The Dream:

A space to work, live, build, create and SHARE! We want to pay it forward constantly, creating more unity in the Philadelphia art community...

We want a space that will work as a studio for photography and design and also be well suited for workshops. We want to have an on-site art gallery and artist hostel! Friends have helped me out so much for the past four years, hosting me in their homes as I traveled around the country and even displaying my prints in the bathrooms of their tattoo shops and on the walls of their bars! A countless number of models welcomed me into their homes for a photo shoot session and allowed me to stack and push and totally rearrange their living space to create an ideal work space. I feel that it’s time to give back to the artist community!

Hayden has always had a dream to build fully functional moving walls or “flip through” walls to create easy to change settings. Once he met me he realized his dream went beyond just making a cool “living space” and that his moving wall concept was actually PERFECT for the type of concept photography I do. Together we plan to make stunning movable sets that offer the ability to set and reset... and totally change from one style to something completely different in 30 minutes or less.

Philadelphia already has some amazing commercial studios available for rent. These studios are great for commercial shoots and catalog shoots as well as some fashion and glamour... this is not the studio we plan to build! We want to offer highly decorated, dreamy, upscale, classy, funky SETS while posing to be zero competition for those functional commercial studios located nearby! In fact, we hope to network with those studios and offer referrals when we are contacted by a client whom we feel would be better suited in a commercial studio!

Financial Goal:
*We have saved $3,000 total to go towards this project ourselves.

$3,500 - We need at least $3,500 more to be able to afford the space.

$6,000 - Ideally we will raise $6,000 more to be able to afford the space and 60% of total supplies.

$10,000 - Our dream goal is $10,000 more to be able to afford to hire additional builders and make the studio emerge and evolve more quickly.

$20,000 - The goal that would blow our minds is $20,000 more to be able to do all of the above and then fly well known, highly sought after models, photographers and make-up artists in each month for workshop events and meet and greets for the first year we are open!

Studio Features:

In studio photographer available.

Fully equipped with lighting, sets and backdrops.

Up to 20 fully movable diverse sets available.

A custom set service: We will build any set of any theme for clients that include: models, other photographers and designers!

Extensive wardrobe and 24/7 styling available. We already have over 1,000 pieces of a high variety wardrobe on hand! With more space comes more organization and less cramping, and even more wardrobe!

Make-up stations designed for both basic photo shoot applications or large make-up artist lesson workshops!

Overnight hosting and out of state artist hostel! Comfortable beds and a safe place to rest and store your things if you're traveling through!

Educational workshops: photography, modeling, make-up art, hair styling, retouching - you name it!

The Artist Gallery Wall to feature one artist a month in a high traffic environment!

Below is a collage of our life together as artists these past 8 months!

YOU can help us achieve our dreams!

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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In honor of Justin Rodgers Photography -- may he too someday be opening a studio.



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You guys are the best!

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Loved your photos and best of luck to you!

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Katy Stanchak

10 months ago


vintage lingerie & tutu's never looked so good on omaha grass, my dear amanda. best of luck with the new space.

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Christine Waters

10 months ago


Always admired your work! Good luck with the repairs!

Good Karma


Melissa Luther

10 months ago


Good luck with your endeavors!



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Hope you make your goal soon!

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