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I'm starting this fund for the munroe family. Myself as well as friends of mine attended tri county high school with Sean Munroe. He and his wife have 5 beautiful children together, sadl... more


Updated posted by Gillian Munroe 2 months ago

I haven't updated in a while, but I just wanted to again thank everyone who has shared this site, donated and kept the Munroe family in their thoughts and prayers daily.
I wanted to apologize as well, being snowed in today I have found out that many of you have emailed me through this link and they were sent to my spam mail. I'm not sure why, but Ido apologize and I wasn't intentionally ignoring you you can email me directly at
The donations you all have generously donated on here are not going to Dean Bank, instead these funds are available for the munroes to use when they need them at their own discretion.....
I have been asked about the donation amount being at 36000. And then back to 26000? (Around that), I have posted the reason for this, but to let everyone feel safer with donations I just want to clear it up again.....
Go fund me deals with all the credit transactions and monitors all donations and donors. I received a few emails stating that a few donations to talking I think about 11000 all from the same donor who used a series of numbers and letters as their name. Go fund me considered this suspicious and pulled the donations until they investigated it further, a couple smaller amounts from this donor still stand as far as I know. Hope that helps!
Thank you all again


Updated posted by Gillian Munroe 3 months ago

There has been a lot of discussion about upping our goal or not...... Honestly our only "goal" is that Sean, Gillian and their children have needed Time to mourn, heal and just spend time together without worries about expenses and the normal bills that may build up.....
I am overjoyed at all the unity I have seen by everyone!
Thank you all a hundred times over


Updated posted by Gillian Munroe 3 months ago

Hey everyone!! Originally I was going to send out personal thank you's to everyone who shared a kind comforting comment and/or anyone who has donated, but as you can see I would be on here every 3 to 5 minutes doing that!!! There just isn't enough time in the day....... So I guess that means you all are awesome!! You all have taken time to feel love,pray and share warm heartfelt kind words with the Munroe family. I am very fortunate to be a witness to such a remarkable coming together of friends, family and strangers, in our unity we have become a strong loving support system!
Thank you all from my heart!


Created by Gillian Munroe on January 13, 2014

I'm starting this fund for the munroe family. Myself as well as friends of mine attended tri county high school with Sean Munroe. He and his wife have 5 beautiful children together, sadly their youngest 2 children were taken too soon and passed away suddenly. No parents should ever be faced with such heartache and have to worry about final arrangements on top of their grieving. I am hoping we all can come together and give anything to help support them through this trying time and help to lighten some of the cost. I understand times are tough for us all and any small amount will help and prayers are always welcome. thank you so much!
The Munroe Family has been sending heartfelt thanks to you all!
We keep meeting our daily goals! Each and everyone who has offered kind words and/or donated here are so appreciated!
Seeing everyone come together to show compassion for a loving family is wonderful!
Again, thank you all so much!

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I am a friend of Gillian's from Home Depot. I am so sorry for her family's loss. She is an amazing person, a loving and devoted mother and wife. She talks about her family so much I feel like I know them all. She glows when she talks about her kids. GOD Bless you and your family. You are loved...

posted by David Schneider 3 months ago

I am so sorry for this family's loss. .my thoughts & prayers go out to you all God bless xo

posted by Francie Constantino-Boothe 3 months ago

Just wanted to stop in and once again thank all of you for your kind words and donations! Everyone has come together near and far! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Dawn

posted by Dawn Marquis 3 months ago

So very sorry for you loss. The loss of one child is very hard but losing two off them young or old is unthinkable we are not all from Mass. but we do fell your pain. I lost a daughter a year ago and I understand how terribly hard this is for your family our hearts and prayers are with the Munroe family at this very difficult time. I am glad so many people care enough to help whatever the donation knowing some members of this family I know they appreciate all you have done and are doing for them I am so very sorry Sean and Gillian for your loss.

posted by Sandy Boileau 3 months ago

My daughter Laci started Davis Thayer this year in 3rd grade. She and Lexi became great friends right away. Telling me everyday how smart she is and how beautiful her smile is. We are so sorry for your loss and continue to pray for your family. God Bless each and every one of you.

posted by Jen Lawrence 3 months ago

My daughter is in First grade at Davis Thayer and Knew Sean Very well as they were in kindergarten last year together as well, My heart is heavy at this time for the loss of Sean and Lexi and our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this trying time and forward May God Bless You all and keep your angels under his wing.

posted by Joanne Rowan 3 months ago

I have four sons in the Franklin schools. They know all of the Munroe children. One of my sons is in the second grade at DT. Though I have never met their parents, I just want them to know the phrase "Boston Strong" we are Franklin Strong! I could not be any prouder of this community but I also would not expect anything less.

posted by Brenda Collopy Kelly 3 months ago

It's amazing the love and support that the community of Franklin is showing.. An amazing family.. In our thoughts and prayers

posted by Michelle Cannistraro 3 months ago

There are more good people than we will ever know. So many hearts are broken.

posted by Mary Costa 3 months ago

It is absolutely amazing what this community has done for Sean and his Family...God bless!

posted by Jennifer Payton 3 months ago

There are no concerns regarding the IRS. Each person can receive up to $13,000 per person and a married couple counts as two = $26,000 plus the three children. Its all considered "gift " money.

posted by Holly Travers Yadisernia 3 months ago

God Bless,The Family Such A Tragedy. The 2 Children Are Now Angels Of God. RIP Babies!

posted by Renee Babbin Oneil 3 months ago

It is absolutely amazing how everyone has come together as a community & said prayers & donated to Sean & his family in their time of need. Thank you so much!! May god be with them right now & always.. And may god wrap his arms around these 2 little babies & give them their wings...

posted by Shannon Smith 3 months ago

My thoughts are with all the family, such a tragedy x

posted by Joanne Kelley 3 months ago

This is the saddest story that I have ever heard. It really hits home to me. I have a 3yr. old and a 7yr. old and they play inside our toy box's all the time. They empty them and they climb in. I never thought anything of it until now. I hope this family stays strong and I will pray that they do.

posted by Jen Miceli 3 months ago

Hi Chris, this website has a forum that touches on that subject... Although this and Dean Bank are two different funds they may be able to offer some insight too...I can also speak with my accountant.... Donations on here are considered gifts though of that helps?? If you get any info your way feel free to messages privately and we can double check everything! Thank you So much :-)

posted by Dawn Marquis 3 months ago

Hi Dawn, Given that the donations have poured in, it may not be a bad idea for someone to consult with an accountant or tax person unless Dean Bank is doing this already. Hate to bring that up given the situation, but neither does anyone want to have to deal with the IRS over this... Peace and strength to Gillian and Sean, as well as families on both sides.

posted by Chris Magnussen 3 months ago

I lost my grandson 6mo ago there are no words to what you all must feel all I can say is I am praying for you all.

posted by Chris Crane-Timmons 3 months ago

I am so very sorry for loss !!! My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of great sorrow !!!! RIP little angels !!!!

posted by Denise Horton 3 months ago

Absolutely amazing we made it to our 3rd goal!! Thank you all for your kindness and support. I know the Munroe Family appreciates all you have done! Let's make another goal!

posted by Dawn Marquis 3 months ago

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kyle fahey

1 day ago


I hope you will find comfort in knowing that there is a Heaven and that Lexi and Sean are there, at peace, together. This isn't just a cliche. I once saw an apparition, it was a reenactment of a fatal car crash that happened in Taunton some years ago. It lasted only about 5 seconds but it was clear as day and I could even tell the make of the car. For some reason the last few seconds of this man's life had to recreate itself in order for him to go to the light this time. I believe what we had witnessed as this car now just disapeared in front of us was the moment that this man went to Heaven. It was so very real, there is a Heaven.



The Gilbertis

8 days ago


Continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers daily. God Bless!



Edward L. Grant Post 75 American Legion

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Ben Franklin Charter School

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Grace Galanti

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Gap Kids and Baby, Wrentham

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David Kirchthurn

2 months ago


Our hearts are with you.


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