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We are marching on DC in an effort to end discrimination and abuse and by doing so giving millions of voiceless victims the chance to be heard. Whether you like Pit Bull Terriers or eve... more


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WE are only 20 DAYS from the PIBBLE March on Washington DC! Please consider giving what you can. #betheirvoice




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WE are only 26 DAYS from the PIBBLE March where we will be the voice of millions of voiceless victims. Please consider giving what you can. There is no small donation. #wewillmarch




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1 MONTH and 4 DAYS from TODAY we will gather on the west lawn of the US Capital and be the voice of millions of voiceless victims. By doing so, we will advocate, educate and celebrate a beautiful breed. The time for abuse and discrimination to end is NOW. #betheirvoice

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Created by Rebecca Corry on September 11, 2013

We are marching on DC in an effort to end discrimination and abuse and by doing so giving millions of voiceless victims the chance to be heard.

Whether you like Pit Bull Terriers or even dogs at all, as a member of society this epidemic effects YOU, your CHILDREN and your RIGHTS. Now, more than ever before, broken young people all over our country are committing Sociopathic acts against innocent voiceless beings. Studies continue to show that people who commit violent acts against animals will likely (and most often DO) go onto commit violent acts against people like you, me and our children.

The average age of dog fighters are 13-21 years old. Questions to consider; What happened to them?' Why are they so broken? Can we help them and their victims? ABSOLUTELY. But Breed Specific Legislation (BSL-banning the breed/victim) is NOT the answer.

Even the White House believes BSL is not the answer and publicly stated so on the cover of the Huffington Post August 21st, 2013.
"Barack Obama Comes Against Dog-Breed Specific Legislation, Joins The Fight For Pit Bulls" 5.16.13

BSL is ineffective and costing YOU (tax payers), even if you don't have a dog. BSL also penalizes responsible pet owners, by having their loving pets ripped from their homes or being told where they can and cannot live because ill informed legislators decided their dog or any dog that "looks like" their dog is inherently dangerous. BSL is discrimination enshrined in law, unethical, factually ineffective and must end. With proper funding, education and programs, we can provide safe and humane communities for humans and pets. #wewillmarch

"One Million PIBBLE March: Rebecca Corry, Founder of 'Stand Up For Pits,' Plans March On Washington"

Five years ago an Angel came into my life in the form of a Pit Bull Terrier from the South Central Los Angeles Shelter. Her ears cut off with razor blades or scissors, battery acid burns all over her back, broken tail, part of her tongue missing, had been bred several times and used as a bait dog but still had a smile on her face and nothing but love to give. Angel is an ambassador, continues to enlighten and touch the hearts and lives of people around the country and world, by simply being the example of what this breed truly is, magical.

For 20 years I believed entertaining people was what I was meant to do, until Angel came into my life and showed me that standing up for pits through entertainment is my true calling and has given my life a greater sense of purpose. Angel is the inspiration for this march, Stand Up For Pits and living proof that Pit Bull Terriers are in fact, inherently good.

"Dogs In Kissing Booths Will Make Your Day"-Angel cover of Huffington Post

The way we treat our animals is a direct reflection of our society and what humans are doing to Pit Bull Terriers is evidence our society is broken.

To ban any race, religion or breed is discriminant, immoral and ignorant. FACT-there is no such thing as a vicious breed of dog AND the way a dog looks does NOT determine it's actions. "To deem an entire breed "dangerous," make it law and remove this breed from loving homes or prevent them a chance at life ends now."-Rebecca Corry

WE NEED YOUR HELP and no donation is to small. Your financial support will provide the tools needed in order for the millions of voiceless victims to finally be heard and in doing so, create safe and humane communities for humans and pets.

While marching on Washington is our first amendment right, it is absolutely NOT FREE. In order to have a successful march/rally at the US Capital, it will cost. This goal listed is $40,000.00 but in reality we will need over $60,000.00 to accommodate the size of crowd anticipated. The production expenses for an event of this magnitude is extremely costly. Jumbo tron, special guests, travel, lodging, publicity, security, porta jons, sand bags, podium, generators, equipment and labor expenses are just some examples of what needs to be covered.

It is VITAL we have the funds to cover any and all cost and make the most of this HISTORICAL event. We have a current goal but the cost could easily double or triple that amount depending on how many people attend and what will be required by the US Capital grounds. All money raised over march operational budget will go directly to the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc.

If you can't participate financially, please post/share this link with your friends, family, any organization and/or Facebook pages you can think of.

"I truly thank each and every one of you from deep within the dark corners of my cold dead heart."-Rebecca Corry
Founder, Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc. non-profit 501c3

More about Rebecca Corry
Rebecca is a 20 year veteran of the entertainment industry as a writer/actress and comedian. She has performed stand up comedy from NBC to Comedy Central to clubs and theaters around the country. She has guest starred on several TV shows, appeared in movies, written and produced but currently, Rebecca is preparing for the biggest role of her life as organizer and face of the first ever One Million PIBBLE March On Washington DC in an effort to end BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and dog fighting and by doing so, create safe and humane communities for humans and animals.

Rebecca is also founder and president of Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc. and creator/producer of her live event Stand Up For Pits. Stand Up For Pits has raised thousands for non-profit rescues around the country and provided education through laughter and positivity. To learn more about Stand Up For Pits, the talented performers of past and present and about the inspiration for all of it, ANGEL, go to

Rebecca created the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc because she is dedicated to ending discrimination and violence against Pit Bull Terriers and hopes to see it end in her lifetime. Rebecca is determined to continue advocating long after the march is over and wants her foundation and the legacy of her beautiful Angel to continue on forever.

PLEASE consider being a part of history and consider giving any amount. Every penny counts. If you unable donate there are many ways you can be involved in the One Million PIBBLE March On Washington DC:

1. PURCHASE THE ONE MILLION PIBBLE MARCH ON WASHINGTON DC T-SHIRTS (100% of the proceeds-after cost-go directly towards the march)



Stand Up For Pits/ Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc.

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Kaylin Kloos

1 hour ago


In memory of my girl Jasmine. Your beautiful pibble smile and loving soul will forever be missed. Rest in Peace.



Abby DeMillo

4 hours ago


I probably won't be able to make the march on May 3rd, but as a dog handler (ASPCA) and lifetime dog lover, I salute your efforts. Go for it and speak up loud and clear!



Susan Shaffer

8 hours ago


Happy Birthday Sara!



Angie Staub

16 hours ago


In honor of my rescued Pit Bull, Dino, who has brought humor and love into our home and taught us so much about this misunderstood breed.



Tula Pisano

17 hours ago


For my babygirl, Sasha, and all the other pibbles!



Heather Hill

21 hours ago



Nicole Steinbeck

22 hours ago


For Mayday and Lucy!



Stacie Stewart

1 day ago



Michelle Keller-Eiler

2 days ago


This is from the many pet lovers, who came to Pet CPR and First Aid.



Layton Payne

3 days ago


No such thing as a "bad dog." Only bad owners who've brainwashed/trained dogs to be anything less than angelic.


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