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Let's send OceanSky's on an amazing vacation!! Visit the AMA Here "I'm 23 years old and on Fathers Day 2011 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma and promptly had my... more


Updated posted by Lindsay Minar 22 months ago

Donations will be ending Saturday at Noon! Thank you all for your generosity!


Created by Lindsay Minar on June 8, 2012

Let's send OceanSky's on an amazing vacation!!

"I'm 23 years old and on Fathers Day 2011 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma and promptly had my left kidney removed. Since then, I have been on chemo, which is no longer working and the cancer continues to spread. Unlike so many other cancers, this one doesn't have a survival rate. The chemo I am on is simply a means of "Progression-Free Survival" & it is extremly likely that I will not see my 24th birthday, in April." - OceanSkys


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You are such an inspiration to all of us battling cancer! Im so happy to see so many people coming together for such a touching cause. Hope you have the best vacation, god bless you and your family <3

posted by Karla DeAlmeida 22 months ago

I hope that you get to go on the vacation of your dreams!!! God bless you!

posted by Melissa Cooney 22 months ago

This is so amazing.

posted by Shaina Mahler 22 months ago

I hope you can fulfill every last wish at this point and rest easy knowing that sometimes crazy beautiful things can come out of insane situations. Regardless of everything else you are certainly lucky in love. The Berkshires, Massachusetts - if you're ever around we've got you covered.

posted by Merina Cromwell 22 months ago

suerte con todo amigo!

posted by Adriana Cervantes 22 months ago

Wait...we've got until noon, Pacific Time, so we really have 3 hrs and 14 minutes to get to $30K....we can do that, right?

posted by Julie Brown 22 months ago

We've got about 17 minutes until this is closed. Can we get to $30,000?!

posted by Julie Brown 22 months ago

Wasn't able to give much but thank god for all the other wonderful people on reddit! Hope you have an amazing vacation and know that everyone who has donated cares about you

posted by Russell Brien 22 months ago

This is complete WIN! Humanity 1 restored! have fun on your trip OceanSkys! I wish you the very best!

posted by Justin Young 22 months ago

This is amazing. So many Redditors coming together to help someone we don't know. Have fun on your trip OceanSkys! Faith in humanity restored

posted by Nezar Eid 22 months ago

I cannot believe how much Redditors have come together to help you enjoy your time left on this earth. I wish I could spare any money to help this great cause, but instead I will send happy thoughts and if your travels bring you to Philadelphia let me know, we would love to help you in any way we can.

posted by Brittany Scheckel 22 months ago

absolutely amazing seeing how many people donated money (almost to $30k!) to help give you the best vacation. I wish I could donate money but I'm in no position for that unfortunately. Have the best damn vacation anyone can have! and PLEASE post pictures on Reddit for us to see! (:

posted by Kayla Williamson 22 months ago

I'm so grateful no one else is in the office because I'm crying like a little girl. This is beautiful, inspiring, amazing, and WONDERFUL. Have an awesome time doing whatever it is you decide to do with the money- there's no time like the present.

posted by Sarah Shirilla 22 months ago

Honestly, just go nuts and wild. Forget what haters may say (they say you know you're winning when you've got haters anyways) and just go wild and enjoy! Make sure to come to Aus for sure!

posted by Raaqim Mohammed 22 months ago

Love from Pennsylvania. Whatever you do with the money do it knowing that many people here will never be the same for knowing you.

posted by Craig Snyder 22 months ago

I'm a 27 year old man/boy that just cried like a baby while seeing this intense showing of human spirit and kindness. OceanSky i hope you will become a flagship for this kind of awesome events where the world can become a better place, hope you enjoy your vacations and please keep us up too date :) Cheers man.

posted by Prune Razvan 22 months ago

Go crazy bro, come to australia and well give you one he'll of a time

posted by Nganehu Johnson 22 months ago

Have a fricken ball dude! Luxury style fun! Love to you from Aus xxx

posted by Caz Bedford 22 months ago

All the best man! I think you have every right to splurge a bit here :)

posted by Paul Pigott 22 months ago

I hope you have an amazing time, and THANK YOU for sharing your journey this far.

posted by Dall Hermanoczki 22 months ago

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22 months ago



Robert Gavila

22 months ago


I'm double-dipping for you. You are in our prayers. Live life and know we're with you.



Odin Abbott

22 months ago



Wyatt Smith

22 months ago


Have some fun buddy



ramon luquin

22 months ago


Enjoy brother. Congratulations Redditors. Something to be very proud of.




22 months ago


It's not much but hopefully it helps to bring you some happiness!



Brian Jaworski

22 months ago


I hope you have the best trip ever! You've reminded me to always count my blessings and never take for granted the small things.



Dougie Smith

22 months ago


I wish you a most joyful end, my friend.




22 months ago



Maggie Lowery

22 months ago


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