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Music in Education!  This was our dad Ed Tree's lifelong passion.  He spent more than 40 years being "Mr. Tree" to generations of band kids in Massachusetts.  Although we lost our dad in... more


Updated posted by Christine Tree 5 months ago

Dear Friends -

I am happy to report that our campaign was successful! Thanks to several generous last-minute donors, we have reached - and surpassed!- our fundraising goal. On behalf of myself and my family, please accept my sincere gratitude for all you have done to help my father's cause, and to help music education.

We miss our dad every day. But, it's said, people truly die only when we forget them. If we can remember someone, they will be with us always.

So thank you for knowing, for remembering our dad, Ed Tree. We love you, Dad.


Updated posted by Christine Tree 13 months ago

My dad was an improbable man. He was born premature and blue, and shouldn't have lived. As a kid he went through the ice of a lake, and was only saved by his dog. At work one day he fell off the school stage, hit his head and bled so much in the darkness he should have had a transfusion. He spent his life creating intangible beauty, music, out of nothing. He died on February 29, a day that doesn't exist. Sometimes I think it's a wonder he was here at all.

As we approach this day that doesn't exist, those who knew him, please remember my dad, the unlikeliest of men. And if you can, please contribute to his intangible beauty.


Updated posted by Christine Tree 16 months ago

This Sunday will be my dad's first birthday without him here... it's been a hard week leading up to this. We can't make him a cake, or give him any more presents. So, to feel like we are doing something for him, we've started a drive for his memorial fund, which supports instrumental music at his last school, Briggs Elementary in Ashburnham. Last night they held the first holiday concert without him, and between the generosity of last night's audience and the donations of others who loved him, we're already more than halfway to our goal of $750. Many thanks to everyone who contributed. You've helped us feel like we're doing something positive, and you've helped my dad's cause live on.


Created by Christine Tree on December 8, 2012

Music in Education!  This was our dad Ed Tree's lifelong passion.  He spent more than 40 years being "Mr. Tree" to generations of band kids in Massachusetts.  Although we lost our dad in February 2012, we want his work to carry on.  Through the donations of many generous people, a fund was established in his memory at J.R. Briggs Elementary School in Ashburnham, MA.  

This year, we'd like to make sure instrumental music continues at J.R. Briggs School.  Most of all, the program needs sheet music and percussion instruments - two things no band program can do without.  Please help us!

There are two ways to help:

1.  Donate to the program!  Our goal is to raise $750 by the end of the 2012-2013 school year, which will replenish the funds used to purchase sheet music this year, and purchase a drum kit for the elementary band program.  Right now, the percussion kids are taking their drums back and forth on the bus to practice.  Help us save these kids' poor backs!

2.  Donate your instrument!  If you were lucky enough to have Mr. Tree teach you instrumental music, we hope that you still play your instrument.  But many of us don't continue playing after school is over.  Just like toys, instruments are happiest when they are being played with.  So if you have a sad, lonely instrument of any kind - brass, woodwind, string, percussion - sitting in a forgotten closet, please donate your instrument!  Even instruments in poor condition can be donated, to be refurbished or used for parts.

Instrument donations can be mailed or dropped off in person to J.R. Briggs Elementary School, 96 Williams Road, Ashburnham, MA  01430.  

From Mr. Tree's kids, thank you for helping Mr. Tree's Kids!


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Please donate if you can...This should be a testament to Ed Tree and all he did for so many of us!

posted by Brian Keese 13 months ago

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Holly Morales

14 months ago


Mr. Tree was my second dad from 5th to 12th grade and was my inspiration for not only pursuing the best in myself, but also for the philosophy of giving back. I am so happy this funds exists, so that futures of kids can benefit from such a philosophy. Thank you, Christine :) I miss you, Mr. Tree!



Sherri Bourque

16 months ago



Glenn Volk

16 months ago


In memory of my classmate, Ed and all the lost children of Newtown, CT.



anne grallert

16 months ago


Words cannot express the importance of the spark that was lit when my daughter Lila was first in Mr. Tree's music class back in 5th grade! Forever grateful for his influence and the love of music and the great things that came from it for her!




16 months ago



Brian Keese

16 months ago


Ed taught us all so much more than music! Gone but certainly never forgotten!


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