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Hello everyone, Our names are Dan and Tony, and we have been friends with Charlie and Sarah for more than half of our lives. They are both incredibly caring people and committed leaders... more


Updated posted by Tony Santoro 5 months ago

Thank you again to everyone who helped raise the money to help Charlie and Sarah recuperate from the financial burden of these past couple of months! We are discontinuing the donation function on this page since we reached the goal.

When Charlie and Sarah return home there are a couple of people setting up a meal schedule for anyone who wants to help out by providing a meal. If you're interested in helping with that, contact me and I'll make sure your name gets added to the list.

In the meantime, though Sarah has been out of the hospital for a while now, there is still a long road of recovery ahead of her, please continue to remember her, Charlie, Jude and Stella in your prayers. You can keep up with their story at

The Lord is kind, and deserves the glory.

Dan and Tony


Updated posted by Tony Santoro 5 months ago


In less than five days we have surpassed our fundraising goal for Sarah and Charlie. Like Dan said, we had no doubt that the Meng family was
greatly loved and that there would be a lot of people who would want to help them, but I don't think any of us thought we would get to $20,000 in less than a week! We cannot begin to stress how grateful
Charlie and Sarah are for all of your support and kind words of encouragement. Even more than that, they want you to see how God is receivig glory even in the midst of their suffering. If you haven't already, visit Charlie's blog,, to read about everything God has been doing in their lives throughout the past three years of their

Since we have reached our goal, we are going to be shutting down this page later tonight. If you can still see this page despite the fact that it is no longer active, and you are disappointed that you hadn't yet contributed, message me using the "contact" button on the right, or through Facebook and I can let you know of any needs they still have.

Thank you again for all of your help,


Updated posted by Tony Santoro 5 months ago

Hello friends,
Dan here,

In less than 36 hours, we have achieved over half of our goal! We knew that Charlie and Sarah were loved and that many people were aware of their story, but we are amazed, humbled and inspired by how quickly we have raised these funds. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Meng's medical funds and we are grateful for the funds yet to come. This effort extends beyond philanthropy or simple altruism; it is a group of people coming together to selflessly love a family in need. Here is a note from the Mengs:

"To all who have contributed to us, be it through financial giving, prayer support, sharing our story with others, sacrificing time and sleep, reading about our trials and joys, thank you. From the bottom and from every corner of our hearts, thank you. We have often been moved to tears as we are overwhelmed with the love and grace shown to us.
It's surreal in some senses. As we watch our story travel the globe (folks from over 40 countries have visited, as we read stories and scripture sent from friends, family, and those we've never met, as the financial support continues to climb far beyond anything we could have dreamed, as we see the church pour out Christ's love, we are filled to the brim with a joy we can't describe. At moments we forget that we are the recipients of such amazing care. We want to join in!
The most beautiful piece in this is seeing/hearing the comments that clearly reflect the Lord's presence in all of this. You are demonstrating God's rich love to us. And the world is noticing. As you give so sacrificially, a light is shone upon our loving King and Savior so brilliantly.
We are honored to play our part in this story. It has been incredibly hard but we understand that through it Jesus receives glory.
The Lord has continued to remind us to keep our thoughts centered and still before Him. That has been difficult at times, as anxiety over finances, work, and care for our two little ones, would creep in so easily. With the giving that is pouring in through this site, a serious burden has been lifted. Friends at this moment are organizing a team to prepare meals, help clean, take Jude on walks, and support us when we get home. We are so humbled and grateful.
Many kind things have been written about us through this site, my blog, and on facebook. We are so thankful for the role the Lord has allowed us to play in the lives around us but please know that first and foremost, we serve Jesus and He deserves all glory.
Jesus said to his disciples that the world would know that they are his by the way they loved one another. Your love is revealing His love. And that is amazing to watch and receive.
We love you all,

Charlie and Sarah"

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Created by Tony Santoro on October 13, 2013

Hello everyone,

Our names are Dan and Tony, and we have been friends with Charlie and Sarah for more than half of our lives. They are both incredibly caring people and committed leaders in our community. Sarah leads worship and Charlie is a pastor of the young adult ministry at our church and have each played a significant role in our personal lives. Charlie stood beside both of us on our own wedding days and has constantly encouraged us to be better husbands for our wives.
Recently Sarah gave birth to their second child, Stella Rose, and it almost ended her life. Charlie has written about it on a blog (, and he explains the ordeal much better than we could:

"My daughter was born September 16th, 2013. Eight days later my wife was dying. Due to complications from the birth, Sarah developed two very aggressive infections that had gone septic (the infections entered her blood stream and had spread throughout her body). We didn’t know this as she was being rushed by ambulance to the hospital. What we did know was that her heart rate was dangerously high, her blood pressure fatally low, and that she didn’t have much time. Sarah was born with an incredibly rare disease called lymphangiomatosis and has struggled with health issues her whole life. I knew when I married her that there was a possibility of walking a very hard road. I never knew it would be this hard. Through the course of our three plus years as husband and wife, we have dealt with broken hips, tailbones, blood clots, multiple infections, lung tubes, abdominal taps, major surgeries, cancer scares, and more. But we have never been this close to death..."

Thankfully, The Lord has been extremely kind to us all by allowing Sarah to make a miraculous recovery. She is doing well, and is now home with Charlie and their two children, Jude and Stella, though she is still having to go into the doctors office regularly so that her recovery process can be closely monitored. Charlie has had to take an extended leave of absence from work at a local grocery store to be home to take care of his wife and children.

As a result, they are starting to accrue a large amount of debt from medical bills and loss of income. We wanted to help ease some of the financial burden, so we are coming to all of you to help raise money to cover those expenses and allow them to completely focus on Sarah's recovery. We chose to use to reach out beyond our immediate community so that we could really be able to raise enough money to make a substantial difference. If you could share this across your social networks it would really help get the word out!

Thank you,
Dan and Tony

--Please leave your address when you donate so that we can personally thank each of you. If not we'll still send our gratitude by email, but it's always nice to get stuff in the mail. We won't use your address for anything other than conveying our genuine appreciation for your help!--

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WOW, indeed!!!

posted by Sally Meng 5 months ago

20k in less than a week. Wow.

posted by Dan Bowen 5 months ago

I just wanted to say thank you for putting this site together. It is a joy and a blessing to be able to help Sarah and Charlie in any small way we can.

posted by Becca Bruner 5 months ago

Check out a video of Charlie's engagement, and more ways to share their story here - rvideo Next week there will be a new video about this campaign.

posted by Dan Bowen 6 months ago

Thanks guys; may God bless your efforts on behalf of Sarah and Charlie.

posted by Sally Meng 6 months ago

If you have any video clips of Charlie, Sarah, Jude and/or Stella, please email them to me (or send me a link):

posted by Dan Bowen 6 months ago

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Love you guys so much. Brian and I are praying for you every day.




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