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We are asking for your help right now for Rodleen's medical equipment, assisted care, and for the doctor bills that are coming up. Rodleen was a professional artist, actress, musician,... more


Updated posted by Pam Giecek 9 months ago

Show Rodleen Your Support! Lawyers Dropped her- She wants to tell the truth that her injury was not caused by her creative artistic life but a fall on a rubber mat on a wet floor at Real Food Daily.

Rodleen Getsic
Real Food Daily

Final Status Conference 07/31/2013 at 10:00 AM


Jury Trial (estimate time 5 days)
08/13/2013 at 8:30 AM

Both will be at:
Department 91
111 North Hill Street, Los Angles CA


Updated posted by Pam Giecek 9 months ago

Unbelievable the suport from the Horror Group- "Beneath the Undrground"!! Thank you for having the June Auction! I am very excited about the upcoming second auction scheduled for August!!!

Thanks to EVERYONE of YOU over the past 2 months who has supported Rodleen! She truly appreciates your support and so do I. The more thoughts, prayers the better!!! Thank you... Rodleen's Mom


Created by Pam Giecek on April 17, 2013

We are asking for your help right now for Rodleen's medical equipment, assisted care, and for the doctor bills that are coming up.

Rodleen was a professional artist, actress, musician, and producer. On March 8, 2010 Rodleen had an accident at Real Food Daily in West Hollywood. She slipped on a mat and landed on the back of her head. She sustained a traumatic brain injury, and injury to her upper spine and brainstem. Because of her severe symptoms, Rodleen has difficulty with mobility, body, and brain function, with balance, walking, and doing normal activities. She is in severe chronic disabling pain centered from her brainstem. This tragic event has changed Rodleen's life forever. She is disabled and unable to work. Her injury has been worsening over time. Rodleen is lucky because she has so much faith and strength in spirit. We are proud of her because against all odds, she remains positive. We are confident we will be led to answers toward her healing.

Already, since injury, she owes more than $50,000 in doctor bills. We expect the law suit to settle in Rodleen's favor, in order to pay for the ongoing care Rodleen is needing. Rodleen's lawyers recently dropped her case, so she is seeking new representation. Please contact us with any law firm or law expert referrals.

For now, we ask your help in paying for medical equipment, assisted care, and for the doctor bills coming up. Rodleen is seeing more specialist neurologists, and she will be getting further testing with the help of your donation.

We thank you so much for your support.

Thoughts count!

Blessings, All.


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With your generous support Rodleen has made enough for two doctor appointments! She was so encouraged at her last doctors appointment, when the doctor had several ideas to heal her! But healing takes money... Thank you for your support and your continued support of thoughts, prayers, love, encouragement, and your generous donations!!! THANK YOU!

posted by Pam Giecek 11 months ago

Rodleen, I'm sending many prayers, healing thoughts and Light for you. I wish I could do more right now. Have you tried speaking with the hospital regarding your medical bills? I had an accident in 2008 and had an enormous amount owed then in medical bills. Since I wasn't able to pay them myself then after the insurance benefits, the hospital forgave the entire amount that I owed. Fortunately all of my medical care was with the same hospital system, and after one hour long appointment with the financial director of the hospital, I walked out of her office with nothing more owed, and an enormous feeling of relief and gratitude. I've added you and your entire family to my list of prayer intentions. God bless you, and all the best to you, Rodleen.

posted by Precisca Thingala 12 months ago

I ask for your help in supporting Rodleen Getsic, my daughters, healing. Rodleen is finding that healing costs money. I know your support would be such a blessing. A thought, a prayer, and a money -it all helps. Sharing this link will help spread the word! The more thoughts, prayers, and funds donated the better!!!

posted by Pam Giecek 12 months ago

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Anthony Wheeler

1 month ago


Get well.



aileen getty

8 months ago



Linus Abrahamson

9 months ago


Sending all the positive thoughts possible to your recovery process!




9 months ago




9 months ago



Nick DeCarlo Jr.

9 months ago


I am making this donation on behalf of the Facebook group 'Beneath The Underground' and each member there. Thanks to: Fred & Shelby Vogel of Toetag Pictures, Eric Stanze, Marcus Koch, Jacqueline Donna, Adam Ahlbrandt, Scott Lefebvre, Jimmy Screamerclauz, Ruby LaRocca, Stephen Biro of Unearthed Films, Ronny Carlsson, and Adam Rehmeier for donating items that were auctioned off. Many thanks to Phil Wheat, Preston Carnell, Craig Schwickrath, Jesse Rene, Vincent Trocki, Tony Ramos, Paul Naylor, Hope Noriega, Ralf Nie, Harley J. Creeps, Eric Caetta, Gareth Rigby, James Wilson, Jefferyericvonfluttenbyrd Beckman, Abigail Darling, Jacqueline Donna, and Obulious Toobach who were the lucky and charitable people who won the items that were donated. Also many thanks to Fangoria Magazine who helped to spread the word about Rodleen's story, all of the Beneath The Underground board members who bid on items, added friends, or just took a moment to share the link to this event. Every little bit helped and every little bit is appreciated. Added into this donation was $1 for each member of the board (up to the 1st 200 members by Farmer Vincent). Rodleen, you are never alone in your have a small army of people listed above behind you and many many more. When you have your moments of weakness know you are in our thoughts, let us be in any small way something to use to push you forward. Much love. Nick (aka Farmer Vincent) Admin of the Facebook group 'Beneath The Underground'



Kelly Fischer

10 months ago



Linus Abrahamson

10 months ago


Wishing you nothing but the best possible recovery!



Wesley Marchant

11 months ago


Get well soon! I hope all is well.



Matthew Fried

11 months ago


Wishing you the best!!


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