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Long-time breeders and fanciers of the Alaskan Malamute breed, Lori & Harold of Masasyu Alaskan Malamutes, NY State, lost their house and most of their dogs in the early morning hours of... more


Updated posted by Jennifer Remazki 16 months ago

November 30, 2012 UPDATE -- cross-posting from Sidney Helen Sachs, of Wayeh Malamutes:

Lori's more upbeat today, she and Harold both, just a little better than they were yesterday. Their voices are still hoarse from smoke inhalation and a lot of crying, both of them, but don't tell Harold I said so.

He got the water situation worked out temporarily. They were on a slow well, so he has been hauling water in the truck-bed tank and filling horse troughs in the pastures and a new horse trough in the dog yards near the temporary dog kennel. They will bucket water to each yard and each crate for now.

They are in a motel until Monday, then they have to find some place else. They may have found a place to rent which is right around the corner from the property, so it's close to the dogs & horses and close as they rebuild. The basement walls will have to come down and the basement floor jackhammered up, so it's going to be easier just to have it backfilled and pick another place for the new house. probably still up on top of the hill near the barn and ex-garage temporary-kennel building, but not in the same spot.

When they get into the rental, they will need to set up housekeeping. She will need everything from cookware to dishes to measuring cups, etc. I know she has a fondness for cast iron cookware, she loved her Lodge cookware, which is prohibitively expensive to ship, but the local Tractor Supply Company carries it without shipping costs added.

Before this happened, Lori was in the process of certifying with CPDT -- certified professional dog trainers -- and lost all her books on dog training. So I'm going to scavenge my books and send her some titles, and I know others may have training books they no longer use. Also Amazon gift cards could help fill in gaps. She misses those books a lot.

She and Harold both have trak phones now, so I surmised she needs minute cards -- available at Wal-Mart.

Her dog harnesses were not in the truck, they were in the basement, so now gone. As well as the shock cord and gangline for a 4-dog teams. All of that gone.

She has bowls coming, but needs flat-backed 2qt stainless steel buckets for water in crates, as well as carabineers & snaphooks to attach them. (Petedge always had the buckets at the best prices I think.)

And she's already planning on some kind of monitoring system because the dogs will be in a separate but very close building when they rebuild. She can't stomach the thought of them being in the house again. Can't blame here there, all my dogs are spending a lot of time outside in the custom-ordered Malamute weather we're having.

They are gearing up for a fight. Rebuilding is going to be painful and costly, in terms of emotions and finances. They are eternally grateful for everything that has been done for them, everyone chipping in to help. Losing everything is a concept that is hard to wrap your head around. They have the surviving dogs, thank God, and they have their vehicles. Everything else is being put together from scratch.

Sidney Helen Sachs
Wayeh Alaskan Malamutes


Created by Jennifer Remazki on November 27, 2012

Long-time breeders and fanciers of the Alaskan Malamute breed, Lori & Harold of Masasyu Alaskan Malamutes, NY State, lost their house and most of their dogs in the early morning hours of November 27, 2012, including 2 cherished litters of puppies. All of the housecats perished as well. Lori and Harold were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and released. They are back at home and picking through what's left -- which is basically nothing -- and talking to fire inspectors and insurance agents. The surviving dogs have been released from the vets after having been treated for their injuries. Harold has converted an undamaged barn into housing for the surviving dogs. Lori and Harold are sleeping in a motel room as a short-term solution. They're going to have to start over from scratch -- they have lost everything.

We have set up this Masasyu Fire Relief Fund to help them out, because even with insurance, there are going to be immediate expenses and long-term expenses that are not covered in order to piece their lives back together after such a horrific and devastating tragedy. 

Please, share and donate what you can -- every little bit helps. Whether you know Lori and Harold personally or not, they can use our support and good wishes. This is an animal lovers' worst nightmare. Lori and Harold are overwhelmed in every sense of the word. They are overwhelmed with grief and at the same time overwhelmed by the outpouring of support by their fellow Alaskan Malamute and canine fanciers and their local community. They extend their sincere gratitude to everyone.


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THANK you for the update Sidney....! I order stainless steel buckets from petedge sent directly to Lori. Can you let me know how many more she needs and I will happily order them =)

posted by Diana Reitz 16 months ago

Strangers were wonderful.I didn't mean to go on..but I have a lot of household things u could use so I will make a list & keep tabs to see when u will need, if u want & how I will get them there..even have some old furniture in storage from my mother in laws house..if u can use temp...& dishes etc..My heartfelt Sympathy..Terri Bellman Ward

posted by Terri Ward 16 months ago

I don't know u personally, but we have several mutual friends. My heart goes out to you & your " family". My srepdaughter & her husband lost EVERYTHING but their pajamas they were wearing when young newlyweds w no insurance..But the hardest was the cat & dog..the dog woke them in a bed, engulfed flames...thjinking he was behind them..a door fell between them....Even strangr

posted by Terri Ward 16 months ago

Many prayers coming for both of you and the dogs in the recovery process. I can understand the loss of material things in a fire because I too lost everything in 1975. I only loss my parakeet and it was devastating to me; I can't fathom the loss of your dogs, puppies and cats. Your grief must be overwhelming. I will keep you in my prayers. In God there is strength.

posted by Sc McKinney 16 months ago

I am Happy in could help in some way.

posted by Adriana Kappel 17 months ago

I am just heartbroken for you. You are in my prayers!

posted by Beth Lomakoski 17 months ago

I'm so happy to see this growing and growing, the other site that is collecting has exceeded the original goal, dog people are great :)

posted by Lynda Birmantas Beam 17 months ago

Hi Everyone, I spoke briefly with Lori and Harold this morning and they want to express their immense GRATITUDE to everyone who has contributed to the assistance effort in this time of dire need. They are absolutely overwhelmed. So from their hearts to your, "Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you."

posted by Jennifer Remazki 17 months ago

Your in my prayers, I'm so sorry for your loss. I feel your devastation. Wish I could lighten your herats & minds. God be with ya" ll

posted by Debbie Turnage DeClark 17 months ago

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posted by Nadia Coicaud 17 months ago

I am so so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and hearts are with you.

posted by Lena Peters 17 months ago

I am so sorry for your losses. My sincerest condolences to you and yours. Our prayers are with you as you pass thru this difficult time. Hugs and prayers.

posted by Elizabeth Chvilicek 17 months ago

I can't begin to imagine what you are going through right now. My heart bleeds for you and words cannot express how sorry I am that this has happened. Love and prayers being sent your way.

posted by April Paonessa 17 months ago

I am so sorry for your overwhelming losses which have touched the core of my heart. No one could express this more profoundly than Joanne Wagner. Our community is strong and we will do whatever we can for you. Friends, the list is long. Just for the animals alone: dog dishes, lead,, collars, crates, dog beds, blankets, dog food. And then there are the people needs from toothbrushes on up.

posted by Beth J. Harris 17 months ago

A tragedy! I can not express the pain I feel for what happened: '( My heart is with you

posted by Paola Piola 17 months ago

Such a tragic loss! So sorry to hear, Sidney has updated all us Wayeh family of your situation and I wish I still lived in NJ so I could come help you! We now live in OK. Good luck and our prayers are with you!

posted by Connie Burdick 17 months ago

So deeply saddened by your loss....wish I could help...Prayers to you and your fur babies....

posted by Audrey Todd 17 months ago

I only hope you both find the strength needed to carry on. We all are on the sideline hoping and wishing the best.

posted by Tor Einar 17 months ago

So devastating! Im so sorry for your loss! Prayers & Hugs to you and your family! I donated...and will donate through Boomtowne Canine Campus too!

posted by Michelle Brigman 17 months ago

So sorry to read, what a truly heartwrenching thing to go through. Thinking of Lori & family at this very dissifcult time.

posted by Breconfrost Leanne 17 months ago

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Jeff Emerald

16 months ago



Tammy Costello

16 months ago


I am so sorry to hear of your devestating losses. You are in my prayers. Time will heal your wounds. God cares for you and is watching over you.



Glenn Elena & Sarah Gosson

16 months ago


Lori and Harold our thoughts and prayers are with you and your remaining beloved pets. We will look through our supplies left over form when we still had willow to see what else we may be able to donate.



Linda LeFauve

16 months ago


I hope you find some measure of peace knowing that even those of us who have not met you yet, still feel a kindred spirit because we share a love of malamutes. I hope you and the dogs, cats, and horses still with you are healing well and quickly.



Bill Matott

16 months ago


Our thoughts are with you. Bill & Joyce



Ron Garwood

16 months ago



Deirdre Crofton

16 months ago


My heart breaks for Lori and Harold. I live close by, if there is anything else I can do let me know.



Juno/Hannah's sister Reed

16 months ago


to Mom Lori and sister Hannah - we love you! You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Juno and all the Reeds' .


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