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The Michigan Parkour/Free Running Association (MPFA) is raising Money for the first ever Freerunning/Parkour training facility in Michigan, to get an idea we are planning to build one m... more


Created by Dylan Borland on October 19, 2011

The Michigan Parkour/Free Running Association (MPFA) is raising Money for the first ever Freerunning/Parkour training facility in Michigan, to get an idea we are  planning to build one much like Tempest Free Running Academy in CA. The Gym will be opened 6 days a week and dedicated to hardcore Parkour and free running training as well as open gym and conditioning classes and areas.

We have huge plans for this gym and know together with everyone’s help and support we can make it truly great! You won’t be disappointed. We have already been running our “Open Gym” and training at MEGA in Novi for the lasts 7 months with huge success now its time to expand and make a proper gym for everyday obstacles and environments we see out on the streets.  If you’re curious to see us in action now visit mymichiganparkour.com and come out to open gyms Sundays 6-9 p.m.

The money collected with go towards building the structures and equipment needed and also give us a 90 day buffer for rent to get the gym started.

Anyone who donates $60 or more will be given a free 1 month pass when the gym opens on top of it you will be etched into our “Supporters” wall showing your support from the very beginning which will be displayed in the gym.

We suggest you donate a min of $60 however if we get 100 people to donate $220 we can hit our goal quick!

Brothers and sisters of the Freerunning and Parkour communities show us how strong you are and how we can come together to support each other, make a donation right now. 


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were will it be located?

posted by Griffin White 9 months ago

Randy Lagrou donates $60! Thanks for the support! D Scott Ventures Will match it!

posted by Dylan Borland 29 months ago

In an effort to jump start the fund raising efforts for a Parkour Gym my company D. Scott Ventures LLC will match any donation between now and 11/30/11. Meaning you donate $60 I donate $60, you donate $1,000 I donate $1,000. Now get out there and support us…unless of course you don’t like Parkour!

posted by Dylan Borland 29 months ago

Chase, Thanks for the support! see you for the indoor Jam 12/4

posted by Dylan Borland 30 months ago

hey guys, i will definitely donate as soon as possible. i am so stoked for this gym, if its anything like the one in CA i would so want to move by it... i am 14 and i have only been training in pk/fr for about 8 months with no gymnastics background, but i think im pretty advanced especially for my age. i can do all vaults and the basic flips (front,back,side) and some more advanced tricks but nothing special. i cant wait for the jam, see ya later bros.

posted by Chase Cross 30 months ago

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Matched Randy Lagrou Donation,



Randy Lagrou

29 months ago

Get me in there!


Dylan Borland

30 months ago (Offline Donation)


Lets get this party started! i want my 2 hours of training :)


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