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This page has been created to support & help out Troy Milstead by family & friends in a time of urgency while in need of medical procedures. Raising support for something like this is hu... more


Updated posted by Troy Psymbolic 13 months ago

In a collective effort to help Troy Psymbolic while in need of medical procedures, we've raised over twenty-five percent of the needed goal! Thanks to the generosity and support received so far, Troy has been able to meet with groups of doctors to be more accurately diagnosed and now has treatment plans offered by specialists on standby to perform the necessary procedures to heal him. To setup these needed appointments we need to reach further and get closer to the set goal. You can help by sharing Troy's story with friends, family, artists and other caring individuals. A post on facebook linking to helps immensely. Take a look at posts written by other amazing artists & brilliant musicians via
Throughout this process, Troy has had limited phone and internet access of which he's reconnecting online and will be more available for communications. He would be eternally grateful for any help, related info &/or advice you could provide.


Updated posted by Troy Psymbolic 15 months ago

Many Thanks for all the kind emails and responses to Troy's call for help >>
Thanks to your support, your generosity has enabled Troy to meet and obtain a new primary care doctor as well as be referred to a specialist with expertise in healing others with similar medical conditions. Since posting Troy's call for help, he's already had a second diagnostic consultation that has provided further insight into treatment options and Troy's currently in the process of scheduling the next procedure of a multi-step plan to recovery. He's additionally been able to acquire much needed meds that have helped his body better manage the battle. Things are starting to move in a much more positive direction for Troy and he's infinitely gracious to have you inspirational beings in his life. Your kindness and positive responses has been the most healing force of all. All of your support has already helped us accomplish so much and we're getting closer & closer to meeting the needed goal. If you haven't already, you'd be doing Troy a great kindness by sharing his story with other caring individuals >>


Created by Troy Psymbolic on January 13, 2013

This page has been created to support & help out Troy Milstead by family & friends in a time of urgency while in need of medical procedures. Raising support for something like this is humbling partly because we are asking for money to help raise $20,000 and the other part because of the personal nature of what it is for. Troy was recently diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome and autoimmune response caused by a past vasectomy that resulted in a rupture in the epididymis. Sperm cells now enter his blood stream on a daily basis where they were not naturally intended to be. Troy's immune system has been sent on full alert to fight off a perceived infection of millions of invading cells per day, and his body has become “autoimmune”, i.e. his body is going to war on itself. Troy was initially reluctant to request assistance and has attempted to do as much as possible in his journey to become pain free including selling his possessions and moving out of his previous home. He's navigated multiple county hospital systems, has seen many doctors & specialists, and has undergone countless tests & scans to obtain the current diagnosis. Troy has reached the end of his financial capabilities and is currently in need of medical care and a new space to call home. Troy is the founder of Psymbolic and is therefore self employed of which he's exhausted his past income and credit options on medical expenses and is not able to pay for upcoming appointments, meds and procedures. To fix things, Troy needs a vasectomy reversal or a vasoepididymostomy. This operation is considered an elective procedure of which is not offered at county hospitals, is not covered by insurance plans and must be completely paid for in advance. Troy has devoted his life to creating artistic communities through multimedia art events and technology showcases and hopes to recover & return revived with better focus soon. We all want Troy safe and free of this debilitating pain.
You can help.

Pledge any amount to support & help out.
((( $1, $5, $10, $25, $100 whatever you can )))

Donations can be made easily & securely thru
or via the donation link on

Donations, generosity and support will be used to cover medical costs including: currently needed medicines, quickly upcoming doctor appointments, future operations & procedures, anesthetist & facility fees, physical therapy, recovery treatments, and related followup visits. Anything raised above our goal will go towards paying back related debts and the family, friends and artists that have helped out so far. Remaining funds will be utilized to support the various creative communities that Troy has founded and participated with.

If monetary contributions are completely out of your capacity, we ask for positive thoughts, support, and encouragement for Troy during turbulent times.

To summarize, Troy is in need of financial assistance to pay for medical needs, a place to live & recover, and flexible creative work options.

You can contact Troy via
Troy's resume featuring past work experience

Feel free to invite friends that you think would be caring & willing to help.

Many Thanks for all for your time, consideration and support from the deepest of our hearts.


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God bless you Troy. Hope this little bit I gave helps

posted by Jules Sterling 8 months ago

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God Bless You, Troy, hope you gain a full recovery soon!



Radim Schreiber

4 months ago


Good luck Troy. I am sending love your way and wishes for best possible healing.



Rae Roa

4 months ago


happy holidays, troy!



Wesley Bolton

4 months ago


You and your family will be in my prayers. You will reach your goal buddy with a little help from your friends.



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