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When someone you love is faced with a major medical issue, you will do whatever it takes to help — find the very best specialists and go to the top medical center where the latest techno... more


Updated posted by Kevin Chown 10 months ago

Get out your calculator when you look at this photo - the bills that Kevin got in the mail today. Staggering.


Look what Kev got in the mail today


Updated posted by Kevin Chown 10 months ago

Kevin received an incredible and generous offer from a relative that I need to share! This is Kev’s sister, Amy, with an update on medical fund I set up to help pay Kevin’s massive bills from undergoing two rounds of (successful!!) brain surgery. A family relative has offered to MATCH dollar-for-dollar ALL donations made between today and June 15, so for example, a $25 donation will be matched by another $25 from our relative; a $50 will be matched with another $50, etc. SO....if you are able to make even the smallest contribution, here is the link to chip in:
So far, close to $25K has been raised and we’re extremely grateful – thank you!!! We still have a long way to go though as the bills are stacking up but this special “double your gift challenge” can really help raise our total toward the $50K goal. Here’s the best news though….just one short month since surgery, Kevin is feeling great physically and life is returning to normal. He released his first solo EP, shot a new music video, played his first gig, resumed writing and even started running again. Incredible isn’t it?! He’s still on the road to recovery though both physically and financially. Anyone who has gone thru a serious medical condition knows that dealing with insurance companies and medical bill collectors is incredibly stressful. Please take this opportunity to have your donation matched by our relative with this special effort! Thank you again for your support in all ways to Kevin – emotionally, spiritually and financially. Please visit the link today to give what you can and share the word.


Updated posted by Kevin Chown 11 months ago

Meet the surgeon who changed my life.  I would like to introduce you to  Dr. Charles Liu, the USC neurosurgeon who performed two brain surgeries on me - first to implant 56 electrodes as an important step to identify where my seizures were coming from, and then to return a few weeks later to cut out the small piece of brain to stop me from ever having another seizure again.   To say this man is brilliant is an understatement. He, along with my incredible neurologist, Dr. Christi Heck, are changing lives with their specialization in treating - and in cases like mine - (hopefully) curing epilepsy.  Dr. Liu performs HUNDREDS of brain surgeries every year. Can you imagine, a typical day at the office is to perform brain surgery?  His team tells me when he walks into surgery, he is is total command and everyone there knows they have to be at their very best. He loves his career because he can give people their lives back.  That’s absolutely true.  He has done that for me. With each day after my own surgery,  I become more grateful to him and thank him from the bottom of my heart for his commitment to improving my health, my happiness and my future - a life without seizures.    I also want to thank everyone who has been able to contribute to the fund my sister set up to help pay for Dr. Liu and the rest of my medical bills. Close to $24K has been raised so we are almost at the half-way mark to the goal of $50K. I am humbled by everyone’s generosity.


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Created by Kevin Chown on April 30, 2013

When someone you love is faced with a major medical issue, you will do whatever it takes to help — find the very best specialists and go to the top medical center where the latest technological techniques are used. And, you promise you will be there for support every step of the way. That’s the situation we face as Kevin undergoes brain surgery at the University of Southern California on May 2 following extensive pre-op tests including a three week stay in intensive care.

As many of you know from reading his posts on Facebook, Kevin recently revealed that he had been living with epilepsy for two decades and had been able to keep his condition hidden from just about everybody and control his seizures with medication. Although it wasn’t easy sometimes, he did it and never compromised how he lived his life....full! However, late last year the seizures became harder to control and after a few trips to the emergency room, he knew things had to change. And they have changed in a big way.

Everyone’s response to Kevin’s courageous decision to go public and to undergo brain surgery has been so positive. Thank you family, friends, musicians, yoopers, fans around the world, and people who don't even know him but know someone who knows him. We're grateful for your prayers and your positive messages of support for him.

Many of you have asked Kevin or me what else you could do to help him and here’s the answer: please chip in to help Kevin pay for his surgery and recovery. His extensive medical bills are stacking up and growing every day he is in the hospital. And as a self-employed musician, he hasn’t been able to work since this journey began and we’re not sure when he’ll be able to get back on stage. But he’s anxious to get there as soon as possible. Let’s band together to help make that happen.

It’s hard to put a price on one’s health, it is truly priceless. But we know restoring Kevin’s health will come at a high cost. We’re estimating the cost of Kevin’s surgery and recovery to be at least $50,000 out of pocket. And that is why I have set up the Kevin Chown Surgery/Recovery Fund. Every dollar that is contributed will make a positive difference for Kevin and keep his focus where it truly belongs - his health.

On behalf of my awesome brother, thank you again for all of the prayers and messages of encouragement — and for considering a donation. Please also help spread the word about this fundraiser for Kevin on your Facebook page, via Twitter or email this URL to those you know who may want to help Kevin.

Amy Chown, Kevin’s sister

P.S.: If you’d like to send a get well card and/or check to Kev, you can send to: Kevin Chown, 14622 Ventura Boulevard, Box 339, Sherman Oaks, California, USA 91403. If you want to message me personally, please click the "contact" button.

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I really hope you get better. Epilepsy is hard to deal with. Hope you have an easy time with your surgery as well as your recovery, and I hope both shall be quick.

posted by Mike Fishman 11 months ago

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