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Fundraising " Stand Your Ground" This is deeper then him, it's about equal rights, our rights as a people. We have... more


Created by Celeste Dobbs on October 10, 2012



                                  " Stand Your Ground"


           This is deeper then him, it's about equal rights, our rights as a people. We have to get public awareness and support. This might be the most important case since the " Civil Right Movement." With no doubt this is a " high profile case".

           The proof of Florida's, state officials conspiracy to convict an innocent Black man to appease a wealthy family is on his website, "," You would be in all awe, and in disbelieve, to see for yourself that we as Black people are still forced to deal with these atrocities. This could happen to you and your love ones. Help us fight for " Justice".

           Also, we are asking for each and every able body to make a simple short video using your cell phone camera etc. to give your opinion of his case,( spread the word ) put it on Facebook, You Tube, Twitter etc.                            


          The Dobbs family is asking for financial support to promote and bring public awareness to John Dobbs website 
"" by way of media, magazines and newspapers etc.

            Donations could be place on the website "" (top of second page).

            Sign his "Petition Free John Dobbs," also located on the website, aid in his fight against injustice.

           John will be filing his petition with the United State Supreme Court, He will be representing himself ( Pro Se) because we can not afford an attorney.

          Conviction is:
          (a) Racial profiling.
          (b) Selective prosecution.
          (c) Contrary to the evidence.
          (d) Prosecutor misconduct.
          (e) Confusing " Jury Instruction" on the law of self defense.
     This is not just about him, it's about us as a race if we allow based on our race, acts of courage to be viewed as aggression, then they can use the law as a license to kill us.
                       This could happen to you or yours.


                              Thank You, for your support 
                                     Mrs. Celeste Dobbs
                      ( a mothers cry for help, for her only son)




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