Judee's Journey-Overcoming Colon Cancer

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Hello friends and family! We want to start by thanking everyone who has continued to pray for our sweet mother, Judee, as she continues to battle colon cancer. Thank you Jesus for how f... more


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Mom, today I celebrate you.....
(sorry I am not writing this on our blog, I forgot the password! But I wanted to write to you so I'm using this!)
Today marks your 57th birthday and another year of proving you can live with cancer! As I sit here feeding Nate and about to go get Levi up I can't help but think about you. Mom thoughts of thanksgiving come...I am so incredibly thankful for YOU and the fact that I get to call you mom. Why did God allow me to be your daughter, you are way to good to me. I'm so undeserving. I'm thankful for the way you make me feel so loved and special. I can always call you and you will always have encouragement, sympathy or joy to offer me! I am so thankful you love my boys just as much as I do, and they know it! Levi is ALWAYS asking about his Meme and wants to talk to you every second! I am most thankful that you have such an intimate relationship with our Jesus. In what seems like our hopeless state, with your cancer, He brings hope and it is written all over your face. I couldn't imagine going through this journey with you and us not having that hope in Him and Heaven. While I'm so overwhelmed with feeling blessed by you I have to pray the fears of this being the last time I say "happy birthday" to you. With the news lately from the doctors I can't help but be so scared for what this year is going to bring. But GOD...but God will bring us through. Our next year is still in His control and I find comfort in that. So mom even if God gets to throw you a party next year I will still find joy and gratefulness that you are here now and I get to celebrate YOU!!! I love you morevthan words could ever express and am so honored to be your binker. Thank you for showing me that there isn't anything this world can throw at us that can overtake us...we are overcomer's through Christ!
Happy birthday to the most beautiful mom!


Created by Jon N Sara Johnson on August 3, 2012

Hello friends and family!
We want to start by thanking everyone who has continued to pray for our sweet mother, Judee, as she continues to battle colon cancer. Thank you Jesus for how far she has come from when she was originally diagnosed in September of 2011. It has been a crazy journey, but the Lord has shown His healing hand throughout it all.
As you can imagine, the financial burden that has been put on my dad is overwhelming. We've learned that mom's medical treatment is something that will last her lifetime. Please prayerfully consider a donation to help my parents with the ongoing medical expenses they will endure. Every little bit helps. Between medications, ER visits, gas to get up and down the mountain for treatment, and all other misc. costs of treating her illness, there is no way our dad can keep up with the bills on his own - especially when his paycheck is cut short at times from having to take time off to care for mom. All of us kids live out of the area, so dad is her sole caregiver.
And of course, please continue to pray for healing, comfort and peace.
Thank you!!
The Newman Kids

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