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Johnny Layhew is still bedridden after 9 moths, his body shut down on Sept 26,2011. He was in a coma for 4 1/2 weeks, we were told to go home and wait for him to die! He was on Life Supp... more


Updated posted by Patricia Layhew-Jay 22 months ago

Ah, my friends I am afraid that keeping up with Johnny trying to help him and raise the girls, I ignored that mybody was trying to tell me. Hey, you aren't just tired. I was diagnosd with Inflammatory Vasculitis (swelling of the brain) Polymyalgia and Polymalgic Rhuematica. Needless to say I am frightened but I giving it to God and getting another opinion and taking one day at a time.


Created by Patricia Layhew-Jay on May 28, 2012

Johnny Layhew is still bedridden after 9 moths, his body shut down on Sept 26,2011. He was in a coma for 4 1/2 weeks, we were told to go home and wait for him to die! He was on Life Support and 24 hour Dialyasis and they did so many tests but couldn't figure it out. The hospital let him get a bedsore THAT ATE DOWN TO HIS TAILBONE! ALL YOU COULD SEE WAS A HOLE AND HIS TAILBONE! he can't sit or stand, he is having another surgery to close the bedsore which has taken this long to heal with a flap from his leg and amputate 2 of his toes at the same time. He still has more surgeries and then learn how to walk again because his feet are curled and the toes have to come off. They have no income, applied for SS Disability but not approved yet? Nancy, his wonderful wife can't work because he can't be left alone. They have 2 girls Trisha 8,Makayla 6 1/2 and Robbie 10. I am his Mother, I have the girls. They need help so they can possibly keep their house and pay utilities etc. they do get Foodstamps but that's all. We, the parents do all we can and some wonderful friends but they need serious help. Please show your love and compassion for him and his family.Thank you and God Bless.
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Well Johnny had surgery again, this time to ampoutate 1 entire toe and half the next one and all the tips of his toes. Then of course to close the bedsore. and he has so many staples ans stiches the surgery wa 6 1/2 hours!!!! NOT ONE PERSON HAS DONATED TO HIM EXCEPT IMMEDIATE FAMILY AND A FEW FRIENDS!!!!!! I just can't believe no one cares about a fellow human being and cannot even give a few dollars, whatever they can. What's up people ???????? Please can't you find it in your heart to help this man his family ???????

posted by Patricia Layhew-Jay 21 months ago

I hope everyone saw my post about Johnny's surgery. Everything went well and he will be in the Hospital till probably Tuesday. Details are on my post. Please if you can find it in your heart to send him a card and possibly a Love offering it is greatly appreciated and greatly needed!!!! I know it is hard and I know most people do not know him but he still has at least 2 more surgeries and at least a year of rehabilitation to go. Thanking you in advance God Bless Patricia Jay

posted by Patricia Layhew-Jay 22 months ago

Is there no-one in the world out of the man, many people that see this on Facebook etc on my friends page and then on the people that see it on their page that is willing to help this family in crisis?? Am I doing something wrong. May I as my FRIENDS to please re-post to their pages tohelp. He is still waiting on Social Security 9 long moths of being bedridden??? What question could there possibly be left to ask. At least 3 more surgeries and re-hab to learn t walk??

posted by Patricia Layhew-Jay 22 months ago

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Love you Trisha!!! Hope you feel better soon and give our love to Johnny♥♥



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