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My name is Jessica King-Szoyka and I am 36 years old, a mother of 2, and am engaged to a wonderful, caring, man who has 2 children of his own, who I am pleased to call my other children... more


Updated posted by Jessica Lynn Szoyka King 2 months ago

I just wanted to let everyone know I am doing well. It has been 5 months since surgery and I have made amazing progress. I still have recovery that I am going through. Still sore and my chest has healed up nicely other than the yucky boney bumps that have fused underneath my tissue. I can expect a year for complete recovery. I am sleeping much better now that I am in physical therapy. They are working to help me with shoulder and neck pain caused from my devibrillator implant. I also have some ribs slightly out of place since surgery around the collar bone area. I would say around the end of December is when I felt my energy level improving. I painted my living room. It wasn't easy for me, but I did it. Sometimes I am an over doer so I have to make myself rest. I am adjusting to the reality that I can never play singles tennis again or any other start/stop sports. I am becoming okay with this and I am glad that I can continue hiking and living my life otherwise. I am so humbled by the help I recieved from everyone and I cant begin to thank you enough. You will never know how much it truly means to me. I am able to continue to watch my children grow, enjoy life, be with my loved ones, enjoy my animals, and draw closer to God. I am blessed. I still want to continue my journey helping others. Right now I am in working fulltime and trying to finalize my medical bills post surgery. I was able to get some help with the hospital; however I have cardiac tests, radiology, labs, defibrillator checks, and doctor visits I am responsible for. It is overwhelming, but I am getting there. I am just grateful! I love you all!


Updated posted by Jessica Lynn Szoyka King 6 months ago

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for your support and all of your prayers. My surgery went very well. They removed 8 grams off of my heart and repaired my mitral valve that had been severely leaking. I am 6 weeks into my recovery and I am doing well. It isn't easy to recover from open heart. I am up to walking a half hour and I am doing light chores around the house. I feel pretty good, but I do not have my energy back yet. I am told this will take time along with my ribs, sternum, and cartilage to heal. I am still about a month and a half from returning to work. I managed to get by with the funds this month and still have a bit left to apply for next months bills. I am still grateful for any funds that come in as they will be used for keeping a roof over my head until I return to work. Otherwise I will possibly be returning earlier than I am supposed to. I haven't even had my follow up post surgery, so I have not been cleared to go back to work. Even when I do go back it will be a gradual to full time. I thank you all and I am forever grateful!


Jessica Szoyka


Updated posted by Jessica Lynn Szoyka King 8 months ago

Thank you to all who have helped. We are still trying to continue to raise more for Jessica's Heart as the expenses are enormous. We Did great on the hotel rewards points and got 2/3 of our hotel stay in Stanford covered. We are still around 800.00 short . We still need to raise money for expenses while there and while she is unable to work. Please feel free to continue to donate and/or pass this on. Www.gofundme.com/Jessica-szoyka or the link on this post, for those who are not local or prefer the online method, and locally donations can be made at Evergreen Federal Banks. Medford branch or Grants Pass Branch. Just ask to have it put in the Jessica Szoyka medical account. Thank you.

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Created by Jessica Lynn Szoyka King on March 20, 2013

My name is Jessica King-Szoyka and I am 36 years old, a mother of 2, and am engaged to a wonderful, caring, man who has 2 children of his own, who I am pleased to call my other children ;-).
I have always been a hard worker and I have stayed physically active all my life. I love swimming, hiking, fishing, camping, gardening, creating landscaping, painting, cooking, and designing, and exercising . My favorite things to do are working in my yard, going to the beach, camping, and hanging out with my family. When I was 21 years old I was diagnosed with Asymmetric Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Essentially my right heart chamber wall is thickening and causing an outflow obstruction and irregular, even life threatening heart rate and/or rhythms. At that time, I was told it was nothing severe and that I just needed to be followed by a cardiologist with yearly echo cardiographs. My only symptom was heart palpitations. Over the past five years my symptoms have been mild, with pounding heart, some shortness of breath and awaking in the middle of the night gasping. I was put on a medication about 5 years ago to control these symptoms and it helped. I have been monitored each year and things remained within normal tolerances.
about 20 months ago i had my last Echo and it was okay still and approx. 14 months ago was my last visit with the Cardiologist who changed my medication due to side effects but recommended continued monitoring with another Echo a year later.
over the past 14 months i gradually developed more symptoms such as gasping for air while I am sleeping, shortness of breath, dizzy spells, visual disturbances, poor circulation, edema, and a pounding heart beat. I thought it was just stress due to new career or even lack of continued regular working out due to new job. but then i noticed that I couldn't breath well while working out or going on walks. This past December, I felt funny while I was driving and thought I was going to pass out and my nose was tingly and numb. Weeks went by and I started having visual changes and was near fainting at work on a few occasions. this prompted a few doctor visits to figure out what was happening with me. After several trips to the doctor, and getting referred to a doctor that specialized in mysterious cases, He ran blood tests that equated to possible heart failure. this provoked more blood work and a repeat Echo, which then showed my heart condition had drastically worsened and blood flow in and out of the right side of my heart are seriously obstructed. this obstruction is caused by the condition causing additional , fiber like muscle to grow in the Septal wall of the heart making it thicken and bulge inward, reducing the chamber size and shape and causing the heart no longer be able to pump properly. After getting a 2nd opinion with a trusted cardiologist i learned my only option at this point is open heart surgery. the have to go into the heart thru the chest wall and scrape away the thickened tissue inside my right heart chamber. Southern Oregon has the best cardiology dept. in the country, but they do not specialize in my condition. As a matter of fact there are only a handful of cardiologist in the country that even do this surgery and are well versed with this condition. As it is we have already incurred thousands of dollars in medical expenses since January 2013. I have been referred to Stanford Medical Hospital, because they specialize in this disease and the doctor there is the leader in this field and condition. I have no disability insurance and I am going to lose income by being out of work and so will my fiancee as he will be transporting us to and from Stanford and of course will be there for me as I go through this. Health insurance is available but also has implemented a waiting period that is not available to me as the surgery needs to be done soon and ins. company wants to hold off for 6 months. even if insurance pays though, we will still be looking at a minimum of 20% of surgery which in itself is approx. a 25,000 bill and doesn't include all the pre and post operative care and cardiac rehab. we are trying to get help to pay for medical expenses of course but also, traveling expenses(hotel, gas, food), and loss of income(3-4 months worth of mine and 1 to 1.5 months of my fiancee's).my time off will be incurred all at once with the surgery and recovery, my fiancee on the other hand will be taking the time off as needed for the surgery and bringing me home and for additional care and appointments. It is not in Our nature to ask for help, but our biggest worry is that we won't be able to provide for our children and keep our utilities on and rent paid, not to mention feeding everyone. We are under a tremendous amount of stress wondering how we will be able to make it through all of this but we remain strong in our faith and humbly request anyone that has the means, to please, please help us get through this scary life experience.

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Oh also yard sales that anyone would be willing to donate gentle used items with 100% proceeds going to your family. I would be willing to help with that as well. I live in Talent.

posted by Julia White 10 months ago

Jessica, I was looking at craigslist earlier and I noticed housing swap or vacation swap, just and idea but I seen many in the bay area, maybe check it out, or can post an add in craigslist for help with no cost or low cost housing for however long that someone with a vacation rental might do. Hope this helps, I would even be willing to post ad and keep up on that for you. I hope help comes for you regarding this.

posted by Julia White 10 months ago

Jessica, Did you contact these resources? http://stanfordhospital.org/fo rPatients/lodgingFood/contract edRateHotelProgram.html

posted by Bunny Lewis 10 months ago

Praying all goes smoothly and you will have more answers soon!!

posted by Bunny Lewis 11 months ago

Prayer for you and your children -Walk in God's word!

posted by Belinda Crissman 13 months ago

Sharing this for my love....

posted by Kevin Orella 13 months ago

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Larry Hill

14 days ago


Hello, Jessica. This is what I've earned from all the great people that came to the charity event "Laughter, Lyrics & Libations for Life". I managed to sell most of the shirts and we sold a bunch of tickets. Thank you to all the people that came and to everybody that helped out. Thanks to the bands that played Murky Friends, Matthew Fischer & The Fishes, Bone Clone, Mothers Superior, Cha Kung Laos, and Shabbadoo 3.0 Beta. Also, to the comedians that came and did a set. It was a really good time for a really good cause. Also, not to forget - thank you Matthew Fischer and Kae for letting me throw the event there.



Larry Hill

2 months ago


Friends at Fatty's Bar & Diner From the help and generous donations of the mighty fine folk who haunt the jauntiest of haunts of Bangkok; Fatty's Bar and Diner. First and foremost - the proprietors Matt Fischer and Kae Maeboonruan who without their help this couldn't have been done. Also, my friends - all who have purchased and donated towards this fine cause: Ake Vichayakul Matthew Fischer Kae Maeboonruan Nathan Shane Flipping Palko Hodge Wasson Mike Ortiz Danny Duncombe Em McKeever Stefan Wolfe Gary Boyle Dusty Beckwith Andy And the guy from the Stone Free Music Fest



The Wilson's

8 months ago


Wish we could do more but I know that anything helps. Keeping you and your family in our prayers.




8 months ago



Monica Parker

8 months ago


Wish I could do more.....



Jacqui Rogers

8 months ago


Small amount ,but sent with unlimited prayers. I pray for a wonderful recovery for you.



Brian DeLaGrange

8 months ago



Insurance Lounge

8 months ago


We all wish you the best off luck through this venture. You have everyone support here at Insurance Lounge!!



Beverlee Schanda

8 months ago




9 months ago


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