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Seven year old Jesse Heikkila of Middleboro is a wonderful blessing to our family. In April 2009, Jesse complained of a headache during his 3rd birthday party. When the pain increased a... more


Updated posted by Suzanne Gilbert Heikkila 2 months ago

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Jesse became an angel yesterday. We miss him already. Please continue to pray for Jesse and hope he is safe and cancer free in the loving arms of Jesus and his cousin Krystina.


Updated posted by Suzanne Gilbert Heikkila 2 months ago

It has been some time since our last update. On January 13th Jesse had his breathing tube successfully removed and eventually returned to the oncology floor. The team at Children’s Hospital worked very hard to create a plan to get Jesse home. On the day of discharge everything was going according to plan. The Massachusetts State Police patiently waited to escort Jesse home while our community eagerly waited to wave to Jesse. Folks lined the streets of Middleboro with yellow balloons. Just at that time, Jesse started having more difficulty breathing. We were devastated to announce that Jesse would not be returning home that day. However, we were overcome with joy that so many folks came together to provide Jesse with a spectacular homecoming.

Jesse's breathing become more difficult due to another occurrence of DAH - Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage or bleeding in his lungs. It is very serious and is being treated with steroids and pressure from the ventilator. To make this even more complicated; he also has coagulation issues and requires platelets once or twice daily to prevent further bleeding. He is back in the ICU and intubated once again; under sedation. We miss talking with him so much. Jeff and I just want to bring our baby home so he can see his puppy, play video games and build Lego’s with Colton.

Thank you for all that continue to pray and send positive thoughts to Jesse. Please pray for Jesse’s miracle. He is a fighter and does not want to ever give up. He will not let the side effects of harsh chemotherapy get in the way of his dream. He just wants to live his life like every other 7 year old boy.


Updated posted by Suzanne Gilbert Heikkila 3 months ago

Good Morning,

Thank you to everyone to is praying for Jesse. Our little warrior is still in the ICU unit. Last Wednesday, we noticed it was becoming more and more difficult for Jesse to breathe. On Thursday morning we were asked if we wanted to intubate him or not. Intubating Jesse means that he has a breathing tube and ventilator to help him breathe while under sedation.

During that critical crossroad; Jesse told us he wanted to "fight", he is not ready for heaven. We quickly moved forward to address his respiratory issues and placed the tube. They believe the root cause is a condition called "DAH" - Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage - bleeding from the lungs. It is very serious and is being treated with steroids. His chest x-ray is showing improvement.

Jesse also has daily platelet requirements and there is still no root cause identified for the coagulation issues.

In regards to his neuroblastoma, a urine test that measures hormones that tumors secrete is very elevated. We also noted new boney lesions on the skull from a CT scan Friday.

Our goal is to have Jesse extubated once his chest X-ray is clear so we can bring him home. Once home we will still pursue treatments that are spiritual, alternative and conventional in pursuit of saving our boy.

Today in the ICU Jesse will make his first communion and confirmation. May the body and blood of Jesus renew his health.

We ask everyone to please pray for a miracle. Please Jesus lay your hands on Jesse and cleanses him from this evil neuroblastoma.

Thank you all for the continued support and prayers.


Jesse on medical travel a few years ago

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Created by Suzanne Gilbert Heikkila on July 13, 2013

Seven year old Jesse Heikkila of Middleboro is a wonderful blessing to our family. In April 2009, Jesse complained of a headache during his 3rd birthday party. When the pain increased and Jesse reported he could not see, we headed to Children’s Hospital Boston. Within hours we learned of a large mass that was found in his head. Over the next few days, another tumor was found in his adrenal gland, leading to the diagnosis of High Risk Neuroblastoma. It was Stage 4, a very aggressive cancer. It was in all of his bones and bone marrow, and his biopsy showed the DNA of the tumor was unfavorable. Chemotherapy started in the ICU just two days after walking into the emergency room.

Jesse endured an intense schedule of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, a bone marrow harvest and transplant, more radiation, many blood transfusions, an antibody treatment, and Accutane. Jesse’s cancer responded well to his treatment was cancer free for 9 months.

In February 2011, Jesse relapsed. Jesse has endured MIBG high dose radiation treatment and surgery to remove the new tumor.

In May of 2012, Jesse replased for a second time. After another intense year of treatment, with a year of medical travel left us in a financial mess. A few months ago, we learned the cancer spread to his hip, and he also has two spinal tumors with bone marrow involvement.

After fighting cancer for four years, our household income has been reduced to only one working parent, so the other can take Jesse to medical appointments. As a results, we have destoyed out credit and are at risk for losing assets like our vehicles and home. Our phone rigns constantly with collection calls reminding us that not only do we carry the stress of having a child with the most agressive form of cancer, but we are at risk of losing everything we worked to built our entire lifes. We never expected our lives would be turned upside down, and for so long.

The cancer is progessing and our goal is to be cancer free again and meet a third remission. With faith, hope, and love for Jesse… anything is possible.

Please follow Jesse's story at and you can also see the video of our family just after diagnosis 4 years ago,

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I think you are all very brave. Love is the final fight and you have won that fight by bringing so many people together to pray for your son in the name of Jesus.

posted by Jason Glaneuski 2 months ago

We are gathering in Middleboro Center today at 230pm to wave and cheer on Jesse as he comes home by State Police escort. We are bringing yellow balloons in support of childhood cancer. Come join us!!

posted by Kelly Shumway 2 months ago

Its been a very long time.since i have.seen jesse but hes.still my lil man that i cant.ever if i tried.forget and hes always in my prayers jesse.tho.iys.been 4eva hun miss jenn still loves her lil man

posted by Jennifer LaFon 2 months ago


posted by Christine Lombardi 3 months ago

Prayers for Jesse..Bless Him..

posted by Sarah Kinsella Dow 3 months ago

Prayers for Jesse are being sent. My son Michael had neuroblastoma. I know what you are going through. God Bless you.

posted by Lori Murphy 3 months ago

my son matthew is friends with jesse:) they are in the same class at school. if there is anything we can do for your family please let us know. we are happy to help!-margaret england

posted by Marge Shwengland 6 months ago


posted by Christine Lombardi 9 months ago

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Susan Roche

1 month ago


I'm so sorry for your loss.



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Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.



Sue Fontes

1 month ago


Our thoughts & prayers are with you & your family.




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Darryl Cahoon

2 months ago


my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family



Paula Sterite

2 months ago


My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family - you give us all strength



Cathy Parker

2 months ago


May your memories help ease your sorrow.



Emily Masnoon

2 months ago


What a touching story.



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