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In April 2006 two months shy of his 14th birthday my son Mike was diagnosed with metastatic Ewings Sarcoma. Ewings is a rare cancer that attacks soft tissue and bone.The primary tumor... more


Updated posted by Paula Petrosino 5 days ago

Just a note to let everyone know how we are doing.
It has been a terrible couple of months. We are trying to adapt to life without Mike.
Other news is that Mike's dog Rusty had a lump removed from his leg a couple of weeks ago. Got the news today that it is cancer. The vet is hopeful that she got it all. I hope so.



Updated posted by Paula Petrosino 2 months ago

Mike passed away at home around 5:30am.
He passed peacefully and is now free from pain.
As much as we will miss him we know he is now in a better place. We will be having a service and a celebration of life after. We will let you know when the service is at a later date.
Thank you all for all the prayers, good wishes, kind words, and contributions.


Updated posted by Paula Petrosino 2 months ago

Mike is going to be admitted to hospital today. He had a very bad case of thrush and was unable to eat or drink for 3 days. Needless to say he is very dehydrated. While he is there they are going to check all the tubes. Some of them are no longer working or are they needed. They are just in the way. At the beginning of this the tumor caused Mike to retain fluid. For the last 2 weeks all the fluid is gone. Also the 2 kidney tubes are supposed to be replaced every 3 months. His have been in for 4 months so they really need to be changed. Mike is very weak but I hope with fluids and a blood transfusion he will be strong enough to have the work done on the tubes. Thank you all for your good wishes,positive thoughts and prayers.
Love, Paula

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Created by Paula Petrosino on June 20, 2013

In April 2006 two months shy of his 14th birthday my son Mike was diagnosed with metastatic Ewings Sarcoma. Ewings is a rare cancer that attacks soft tissue and bone.The primary tumor was in his right pelvic bone, and had spread to his collarbone, 2 ribs, both shin bones, and his lungs. The Doctors at Mass General Hospital in Boston did not offer much hope. They told us he had about a 5% chance of beating this. He started aggressive treatments. Every 21 days he was admitted to the hospital for chemo. Treatment would last from 3 to 5 days. He also had over 100 radiation treatments to different parts of his body. After the year was done Mike did what was almost impossible, He was cancer free. Things started going back to normal. Mike was able to attend school again, then in April of his senior year he started experiencing pain again. Tests revealed he had a new cancer radiation induced Osteo Sarcoma. Mike started more aggressive treatments this time. He would be in the hospital for 10 days every 3 weeks getting chemo. They scheduled surgery for after Graduation. He had what they call an internal hemi pelvictimy . They cut out his right part of his pelvic bone and replaced it with a cadaver bone. They also did a hip replacement.Recovery from this surgery was awful and he was never without pain. He also could not walk at all without crutches. Again it seemed he beat the odds and was doing well. He had scans in December of 2011. The oncologist said there was a slight uptake in the pelvic area, but he did not think it was anything to worry about. I called the Dr. in May of 2012 to let them know Mike was complaining about pain, but a different kind of pain. He said it was in his muscles. They ordered scans and the pictures showed 2 new tumors right where the slight uptake was in the December scans. They ordered a needle core biopsy and the finding was that the Osteo had returned. This time the oncologist told us that mike had a year maybe two to survive. I had to fight with him to even suggest surgery. Finally the surgeon was consulted and he said he could do another internal hemi pelvictimy. Surgery was scheduled for September 2012. After 2 hours in surgery the surgeon came out to tell us that Mike did not have osteo after all, he had a new cancer called Radiation induced Rhabdomyo sarcoma. They stopped the surgery and 2 days later they did a external hemi pelvictimy. They amputated his right leg and pelvic
bone. He recovered from this surgery Quickly. I was upset because of the missed diagnoses they had been giving him the wrong chemo for months. He recently had 2 more tumors removed and has started on a new chemo. He seems to be doing well.
I need to raise money to help with travel and parking expenses when we go to Boston every 3 weeks for 5 days. Not only is it expensive but I miss work to be with him.
If we can raise enough money I would like to remodel our bathroom to make it handicap accessible. It would be a big help for Mike.
After everything he has gone through he does not complain or say why me. He is the strongest person I know and he is my hero.


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I'm sorry for your loss. I wish you peace and fond memories.

posted by LisaAnn Leitz 5 days ago

Z"L may his memory always be a blessing to those who cherished him x

posted by Samuel Belli 2 months ago

Paula, I've been following this site ever since I saw the story about Mike's dog visiting him in the hospital. I was so sad to read that he passed. What a special young man who now is in paradise with Jesus. Prayers, peace, and love to you and your family. I will remember Mike. God bless you.

posted by Julie Ireland 2 months ago

So sorry to hear about Mike's passing. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family during this difficult time.

posted by Patti Splaine 2 months ago

Sorry to hear about Mike. God bless him and comfort you and your family.

posted by Gerry Bessellieu 2 months ago

So sorry to hear Mike passed away, but grateful you were able to enjoy more precious time with him. Sending you and your family hugs, and asking God to provide you with strength now more than ever.

posted by Paula Daley 2 months ago

I don't know what to say. I'm sorry, so sorry!

posted by JoAnnette Belle-David 3 months ago

I hope this family contacts Stanford U.!!

posted by Jean Larson 3 months ago

May I help you!!!!! Please keep in touch with me!

posted by Kereszty KrisztiƔn 3 months ago

My prayers are with your family and friends. This distant connection with you, one parent to another, may be the best thing I experience this Xmas. Tonight, my Christmas prayers will be for all of you and my Xmas thanks for all who have restored a little of my faith in humanity.

posted by John Simpson 3 months ago

I give all my love from Greece to all of you! I really can't find words to describe, how i feel. As you already know, we Greeks are Orthodox and i can't send more than a strong and important prayer for us : Kirie Iisou Hriste, eleison me ton amartolo. Yperagia Theotoke soson imas ( . : Jesus give mercy on me. Holy mother of God please save us).Hugs to all of you from Athens, Greece.

posted by Galantis Loukakis 3 months ago

They need to contact Stanford University and get on the human trials already underway. 100% success so far. 2013/03/27/scientists-find-tre atment-to-kill-every-kind-canc er-tumor/

posted by Joseph Kaminski 3 months ago

We're going to do all that we can to help. Your never alone.

posted by Elayne West 9 months ago

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May God Bless you Mike and your family--you are in my prayers



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Mike, Paula, et al.....still in our prayers! Hope you will be back home, soon.



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