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Gip Gipson has been having backyard blues parties in his backyard since 1952. Recently, the City of Bessemer has decided to shut Gip's Place down and force him to move. They sent the Pol... more


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Thanks to everyone for your donations! We will be ending this fundraiser soon.


Created by Jonathan Barbee on May 9, 2013

Gip Gipson has been having backyard blues parties in his backyard since 1952. Recently, the City of Bessemer has decided to shut Gip's Place down and force him to move. They sent the Police to raid Gip's during a backyard blues show on May 4th, 2013 - citing that Gip was operating as a business and a license was required. Many of you know that Gip does not make money from his backyard blues parties. He does it for the love of music. This is the last original Juke Joint in Alabama and one of the few left in America.

Please help Gip fight the city of Bessemer and keep this historical treasure open! There are currently a few attorneys working pro-bono to help Gip work through this legal battle. They were there at the recent City Council meeting to represent Gip before the shameful display of power the Bessemer City Council Members were showing. Although the attorneys are working for free, they do have legal expenses, filing fees, and eventually will have to work long hours to help Gip stay open. This legal fund will help with all of the legal fees. If there is anything left over the remaining balance will go the Gip and his friends to help him keep the place running.

Thank you for your help. Let's keep up the good fight!

About Gip's Place:

A hidden treasure in outlying Bessemer is Gip’s Place, a Saturday night BYOB party in a man’s backyard since 1952. Gip’s is seriously hidden. It’s one of the last remaining juke joints in America. Live blues and Southern rock bands play midnight. Mick Jagger’s musician brother Chris has been known to jam there.
Saturday Nights only!

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A private party at your home should be your right as a citizen who contributes to society in your support of the Blues & Jazz. Everyone who has ever thrown a big get together knows some guest may not act well leaving or arriving. Whether it is a get together of 10 or 510 should not be the issue. You have my thanks and best wishes to keeping the tradition of Saturday's at Gip's going for many more years to come. Gip's isnt a buesiness but a mans love for music & friends enjoying themselves listening to it.

posted by Barry Adams 11 months ago

would the lawyers please post what, exactly they are doing. I think it would be nice to know what petitions they are filing and on what grounds.

posted by Alyson Mikul 11 months ago


posted by Franklin Witherspoon Ph D 11 months ago

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Jaynn KushnerJaynnK

9 months ago



J.C. May

9 months ago



Anthony Wright

11 months ago


Thank You Gip! It was awesome getting to talk to you the other day. You are a blessing to us all! The City of Bessemer needs to recount their blessings...




11 months ago



Liz Morton

11 months ago


This donation is in honor of our 12 year old blues lovin', guitar pickin' son Fletcher Morton. We're hoping to get him up there to meet ya'll in person some day soon!



Avery Carter

11 months ago


I pray this will help.



Theresa Merrill

11 months ago


You are legend - stay blue



Kevin Runner

11 months ago



Marshall English

11 months ago



Jenny Horton

11 months ago


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