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Niner Waldo is with a loving Foster Family and is adjusting well. He has had to change schools but maybe a fresh start is what he needs. Everyone lets rememeber how all of this can be di... more


Updated posted by Catherine Tate 2 months ago

Niner Waldo Adjusting well


Niner Waldo Adjusting well :-)


Updated posted by Catherine Tate 2 months ago

Great news everyone! Niner Waldo is with a Foster Family and is adjusting well. He has changed schools which can be bitter sweet. But maybe a fresh start all around is good. Now his focus needs to be on learning and thriving so that he can "earn" this money you all have donated for his education. Don't let us down Niner Waldo! I know you won't.


Updated posted by Catherine Tate 2 months ago

Hear from Niner Waldo himself! He wants to thank EVERYONE!!

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Created by Catherine Tate on February 6, 2014

Niner Waldo is with a loving Foster Family and is adjusting well. He has had to change schools but maybe a fresh start is what he needs. Everyone lets rememeber how all of this can be distracting for this young mans education. So let's all keep him focused on obtaining the tools neccessary to be a successful adult. We have faith in you Niner Waldo! Keep that fearless determination you had that freezing Wednesday afternoon you introduced yourself to the world. Use thos tools to thrive. Success is the best retubution!

WE ARE PUSHING PAST $5,500 to help this kid who needs much more than a trip to a game..........Let's send him to college!!!
We found Niner Waldo! Ladies Of The Empire is giving him a FREE ticket to the Niners vs. Seattle game next season at Levi's Stadium. We need your help to fly him to SF, put him up in a nice hotel, pay for food, and anything left over will go to the kids college fund. Thanks Niner Empire! I know you will reward this kid and his bravery and help LOTE get him to Levi's Stadium. Once the schedule is released I will be coordinating with him to make this trip possible.

I have just come to learn this kid is only 15 years old, is a ward of the state, and living in a shelter. I know this sounds so crazy and just like one of those "send money to help these starving kids in some foreign country" stories. But it is VERY true and validated by his teachers and the shelter in which he resides. We are contacting his social worker to get him REAL help. He is very thankful!!

WOW the 12th man and all NFL team fans have really stepped up on this one!!! Thank you everyone!!! His trip will be fully covered byf way of flight mile donations and hotel voucher donation offers. So the ENTIRE amount raised (minus the fee's from GoFundMe) will go to his college education so keep it coming! We will set up an account/trust fund that he can have access to when he is 18.

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If you have any concerns or questions about my reputation please feel free to look me up on or or YouTube at You will see I am a credible member of the Niner Empire Family.

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Awesome things going on. As I told many people, I would like to tell some people around here, to check my plan site. Thank you

posted by Csibi Bal√°zs 2 months ago

As a proud 12 I will help him. He is a true 49ers fan and deserves the support. Any real sports fan that goes this far, deserves it all.

posted by Ryan Shearer 2 months ago

We are so proud of Catherine and for her stepping up to the plate to help this young man out! I am also proud to belong to Ladies of the Empire~

posted by Terri Niner Machado 2 months ago

As a lifelong 12 I am proud to support this kid. What an amazing job you have done Catherine! Love to see our fan bases working together again to do great things!

posted by Bobbi Brooks 2 months ago

Bless you, Catherine! I'm in tears over this. Who says we can't get along? This kid .. WOW!

posted by Tami Lemieux 2 months ago

This is awesome!!! Thanks for doing this, Catherine! This is the 2nd time "this season" that we've all put the rivalry aside to help the kids - and I'm proud to be part of a fanbase that can do that!

posted by Pattie Cabrido 2 months ago

Yahoo sports just featured this story so watch this kick into high gear now! :-)

posted by David Moss 2 months ago

@Kyle Sundgren thats generous of you, We Seahawk fans are doing 12 & 48 for the Superbowl we won.

posted by Barbara Cameron 2 months ago

I just wanted to address terri's comment King Five news ran the story and I am sure they vetted their sources, and if he has a state social worker then there has been some papers filed and he is "in" the system to what degree is none of our business he is a minor and has privacy rights. If you feel that you have information that is pertinent you should contact Cat and I am sure that she will look into it. But as for me my donation stands and send this kid to a Niners game and then to college!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

posted by Liz Kole 2 months ago

Thank you for doing this. This kid deserves a chance at life. As a mom I want to hug him and encourage him. Go Ronnie!

posted by Lori Harrington 2 months ago

"This is God's doing, and it's marvelous in our eyes." - Psalm 118:23

posted by May Cheng 2 months ago

Catherine, thank you so much for doing this. The response has been beautiful. There is so much good in humanity and I love how all of this started with one simple photo! I'm a journalist & also a youth advocate and I hope to follow Ronnie's journey... I think we all want to see him (and so many others) succeed. #MoreThanFootball #NinerEmpire

posted by Sonia Blade 2 months ago

I love seeing the Faithful & the 12's working together!

posted by Joanna Reynolds-Adams 2 months ago

@ Terri Turner - not sure what your intent is speaking words of such malice. I personally have met with Ronnie's school counselor and his principal, and had confirmation of Ronnie's situation. I've spent time with Ronnie also, and found him to be a very sensible young man who's super grateful of the love and generosity shown him. He isn't even out of his current situation, already he's speaking for other homeless children like him and wants to use this opportunity to bring awareness to them so they too can get proper help. It's unfortunate that instead of showing humility and appreciating the kindness and goodwill of fans across all teams and around the country and the world, you have to speak words of wickedness.

posted by May Cheng 2 months ago


posted by Barbara Cameron 2 months ago

This is a great show of humanity - of thinking of someone else's life and how it can be positively affected! LOTE rocks!

posted by Beth Dwyer 2 months ago

@Terri if this a scam why were u contact n not Cat? She has been updating this site with the progress she has made for Ronnie n u r gonna come in here with ur hate n say such lies. Read the updates. We stand by Cat.

posted by Patti Herman Piotrowski 2 months ago

@Terri please don't come here trying to disrupt this. There's no place for rude comments or hate here. We The Ladies of The Empire stand behind Cat and the work she has done.

posted by Ruth Hayes 2 months ago

Terri Turner, by whom, this story has been validated by the social worker & the school he attends, don't come here spreading hate please, take it elsewhere. Your post has no validity whatsoever. I'm sure Catherine is smart enough to do her research & she has. As much attention this story has gotten from the media & thru social networking if a scam was what it is, it would have been reported already.

posted by Barbara Cameron 2 months ago

Wow, that last update really got the waterworks flowing. What an beautiful, wonderful, amazing thing this is. I'd like to give a virtual high five to everyone who donated and especially to Cat Tate who started this whole thing. When people join forces, wonderful things happen.

posted by Suzanne Scott 2 months ago

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Chris Fountain

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From a Steelers fan in Canada. Best wishes Ronnie. PLEASE DONATE




19 days ago

12 Man


Mary McLoone

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1 month ago



Pattie Cabrido

1 month ago


In honor of our SB48 champs! Glad to be able to be a part of this. Go Hawks!

Thank You


Du Ho

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2 months ago



frances johnston

2 months ago


this is my 2nd donation too! I hope we can all help reach this goal. This kid like many like him need a door to walk thru. They need a helping hand, wish I could give more but I will if I can. Bless you young man and all who are trying to help



patricia carter

2 months ago




2 months ago


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