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There is an oyster renaissance taking place in the northeast and New Jersey is in danger of being left out. Forty North is striving to bring back the Bayman culture, one that has near... more


Created by Matt Gregg on January 29, 2013

There is an oyster renaissance taking place in the northeast and New Jersey is in danger of being left out. Forty North is striving to bring back the Bayman culture, one that has nearly disappeared. Our Mantoloking oyster farm exists in harmony with nature, it even improves it. 

Our oyster farm:
-improves water quality
-creates fish habitat
-acts as a buffer for protection from storms
-generates well paying jobs
-offers a local and healthy food source
-promotes a positive image

We've spent years getting our farm to where it was and just days after our first harvest and sale, we were struck head on by Sandy. The ocean breached the barrier island destroying our boat and much of our gear and oysters. Our farm crippled, but not our will.

Months of paperwork and dead end leads have gotten us no help from the government. We come to our supporters, our neighbors, our friends, and our community, in hopes that your generosity will help to make Forty North stronger than before. We estimate we will need the following:

-$10,000 for a new boat
-$12,000 for new gear
-$8,000 for oyster seed

You can donate any amount, but our incentives are listed above. If you cannot donate and still want to help, please share our youtube video.


Forty North Oyster Farms

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A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated and shared our fundraising page. In less than a week we have had contributions from 33 generous people. Please keep sharing and sending to people who may be interested in making a contribution. LISTEN TO THIS: Just $75, gets you a great hooded sweatshirt, and will allow us to grow 3000 oysters! Those 3000 oysters will clean up to 150,000 gallons of water per day. That equals 15 swimming pools per day!

posted by Matt Gregg 16 months ago

Thanks for the comment Richard. We are trying to keep this operation local, but definitely will heed your recommendation on the businesses! It's a great idea.

posted by Matt Gregg 16 months ago

Matt, how about creating more viable long distance contribution methods - i.e. "connoisseur" with wings or a bargain package for raw bars or shellfish markets that includes "I helped save Forty North" I.D. labels or stickers etc., even bumper stickers or "Hey Sandy, is that your best shot?"

posted by Richard Rush 16 months ago

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7 months ago



ken eng

8 months ago


Hey guys, Ken from the NYC oyster group today; best of luck. Size Large please.



Marilyn Schlossbach

11 months ago


can't wait!!! sorry it took so long but hope to continue to help....

Oyster Club


Ellen Kimmel

12 months ago


Are you still delivering oysters locally? We'd like to purchase 150 and split the order over a few weekends.

Oyster Club


Joanna Trautmann

13 months ago


Restore the whole shore!



Ethan Schulton

14 months ago


All the best, Ethan, Jac, Phoenix, and Zia




14 months ago



Robert Masucci

14 months ago


Stay focused gents, and good luck.



Waves for Water

15 months ago (Offline Donation)

Oyster Club


Brett Colby

15 months ago


Never heard of you till now, but so excited to learn about your business! Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress.


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