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Eric Green is one of the nicest men I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He's a dishwasher for the company Max Rochester and was recently hit by a car while walking home from work. The... more


Updated posted by Stephanie LeCesse 4 months ago

He is home now, still recovering. But he is 5 months ahead if where he "should be" which is a miracle! He still has a trach piece in his neck, which will be taken out to heal next week. We are doing an additional fundraiser the last Friday of this month and were still trying very hard to get the word out for this page! Keep sharing because even though he has made remarkable improvements he isn't in the clear to go back to work yet. I visited him 2 days ago and he's having very bad headaches ( due to all the fractures in his skull). I will continue to update everyone and thank you all again, so much!


Updated posted by Stephanie LeCesse 5 months ago

Please keep sharing and help us spread the word to help Eric and his family through his long road to recovery. I also must mention, if you are under any sort of influence, do the right thing and do NOT drive. You are not only putting yourself at risk but you may harm others as well. Thank you for all the support! We appreciate every donation and cannot express with enough gratitude how much this all means to everyone in Eric's life. There is so much love and incredible people in the work (much like Eric) who are proving you don't have to know someone to be good to them! Thank you times infinity!


Updated posted by Stephanie LeCesse 5 months ago

Thank you everyone who has donated! This means a lot to all of the max staff and Eric and his family! Ynn and Wroc will both be airing interviews with some of us from max tonight. Please keep sharing and spreading the word! You are all wonderful and so kind. We appreciate the kind messages a lot of you have left as well and remember to always pay it forward.

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Created by Stephanie LeCesse on November 4, 2013

Eric Green is one of the nicest men I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He's a dishwasher for the company Max Rochester and was recently hit by a car while walking home from work. The driver was under the influence of drugs and is being charged, but Eric has a long road to recovery. He had significant damage to his brain, a collapsed lung, and every bone in his face is broken except his jaw. He is currently in a drug induced coma because of the swelling to his head and the injuries he sustained to his brain so he hasn't been able to communicate with anyone. He is uninsured and pays child support for his 2 Children back in North Carolina while also being the provider to his girlfriend and her baby son. Eric has a long battle ahead of him with a lot of bills to catch up on and pay off, especially to the hospital. We are trying to raise as much money as possible not only to help him but also to help his children and his girlfriend while he is unable to work. Our staff at Max Rochester are all very close. We treat each other with respect and unconditional love for one another. Eric is a rock for our company and always puts others before himself. Now it's our chance to make sure he's taken care of as well as his family. Even if you only donate $1, every little bit counts and is very much appreciated by everyone who cares so much for this amazing man.

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Correction.... Amanda we are praying for your Eric. The Green Lewis Family

posted by Sandra Lewis 4 months ago

How is eric doing?

posted by Christine Kuczmynda 4 months ago

We at Max Rochester would like to thank you all for your generous support. We truly believe that Eric's progress is directly linked to your positive thoughts. What you all have done is proof positive about what the 'Village' can really do. You are all amazing. Absolutely stunning.

posted by Christine Whitely 5 months ago

Hi eveyone this is erics girlfriend amanda just wanted to say thankyou for everything you guys r all amazeing people cant wait till my baby can come home with me n our little baby chase thankyou everyone again soooooo much

posted by Amanda Watson 5 months ago

Lynette, I am very sorry to hear about your son. Thank you for your support.

posted by Carissa Cantie 5 months ago

Hi Lynette! Yes there is a mail-in address posted by Stephanie Lecesse in the messages. Thank you for your kind thoughts and you have our condolences. We are very sorry to hear of your loss.

posted by Christine Whitely 5 months ago

my 18 yr old son was hit and killed while on a bicycle riding down the road. He had massive head trauma and brain swelling..its awful to see this happen to so many. I dont have a credit card there a mail in location?

posted by Lynnette Ellison Minter 5 months ago

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Tina Berds

3 months ago


Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday season. Hoping you are on the mend.



Jeff Heckman

4 months ago


Eric - God bless you! Your friends at SWBR are thinking of you. Get well and return to us soon...



Patti Vianco

4 months ago



Sandra Green Lewis

4 months ago


My daughter sent me an email about Eric Green same name and same town as my brother Eric Green! To me Lynette your Eric resembles my Dad, who passed last August at 87, and was raised in Elmira. Please know that from my family to yours, prayers are being spoken for Eric's speedy recovery!




5 months ago



Matthew Weber

5 months ago


God bless



Jessica Wade

5 months ago


Eric, you were always such a pleasure every morning when I got to work. No matter how tired I was, your smile and kind words always woke me up and gave me a good start to the day! Stay strong and good luck in your recovery



Lisa Morgia

5 months ago


You are in our thoughts and prayers. We are all thinking of you.



Debbie Smith

5 months ago



Sandi Ford

5 months ago


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