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Dear fellow philanthropists!   One duffel bag can make all the difference to a child's self esteem and self worth.  Imagine you are suddenly uprooted from your home and are placed wi... more


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Created by Sidarth Singh on March 30, 2012

Dear fellow philanthropists!  

One duffel bag can make all the difference to a child's self esteem and self worth.  Imagine you are suddenly uprooted from your home and are placed with complete strangers - all you have are the clothes on your back and a few things that were hastily dumped into a garbage bag.  You are in shock, scared out of your mind, and cling desperately to the garbage bag that has everything that came from your mom or dad. 

That is the typical story of 8-9 year olds which is the average age of a child who enters the foster care system.  

This child will then be transported with more garbage bags from one home to another home; some children can go from 2-9 foster homes in a course of a year, plus group home, hospital, and residential treatment.  Through this entire traumatic childhood experience, Aid for Change and Duffels for Angels wants to give them something that they can hold on to, something that is entirely their own - a Duffel bag with rolling wheels and their precious names embroidered on each bag to tell them WE CARE ABOUT YOU!  You are important to us, these children do not ask to be homeless, they want love and they want to feel they belong. We will put care packages from generous donors like you with blankets, stuffed animals, and toiletries.  

We ask for you to share your heart with these helpless children and give any amount you can.  In return, you give a child or more, a very special gift - something that will last a lifetime of precious memories.  Years later, these adult children have shared that they kept these bags with them always.  And for 40% of these kids who become homeless later in life?  These duffel bags are all they own; all that is truly their own.

My name is Sidarth, founder and CEO of the Aid For Change nonprofit organization (FEIN #: 45-4791066), a group founded to help up and coming causes around the world.  One that recently caught our attention, the Duffels For Angels program is perhaps one of the most noble causes I have come across.  Its message -- to give each and every abandoned and neglected foster child a sense of ownership and individuality, through duffel bags.  Many children, of the 11,000 in Northwest Indiana alone, are forced to carry belongings in garbage bags and are often left penniless without clothing due to the lack of proper arrangements.  

Now, we have a chance to change all of that.  With your help and support we plan on giving all of these children a duffel bag that they can have, complete with their names imprinted upon them, to give them a full sense of pride for the future.  A simple donation today can mean a world of difference for their futures.  Thank you all for your time and consideration!

Please consider giving one foster child, just one, a duffel bag of her/his very own, Duffels for Angels will take care of the rest, from embroidering the child's name to making sure it gets into their excited hands - you can make a difference in a child's life
These children are abandoned or removed and feel no one cares for them
These children are at highest risk for sex trafficking, homelessness and your bag although to you, it may not seem much, is all they will have to carry their belongings
Please make a difference, your donation will last forever!

In deep gratitude,

Sidarth Singh
Founder and CEO, Aid For Change Nonprofit Organization
For tax purposes, our nonprofit ID #:  45-4791066 


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