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On 24th april 2010 AFC Bournemouth secured promotion to league 1 with a 2-0 victory over Burton Albion. The way our fans were treated that day from the pubs, to the stewards to their fans was just brilliant and has left great memories in man... more


Created by Adrian Lee on January 5, 2014

On 24th april 2010 AFC Bournemouth secured promotion to league 1 with a 2-0 victory over Burton Albion. The way our fans were treated that day from the pubs, to the stewards to their fans was just brilliant and has left great memories in many of our fans minds.

We were due to meet them for the first time since that joyous day in the FA cup but the game was postponed just over an hour before kick off, with most away fans in the Bournemouth area having to face a frustrating day of travelling.

As a sign of good will, David Whitehead came up with the idea of Cherries fans chipping in to help fund a coach for our friends at Burton Albion so they can experience free travel and enjoy the re-arranged fixture which is on Tuesday 14th January.

This has obviously gone a lot better than expected and monies will go to benefit the Burton fans. If there is any excess, that will go to Cancer Research as requested by AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe.

Thank you to all those who will support.


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To all those that were wanting this to get more publicity - you'll be happy to hear that I heard about this through the Football League on their Facebook page :) Brilliant gesture, hard to see anyone else doing that for another team, especially higher up the leagues...

posted by Stuart Vernon 3 months ago

DARREN FEELEY re: your comment: "How many other clubs would have let us party on their pitch without hassle celebrating promotion" There was probably one person wincing when you were allowed to party on the pitch! ;-) Groundsman Simon Marshall has received several accolades for his maintenance of the Pirelli Stadium pitch, including Groundsman Of The Year in Football League Two for the 200910 season. He got over it though because The Pirelli won the 2011 Ground of the Year Award for all football leagues in England!

posted by Herb Croken 3 months ago

A wonderful gesture which contrasts with the disgraceful behaviour of Grimsby 'fans' who wrecked the Pirelli Stadium when their team was relegated after loosing to Albion in the last match of the season in 2010 (still awaiting an apology). Whoever wins I'm sure this will be a great match.

posted by Geoff Noble 3 months ago

Respect to you all , great gesture! From a Morecambe FC fan.

posted by Urshie Muller 3 months ago

I am an Exeter City fan. What you Bournemouth fans have done is amazing.

posted by Karen Roast 3 months ago

Thix is amazing...im not a fan of either side but saw this and it blew me away...this deserves a big mention in the news...

posted by Jamie Ford 3 months ago

Hope the donation helps. However I want a refund if Burton win ;) joking. May the best team win, and what a prize for the winners! x

posted by Addy Ainsworth 3 months ago

Your fantastic fundraiser had a brief mention during the FA Cup highlights show Sunday night! But it was brief and needs to be bigger than that. I'm fairly sure that we will all be reading about it in tomorrow's papers in Bournemouth and Burton but let's hope it goes viral! Also, be sure to ask to have this reported in the match day program so we can all cherish the memories!

posted by Herb Croken 3 months ago

I love this story so I had to donate even though I support neither team. Football is all about the fans. I wish both teams all the best and maybe we'll see you in the 5th round ;-) Craig (MCFC season ticket holder)

posted by Craig Tarry 3 months ago

Wow! So proud to be a Bournemouth fan! Lovely... Looking forward to the game AFCB :)

posted by Emily Garsden 3 months ago

Brilliant gesture! What a great bunch of fans you are. (Please don't cancel the return trips if Burton win :-) )

posted by Pete Henson 3 months ago

Guys what can I say? As a brewers fan I am very happy of your gesture as a football fan I am truly overwhelmed. Not only Bournemouth fans but fans of other clubs. Would be very proud of yourselves and your club at this moment thank you again BREWERS!!!

posted by Carl Whetton 3 months ago

Omg I'm so proud to spport afc I'm looking forwerd to the game will be big one utciad !!!!! This is why I love football

posted by Aaron Eyers 3 months ago

a massive thank you to all who have given, such a generous thing for you all to give, it was a pleasure to have you at our ground when you won promotion, I stayed down on Friday night on my own and met some nice people in Bournemouth, you are a credit to your club and the town and if I don't make it on the 14th (due to work) I wish you all the best for the rest of the season and hope you manage to get into the Premiership soon!

posted by Nigel Mason 3 months ago

Looks like a third coach afcb so proud!!!

posted by SteveCaroline Pigott 3 months ago

How many other clubs would have let us party on their pitch without hassle celebrating promotion (doubt we would have) , great day out !This should pay for two people according to their website , have to buy your own pies though ! UTCIAD

posted by Darren Feeley 3 months ago

This is why we love the FA Cup. Thanks Bournemouth - from the Brewers Down South

posted by Maggie Thurman 3 months ago

will I get a refund if we lose? LFC ynwa

posted by Tommy Carroll 3 months ago

We loved this day. Burton Albion made it what football should be all about. Glad to say thanks in this way.

posted by Paul Hanlon 3 months ago

what a great bunch you are, we get called an over achieving pub team but hey we love football and clubs and fans like you well done and thank you

posted by Clive Ripple 3 months ago

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David Manns

3 months ago



graham hansford

3 months ago


Wasn't at the Burton game, but i heard all about what happened.



charlie morgan

3 months ago



Jo Harding

3 months ago


Happy to support this and what a great idea. Fond memories of promotion at Burton, and not so fond memories of many a cancelled away game upon arrival!



Nathan Topp

3 months ago



Vikki Alterman

3 months ago


And "they say" the magic of the cup is dead. Fantastic thing to do for your fellow supporters, just hope they don't beat you!!!




3 months ago



Mike P

3 months ago


Great day at Burton in 2010. Hope the Brewers fans have a good trip to Bournemouth on the 14th.



Jonathan Watson

3 months ago




3 months ago


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