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My two eldest sons, Daniel and Jonathan, traveled with their father to Moscow for an agreed upon two-week holiday to visit his family. They left on the 25th of December, 2012. On the day... more


Updated posted by Rachael Neustadt 23 days ago

Dear Supporters, For those of you who haven't been following me on, the short of it is that the Russian Court recognized that the children had been held illegally in Russia and granted me the right to bring them home to England.  However, the orders could not be enforced as the children were put into hiding by their abducting father and grandmother. They have not been seen since mid-November, have no contact with anyone outside of their abductors, and no one knows their whereabouts.

Therefore, this horrible abduction business has been dragged out even longer, and further actions are now required to ensure the children’s safe return home. To that end, we continue in our fundraising efforts - so please spread the word about our cause. In addition, I have started a petition as a show of public support for the rule of law and child protection at - please SIGN today.


Updated posted by Rachael Neustadt 5 months ago

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has been donating on this site, as well as for your kind words and heartfelt well-wishing. It is all enormously appreciated. 20 November 2013 is the final appeal hearing in Moscow. Please G-d, may this tragedy soon come to an end.


Updated posted by Rachael Neustadt 6 months ago

Dear Supporters, the appeal hearing date has been set for the 24th of October!! After 10 months of repeated court sessions and constant legal work, I hope that this is the final step to getting enforceable orders in Russia, and to bringing my boys back home!

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Created by Rachael Neustadt on February 28, 2013

My two eldest sons, Daniel and Jonathan, traveled with their father to Moscow for an agreed upon two-week holiday to visit his family. They left on the 25th of December, 2012. On the day they were supposed to come home their father sent me an email saying that they were not returning. It wasn't too long before he informed me that he and the children now live in Moscow. His abduction flies in the face of several court orders, including prohibiting him from keeping them from my care and control unless I give explicit approval, as I have been granted custody. All attempts that I made to persuade their father to bring them back, including personally taking a trip to Moscow to talk to him, were unsuccessful.

Every month from March - August of this year, 2013, the High Court has made return orders demanding the immediate return of the children. The father has categorically ignored all six court orders. In June, I made an application to the court in Moscow, Russia, requesting that the English court orders be recognized and enforced in Russia. Our hearing date has been set for 11 September, 2013, and all of my hopes are bent on the Judge granting my request and enabling me to return home with my sons.

My boys, now 5 and 7 years old, need to come home to their mother and youngest brother. I am still in need of funds to pay consultants, travel to Moscow, and to cover various other expenditures which will advance my progress. Please share this link with others, ask them to do the same, and help me to bring back my boys! Thank you.

Please visit my community cause pages at: and

Special thanks to Claire and Sharon for setting this up for me and to all of my friends and family who have gotten me this far!!

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Still sending prayers that your family is reunited soon.

posted by Janet Wooten 12 months ago

Thank you to everyone for your extraordinary generosity and well-wishing! I appreciate all of you being behind me and for my kids. I miss and love them so much, I will not rest until they are home again. With your help, it will happen. Rachael

posted by undefined undefined 13 months ago

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