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My beloved Blueberry needs 2 new knees just 6 months after I adopted her & now I need a village to help me save her. Blueberry was rescued in June by Deserving Dog Rescue & Rehabilit... more


Updated posted by Wynn Stone 10 months ago

Blueberry is out of surgery. She's vocal (whining) about the whole thing...BUT the best news is the x-ray of her new knee from the last surgery shows that her bone is about 100% healed. She's a fast healer. Really looking forward to seeing her tomorrow.


Updated posted by Wynn Stone 10 months ago

Blueberry's next Surgery is tomorrow. We've had a fun week. She's able to walk over a mile, scramble down to the creek, hunt lizards & have fun at our wonderful dog park... I'm kinda sad we are doing this over again, but it's necessary.

Thanks to all my friends & also those who donated directly to me. I cherish all the support, good wishes & donations. This surgery has been very successful for Blueberry. My husband is recovering well from his double knee replacement & I'm looking forward to hiking with my family. I also believe that Blueberry will be a great foster sister to other dogs...


Fun Day at the Park

Mighty Hunter in a Purple Harness

Spot the Skunk!


Updated posted by Wynn Stone 11 months ago

Fishing in the River!
While waiting for the 2nd surgery, I've been slowly increasing her walks as rehab for her recovering leg. Blueberry went fishin' in the Carmel River - Garland Ranch Park. She starting to enjoy the water more & more. I caught her going after fish in the water & blowing bubbles. She's almost up to a mile on the walks. The river was a cool place to relax & cool down the legs. Garland Ranch in Carmel Valley one of most favorite places to hike.


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Created by Wynn Stone on March 23, 2013

My beloved Blueberry needs 2 new knees just 6 months after I adopted her & now I need a village to help me save her.

Blueberry was rescued in June by Deserving Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation. I met her in July 27th & adopted her August 8th.. I wanted a young dog because I did not want to put down another dog in the near future. I had just lost the last of my pack of 5 in February. After about 6 months, I realized I was lonely for another dog. So I started my search. I developed a list of requirements… had to like kids, cats, dogs & chickens, a good hiking companion. She was not the style of dog that I would have pick - she was one of those dreaded pit bulls. She was only 9 months old but had not been adopted out because of her looks, but it was love at first site …

Fast forward 6 months & she has become a much love member of the family, neighborhood, my office complex& the hiking trails around home. She’s the best with my grandkids & I find myself telling people that I trust her with my grandkids more than any other dog I’ve had. She graduated kindergarten with flying colors & was voted the class clown. She is always happy. I named her Blueberry because she kind of answered to Blu, but I needed a name to put people at ease. People smile, kids laugh when I call her & then they want to know about her. She’s a great ambassador for the breed.

So, at the ripe age of 16 months old - Blueberry needs 2 ‘TPLO’ surgeries. One for each leg. She so lame now that she will need them one after the other. From her x-rays, it looks like she was in an accident before she was recused that may have aggravated her condition. The surgeries will cost me $3,350 each. I’ve managed to raise $1,400 myself through my family, friends & Deserving Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation, but I need $5,300 more.

My husband just had a double knee replacement (I don’t think the knee problems are contagious!) & 2 eye surgeries in the last 6 weeks. His medical bills are piling up. In any other year, I could’ve worked extra hours, saved more, but I’m already doing as much as I can. I refused to let her go.

I figure if 530 people donated $10.00, or 212 people donated $25.00, Blueberry would have her new knees. Any amount & all donations will be accepted with great appreciation and gratefulness.

I don't have many Facebook friends, so please pass forward this link.


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Hi Blueberry!!! Buju is sending you kisses and wondering if maybe you want to play Houdini when you're recovered?! :)

posted by Amelia Ann 12 months ago

Thinking of Blueberry in her recovery... Hope you guys are making it through this well!!! If you have any time during this, try sharing your story with your local rescues and ask them if they'd mind posting the fundraising link, maybe even asking the news to do a small clip (they love fillers and it is Easter after all)...Happy stories of people doing good, you have more support than you know.. you just need people to be able to know. Best wishes!! I only wish I could do more to help sweet Blueberry, but I have no doubt she is in good hands!!

posted by Amelia Ann 12 months ago

Sending you and Blueberry lots of love and well wishes!!! Kudos to you for making sure Blueberry is an ambassador to the breed, also for regarding Blueberry as a member of your family. In regards to Joe, I don't know if asshole suits him, I would say he is more in the lines of ignorant, and your answer to him was handled well. Our pets are our family and they are not disposable. Not to mention that fact that Pit Bulls don't have much of a chance in a shelter due to overpopulation of pit bulls and breed discrimination. Not many people know how truly loving and loyal bullies are until they have the blessing of having one in their life. Buju and Sensi (American Staffordshires) came into my life because they needed me, but after having these past 6 months, I can say I needed them more. In reading your story, I realized we have MANY MANY things in common regarding this entire process, before and post-Blueberry. Buju's TPLO surgery is scheduled for Monday, and we are sending you and Blueberry lots of doggy love and well wishes!! Keep us posted on his recovery, I am scared out of my wits and trying to hold this together on behalf of him. XO P.S. Joe, Last time I checked, my dog was incapable of getting a job. He is awful cute though, so it's promising!! :)

posted by Amelia Ann 12 months ago

@joesmith & all others... Joe's comments stirred up a lot of controversy & I addressed this on my Facebook page. Since most of you here don't have access to my Facebook -I thought I would share. (sorry for the length but do read the last paragraph) I struggled with the concept of spending so much on a dog when clearly I do have lots going on in my life for several weeks. I have always been able to manage my life, able to support my family still gives back to the community in many different ways. First of all, I am a person who has always had dogs, cats & kids in my life. There is nobody disposable in my life. I give as much as I can for the welfare & care in my charge. My kids & family are well aware that there is no such thing as a 'free lunch', but I will do everything possible to allow their lives to be as rich & full they want. I got Blueberry when I was very low & depressed in my life. She has been the one to give back to me in so many ways. I will not abandon her to the winds. The rescue group I got Blueberry from is working with me to help. Their donors are also participating. It was pointed out to me by a man I respect very much who is a minster that maybe it was my pride holding me back asking for help. I have always been so self sufficient & he point out all the things that I have done in the last few years for my community. I did reflect on this & decided maybe it was my pride holding back. So I did take a leap of faith & went global asking for help from my community. This has been very cathartic. I have been overwhelmed by the support & donations. I feel renew by the outpouring of responses on Facebook & at the gofundme to com. The experience has recharged my life, gotten me back to my centered self. It doesnt matter if you give to my cause or any other. Give to the one you care about. It doesnt matter if its $5,000 or $5. Every cent or minute donated to a charity or a person in need can make a difference. It has made a huge difference in my life already. Please know this is not a scam. My call for help was not to make anyone uncomfortable or stress out. Please unfriend me if you do not want to hear any more about Blueberry & our journey.

posted by Wynn Stone 12 months ago

@joesmith...have your ever bonded with another being, human or animal? No amount is too much for a life you love. And the pets / animals among us are among the least able to make decisions to influence their situation.

posted by Sherry Selwood 12 months ago

@joesmith You obviously are not a dog person and probably not own a dog or any other animal. If you are not involved you probably shouldn't comment unless you are going to express some kind of positivity.

posted by Jason Redwood 12 months ago

Any moron who thinks a pet can be easily discarded, has a sad life. I never donate money to the homeless community. Not when minorities manage to sell things, work for crazy wages with no social security, and etc, and they get by just fine enough. I'll be back when I'm paid Wynn! And I'll share this with my Facebook. We have some real humans on there, who know what life is about.

posted by Stephanie Garrow 12 months ago

Go ahead and call me an asshole, if you wish... Why would you spend so much on a dog when you have so many things going on with your life as it is?Isn't it best to give the dog away to a shelter so you can get things back on track and pay the bills for the humans of the household? Also, I feel that a lot of money like this can be better served helping the homeless community. 5,300 for a single dog? Really? That can help 100 homeless people easily.

posted by Joe Smith 12 months ago

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Get well soon, Blueberry! Your Mosaic friends miss you.



Joshua Rogers

12 months ago


She looks just like my baby blue pitbull... best wishes to all of you.



Chris Barron

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Hope this helps



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I pray all goes well for this little fur baby....


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