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Our 8 year old one eyed rescue Pekingese Blitzkrieg has lymphoma. It's not fair it will end this way given the abusive 18 months Blitzkrieg lived through in the beginning of his life. Th... more


Updated posted by Lisa Nelsen-Woods 21 months ago

Today the swelling and cancer is still there. I just got off the phone with Blitzkrieg's oncologist. Long story short, there is nothing we can or haven't done. We are losing the battle. We do not have months or even end of summer anymore. All we can do now is to make Blitzkrieg comfortable. The doctor expressed her sorrow at our situation. She said we have to discuss End of Life things. She used the E word.

Through all of this Blitzkrieg has been eating, snuggly, and in good spirits. Blitzkrieg is not ready to leave us yet. Blitzkrieg always has been an independent dog. Last week, we discussed that maybe he will leave us on his own terms, not cancers.

That most likely is not the case.



Updated posted by Lisa Nelsen-Woods 21 months ago

We are losing the cancer fight. We put Blitzkrieg on a different chemo protocol after the most aggressive kick cancer's ass and make it take names CHOP protocol failed to keep Blitzkrieg in remission. If Blitzkrieg responded to the second chemo protocol we were looking at months with him instead of up to a year.

The second protocol failed. We put Blitzkrieg on a different chemo protocol. His medical team cares for him so much. He is one of their favorite patients. They tell us at every opportunity that they are pulling for Blitzkrieg.

Blitzkrieg is not getting a break. His team discussed among themselves that Blitzkrieg is experiencing every side effect and drug failure that can happen. It is extremely unusual for this to happen in canine cancer.

A week ago I noticed a bulge under Blitzkrieg's eye. You might have to click the photo of it in this post to see it. For some reason, GoFundMe crops and resizes photos without my control.

The bulge is cancer. We put Blitzkrieg on a new chemo protocol hoping and praying three is our magic number.


Updated posted by Lisa Nelsen-Woods 22 months ago

We went from pretty good from selling bacon candles at the Rescue Run to fund Blitzkrieg's cancer treatments (you can read about the details on Condo Blues to really bad. Just as I was prepared to update you that Blitzkrieg's cancer is in remission, we got horrible news.

Blitzkrieg's lymphoma is back.

Blitzkrieg's body rejected the super aggressive and longer life prolonging chemo protocol that put his cancer in remission. As we held our breath and waited to see if Blitzkrieg would respond to the new chemo protocol, I spilled my guts about it on Condo Blues Be warned, there's some raw emotion in this post. I surprised myself with an ugly cry while I wrote it.

What next? We don't know. All we know is this little guy is not getting a break. He had to have minor surgery to deal with new tumors around his rectum. The new protocol is sorta working but Blitzkrieg's white blood cell count plummeted to the point last week where he needed an overnight stay in doggie ICU for IV antibiotics.

Do you see that basket of medications in this post? That's what it takes to keep our boy alive every day. I wrote about how we organize Blitzkrieg's meds here

Monday Blitzkrieg had a follow up oncology appointment. Blitzkrieg's white blood cell count is still too low for a chemo treatment but is better than it was last week. He has another follow up appointment this Friday.

Blitzkrieg's spirits are up. Lately he's been begging hard and loud for people food and snacks. Our rule is not to give in, especially if it is food not good for dogs. Instead I give Blitzkrieg several brushings a day that he doesn't need because he earns treats for good behavior. Well that and yesterday a whole carrot somehow found its way into Blitzkrieg's mouth while I was puttering around the kitchen.

Cross your paws tomorrow's appointment goes well.


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Created by Lisa Nelsen-Woods on April 6, 2012

Our 8 year old one eyed rescue Pekingese Blitzkrieg has lymphoma. It's not fair it will end this way given the abusive 18 months Blitzkrieg lived through in the beginning of his life. This is why Blitzkrieg is missing an eye and some teeth. It is through sheer hard work, education, and training for the first three years we had Blitzkrieg that my husband and I have the happy go lucky confident goofball you see on my blog Condo Blues.

Blitzkrieg is a good candidate for chemotherapy. As of now, he is not acting like a sick dog. Blitzkrieg has been trying to comfort my husband and I because he knows for some reason we are sad. This makes us even sadder.

My husband and I are determined to give Blitzkrieg the best damn life for as long as we can. We start chemotherapy next week. The veterinary hospital that is treating Blitzkrieg does not have a payment plan. We do not have pet health insurance to cover the weekly $300 up front payments for the six months of chemotherapy.  

Many of our friends and the blogging community asked if we would accept donations toward Blitzkrieg's cancer treatments. If you would like to help him you may do so here. Let's give this fierce little dog with the crappy beginning the best ending a dog could possibly have.
You will forever be in our debt.


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for Blitzy



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You better get better Blitzkreig... Don't make me come to Ohio!!!




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Sending healing hugs and prayers from Miss Camille and Miss Sierra



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this is Samson again......San and Davids peke, hang in there!




24 months ago


I'm so glad you and your dog found each other



Samson: David and San's Peke

24 months ago


hang in there Blitzkreig, you have a GREAT family


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