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Nash Lexington Luker entered this world on May 20, 2012 bringing incredible, indescribable joy & love to his parents Allison Schneider Luker (my sister) & her husband Seth Luker. He was... more


Updated posted by Andrea Schneider 16 months ago

Nash is halfway through his chemo treatment already. And he continues to be such an angel. He's getting big - 18 pounds and really long! So big he is wearing 9-12 month clothing.


Updated posted by Andrea Schneider 17 months ago

A video that guarantees a smile! Nash is getting so strong...yesterday, Nash did his first push-up!


Updated posted by Andrea Schneider 17 months ago

As LI still has no heat/power, we are keeping Nash bundled up to stay warm.


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Created by Andrea Schneider on July 16, 2012

Nash Lexington Luker entered this world on May 20, 2012 bringing incredible, indescribable joy & love to his parents Allison Schneider Luker (my sister) & her husband Seth Luker.  He was born on the same day of the spectacular & beautiful lunar eclipse. He was also born with Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) Spindle Cell Tumors, an extremely rare childhood cancer in an even more unusual & dangerous location - his chest wall. His case sadly, is even more rare, as there are only a handful of babies ever reported to have been actually born WITH this RMS cancer.

On June 20, 2012, at just one month young, Nash underwent a complicated 4-hour long surgery to remove the tumor.  Sadly, a second tumor was found.  Along with both tumors, Nash's amazing surgeon had to also remove 4 ribs, part of his diaphragm and part of his chest wall - all in hope of defeating RMS and wiping his little body clean of the sarcoma.

Just a few days after Nash returned home from his surgery, the pathology reports came back and the doctors alerted us that the cancer was very aggressive and present in his left latissimus dorsi muscle - the broadest muscle in his back.

RMS is more than 90% sure to come back unless stopped and since MRIs and Cat Scans cannot detect scattered microscopic cells, there are only three ways to combat it: surgery, chemo & radiation.

Due to Nash's size, weight & age, treatment for RMS is extraordinarily difficult. The hope was that the surgery would have removed all the cancerous cells, But this RMS is just too aggressive.

On July 5 Nash underwent another surgery to install a broviac catheter that will act as the central line to administer chemo directly into his bloodstream. 

July 6
Nash began his chemo treatment - a minimum of 42 weeks of VAC chemo - the only chemo "cocktail" that has ever been given to babies of Nash's age, size & weight. Other treatments are available to children with RMS, but not for Nash. He is just too young, too small. Radiation is 100% out of the question. Another surgery targeting his lat muscle is already in discussion for this fall.

While the prognosis is unknown due to the rarity and unusual circumstances surrounding Nash's case, we do know this:

Nash is a fighter, a true hero with a spirit that will not be defeated. Its evident in his sweet smile, his strong grip, his fast recovery from the June 20 surgery, his persona, his deep awareness. He gains his energy by being surrounded by love & hope & an endless supply of white light, best wishes, & support.

Nash was born into this world with at least one very specific mission. And we can all see it in his eyes that he wants to be here, he wants to feel the love, have experiences, grow up & share his energy with others.

Help us help Nash in his fight for his life.


Unfortunately medical insurance does not cover all the expenses that my sister & brother-in-law now must incur - hospital co-pays of $500/night, medical supplies, nurses, medicines, daily shots, weekly travel to the hospital...the list goes on.

The medical costs were completely unforeseeable. How could ANY of us had known what the future was going to bring when Nash arrived?

This site is dedicated to Nash & helping him & his parents get through this, beat the RMS & allow them all to have a normal life together one day.

Nash's chemo will last through the Spring of 2013 so there is a long road ahead.  Whether its $5 or $500, every dollar will help!

And I know that our lil superhero Nash Lexington Luker will want to give each and every one of you a delicious hug, a kiss & a smile as soon as he can.

I am positive you will come back for more.

Thank you so much for your love & support!!!

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Not sure what happened to my inital post, let's try this again :) Hi there handsome little Nash

posted by Amber Stewart 17 months ago

Hi there handsome little Nash

posted by Amber Stewart 17 months ago

Stay strong Nash! You are such a strong fighter for such a little guy! Sending positive thoughts to all of you.

posted by Karen LeBlanc Gerstel 18 months ago

I hope the best for you!! I just lost my uncle to Burkitts Lymphoma and now I'm losing my battle to Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. God Bless You and keep Your Faith, Chris

posted by Chris Collins 20 months ago

Hello from Ireland baby Nash, you are an inspiration to all who are lucky enough to know you personally, may you bring many a smile to your parents face stay strong little man your strength and determination will pay off . You are already a little celebrity around the world in your few months of life...xx God bless

posted by Debbie Byrne 20 months ago

Praying for you and your family

posted by Yolandi Kruger 20 months ago

hi my little guy- it is incredible how you can smile during your treatments- you are a super baby- a trooper - a fighter- amazing- you are showing the world that dreams come true to those who believe= im so proud of you and love you so much-

posted by Michael Perez 20 months ago

Our hearts are filled with warmth, Our minds are filled with hope - Thank You Everyone for Your prayers, support and good wishes!! Please continue to share Nash's life story with your friends & family. We are an incredible community rallying behind my sweet nephew bringing light to a dark situation. Thank You xoxoxo

posted by Andrea Schneider 21 months ago

Get better little one.

posted by Sutton Trout 21 months ago

Sending positive thoughts and lots of love to Allison, Seth & baby Nash!

posted by Dana Berman 21 months ago

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Walter Dreksler

6 months ago


hoping for a successful treatment and a quick recovery



Salim & Yasmin Kara

13 months ago


With love and sincere prayers for a quick & complete recovery.



beth engerson

13 months ago


sending love and light



Wayne & Mary Beth Mazurek

13 months ago



Karen Shahidi

13 months ago


YOU can do this baby Nash!!! Prayers to you and your family! <3




13 months ago



Andrea Villarreal

13 months ago



Dara Kurlander

13 months ago


Praying for Baby Nash. Phi Love.



Babs & Arnie Ruderman

13 months ago


Our thoughts and prayers are with Nash and his family. Nash seems to have the spirit of enlightenment God Bless him that he will continue to remain strong and determined. Amen




15 months ago


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